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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 735 – Catching Them in Bed

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Chapter 735 Catching Them in Bed

Wen Haowen woke up to a splitting headache. He rubbed his temples and felt much more refreshed. He took a look at the time to see that it was only six in the morning. Just as he was about to ease himself into a comfortable position and continue sleeping, he realized that Yang Ziyu was lying on top of him.

He was greatly taken aback, after which he was reminded of the events that took place the night before. All of a sudden, his throat turned dry and he pinned Yang Ziyu beneath him…

At this moment, the door of the room was banged open with a loud thud.

Wen Haowen shuddered, feeling as if he had been splashed with cold water. He frantically grabbed his pants and put them on.

However, as soon as he pulled his pants up, the door was swung open before he could even put on his belt. A bunch of reporters swarmed into the room and began flas.h.i.+ng their cameras in his face.

Yang Ziyu shrieked and covered her naked body with the duvet.

Chaos broke out in the room.

Wen Haowen turned pale at the sudden twist of events. His hands trembled and his pants slipped down his legs again.

All of a sudden, he felt a cold chill in between his legs which made him feel utterly embarra.s.sed. He tugged the duvet forcefully to cover himself. However, Yang Ziyu clutched it tightly, refusing to let him have any. They continued to vie with each other for the duvet.

The reporters shot every scene that took place at that moment.

Wen Haowen did not expect that he would be caught red-handed in bed with another woman. It was definitely going to become a major scandal. He flew into a rage and hollered. “Stop filming, all of you. I’m warning you, you’re invading my privacy. I reserve the right to sue you guys.”

The reporters sneered and ignored him. They swarmed towards him and asked, “Mr. Wen, do you have any words of explanation for your act of infidelity?”

Wen Haowen squatted on the ground, hanging his head low to prevent the reporters from snapping photos of him.

Feeling giddy, he had never expected that the reporters would catch him in bed. Who’s harming me and making me lose my reputation?

“Mr. Wen, is your mistress Miss Yang Ziyu, a staff from your company’s marketing department? When did you two get into a relations.h.i.+p? How long have you two been together? Have you already begun being unfaithful towards your wife long ago?”

Upon hearing that the reporters had found out about her ident.i.ty, Yang Ziyu turned as pale as a sheet and shrieked in horror. “No, we’re not together. We just ran into each other at the bar last night and had a few drinks, so…”

However, she was just a small fry and the reporters did not bother showing her any attention at all. Hence, her voice was soon drowned in the commotion.

“Mr. Wen, you’re the CEO of the Wen Corporation and yet, you betrayed your wife and marriage. What do you have to say about your morals and ethics?”

“CEO Wen, I heard that your wife Ning Shuqian had suffered a severe head injury which caused her to develop a mental illness and she was subsequently admitted to the hospital. She’s still hospitalized now and yet, you cheated on her while she’s ill. Aren’t you worried that you might agitate her?”

“CEO Wen, your deceased wife, Madam Mo Yunyao, pa.s.sed away due to an intense labor which was induced because she got too agitated after finding out about your extramarital affair when she was pregnant. Yet, you’ve repeated your mistakes again. Don’t you feel guilty at all?”

The reporter’s words made Wen Haowen feel as if he had been plunged into h.e.l.l. His mind was sent into a state of frenzy and he had no idea why he had been caught by the reporters.

All of a sudden, he was overwhelmed with shock, anxiety, panic and bewilderment.

The reporters’ words made him feel ashamed and humiliated. He only realized now, just how much he had embarra.s.sed himself. “This is just a misunderstanding. I had a bit too much to drink last night and I don’t know what happened at all…”

However, his explanation seemed frail and useless. The reporters continued, “CEO Wen, your wife Ning Shuqian has deceived you with her fake pregnancy and plotted against your daughter and your family. Is this the reason for your infidelity?”

“I heard that you hired a lawyer to settle your divorce proceedings. Aren’t you worried that your affair will affect your position in the divorce?”

Wen Haowen barked. “Dear reporters, this is just a misunderstanding. I received a call from my lawyer yesterday and was told that my wife had refused to sign the papers because she did not agree with the terms stated in the agreement. Hence, I drowned my sorrows in alcohol and had a drop too many, so I don’t know what happened at all. I’m sure you know that I’m in the midst of a divorce. How could I possibly let anyone have evidence against me?”

Although his explanation sounded reasonable, no one would believe him now that there was solid proof.

Wen Haowen knew that his explanation was not convincing enough. He glowered at Yang Ziyu and pointed at her. “It’s her. It must have been her who plotted against me. She’s been trying to seduce me since when we were in the office…”

Although he had a suitable reason, Wen Haowen was indeed acting shamelessly by pus.h.i.+ng the blame to a woman.

Yang Ziyu’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief, completely speechless.

Ever since she entered the company, she had been aiming to marry a wealthy man. When she first saw Wen Haowen two years ago, he was already in his forties. However, he exuded a masculine charm and still looked extremely suave and handsome because of how well he maintained his youth.

She s.h.i.+fted her gaze onto Wen Haowen, whom she had been paying attention to for two years. She thought that she finally stood a chance because he was going to divorce Ning Shuqian. Hence, she decided to take Wen Haowen to bed while he was tipsy, and make herself pregnant with his child so that he would marry her.

She had a better family background than Ning Shuqian and was a thousand times more innocent than her.

It’s impossible that he’d marry Ning Shuqian but not me.

Wen Haowen continued to explain, “She was really the one who seduced me…”

At this point, the only way he could make himself look better was to push the blame to her.

As for Yang Ziyu…

He would make it up to her once the matter blew over!

Yang Ziyu screamed upon hearing his irresponsible words. “Wen Haowen, you jerk. Why didn’t you say that I was the one who seduced you when you bedded me last night?”

She had indeed seduced him last night.

However, Wen Haowen did not reject her and instead brought her to his room.


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