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Read Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 914 – Some Rules Still Have to Be Set

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Chapter 914: Some Rules Still Have to Be Set

The commotion quietened down.

All the guests heaved a sigh of relief, finding the Chinese girl Bella to be extraordinary. Although she was brazen and daring, her words were perfectly reasonable. Clearly, she was someone who had complex thoughts.

On the other hand, Rex was shrewd and relentless enough to allow his woman to exact physical violence on someone else. It was their first time seeing someone disregard Duke Moville so brazenly.

A sudden tension filled the air in the living room, a stark contrast from the noisy ambiance moments ago.

Everyone knew that the banquet was not as simple as it seemed.

Duke Moville stared at the retreating men in black. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief before saying smilingly, “We’ve really embarra.s.sed ourselves. Earlier on, Miss Bella a.s.saulted someone and now, she got attacked and her life was at risk. How about we call it even?”

He was greatly displeased by the behavior of Anatoli’s subordinate. However, it was fortunate that Anatoli was quick to act and prevented things from getting blown out of proportion.

Besides, he knew that Wen Xinya was not to be trifled with, for she had a.s.saulted Anatoli and even mocked Duke Moville.

Si Yiyan waved his hands and said, “At the end of the day, Bella is just too mischievous. She has always been timid, softhearted and full of kindness. She can’t take bloodshed or tolerate watching others bully the weak. Hence, she acted rashly and got herself in trouble. Please don’t hold it against her, Duke Moville.”

Although he was making an apology, he was not in the least bit sincere and instead, sounded rather perfunctory. In fact, he even seemed to be mocking him.

Peeved by what he said about bullying the weak, Duke Moville said, “Hehehe, Miss Bella has got great combat skills. What an eyeopener!”

He thought to himself, Timid and softhearted? Who was the one who held Anatoli at gunpoint dauntingly just now, then? Bella exhibited her extreme flexibility during her skillful defense against the blade. Had she made a single mistake, she would have been hurt.

Si Yiyan smiled smugly and said, “She’s embarra.s.sed herself, Duke Moville. Bella has only learned some self-defense skills from me. She doesn’t deserve to be praised this way.”

Duke Moville smiled and said, “Turns out you were the one who taught Miss Bella, Rex. No wonder she’s so extraordinary. It’s such a pity that we didn’t get to see you exhibit your reflexes.”

He again reevaluated his perception of Wen Xinya’s ability.

Si Yiyan’s smile relaxed and he looked extremely cold and daunting. “Duke Moville, you don’t have to find it a pity. You may not have had the chance to witness my combat skills, but you’ll get to witness my marksmans.h.i.+p.”

Duke Moville’s heart skipped a beat. Before he could even react, he heard a string of gunshots coming from Wen Xinya’s side and all of the gunmen who pointed their guns at Wen Xinya’s fatal points, fell to the ground.

Wen Xinya and everyone else looked in the direction of the gunshots.

Si Yiyan stood still and blew air at the muzzle of his gun composedly as if he was not the one who had just fired multiple consecutive shots.

Wen Xinya’s pupils constricted. This was her first time witnessing Si Yiyan’s ruthlessness!

This was the menacing nature that the leader of Lucifer ought to possess. He was relentless, resolute and unrestrained. It was as if he could subdue anyone he wanted.

She was well aware of the reason behind his actions.

He was terrifyingly ruthless but romantic enough to make her heart flutter.

Moville stared at the menacing and threatening look in Si Yiyan’s dark eyes before rubbing his temples. Although Si Yiyan mocked him and even a.s.saulted his people, he had to suck it all up and swallow his pride. If he were to attack them to show his power, he would still have to compensate and apologize. If he were to bear with it, he would still get to be a duke and enjoy the glory of an aristocrat. However, the fact that someone caused a scene at his banquet, had completely embarra.s.sed him.

Si Yiyan stared at Duke Moville calmly before saying, “I’m very sorry, but I’ve never been able to tolerate letting others pose a threat to my fiancée’s safety. Besides… I don’t like it when others challenge my authority either. Hence… there are some rules that still have to be set. I hope you can understand, Duke Moville.”

Although he seemed rather calm and composed when Wen Xinya was held at gunpoint, no one knew how anxious he felt deep down.

His pistol was hidden in his sleeve and he quickly observed each and every gunman that was pointing their gun at Wen Xinya. He a.n.a.lyzed them and deduced the one that possessed the most danger to her before aiming his gun at them. Any of them who acted rashly would face death.

Duke Moville sobered up and said, “Rules definitely have to be set. I can understand how devoted you are to Miss Bella, and I know that you’ve already shown the gunmen mercy, Rex. They don’t usually just hold people at gunpoint.”

At this point, his plan to use the Chinese boy to warn the rest of the guests would no longer work out. He knew better than to continue dragging it on.

Si Yiyan said calmly, “Very magnanimous of you, Duke Moville!”

Duke Moville could not tolerate the feeling of having his plans foiled.

At this moment, Si Yiyan waved at Wen Xinya and exclaimed, “Bella, come here!”

Wen Xinya strutted towards him gracefully and bowed to Duke Moville politely.

Si Yiyan held her hand tightly in his hand before pulling her towards him to protect her. “Duke Moville praised you for your fast reflexes. Hurry and thank him!”

He was smart with his words. Although Wen Xinya was wrong to have pulled the trigger and yet, Duke Moville praised her for her reflexes. Clearly, he was not harping on the matter anymore. Si Yiyan’s words helped him make his att.i.tude and stand clear. It was indeed very smart of him.

Wen Xinya said gracefully, “I’ve only learned some self-defense techniques from Rex. You’ve flattered me, Duke Moville.”

I ruined Duke Moville’s plan to use the boy as a warning. I wonder how he feels.

Duke Moville guffawed and said, “Miss Bella, you’re just being modest, unlike my granddaughter Avrora. She’s been spoiled rotten by me. Hence, she’s so haughty and arrogant.”

Si Yiyan smirked and thought to himself, This Duke Moville is very interesting. I got Xinya to thank him just to let the matter slide. Yet, he used his granddaughter to praise Xinya so as to show his respect.

Wen Xinya felt rather flattered. She huddled up beside Si Yiyan and pretended to be meek. It was as if all her acts of dominance were just an illusion.


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