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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1002 – Competition In School

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! is a web novel produced by 直上青云.
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Chapter 1002: Compet.i.tion In School

Meng Wen was alright during normal times but once the exam started, she became different. She stubbornly wanted to compare with Ye Jian but she always ranked lower than Ye Jian for all the mock exams ever since school started two months ago.

Her results were already very good. Why did she have to compare with Ye Jian? Why did she have to make things difficult for herself?

An Jiaxin didn’t reveal Meng Wen’s thoughts to the other ladies but to Ye Jian, she wouldn’t hide anything. When it was almost time for night self-study, she couldn’t help but laugh softly and say, “I held back my laughter until I almost got choked by the food. If you don’t come back to take the exam, will her results be better than yours?”

“Goodness, I feel like laughing again. Why is she so embarra.s.sing?”

“If you have the time to laugh at other people, why don’t you revise more? The mid-term exam is on the 3rd and 4th. Do you think you can do it?” Ye Jian flicked her forehead with her finger and entered the cla.s.sroom with a pile of books in her hand.

Cheers erupted in the cla.s.sroom. With Jiao Hai as the leader, the group of students with good results gathered around Ye Jian after she sat down.

They chatted with her. All of them were concerned about Ye Jian’s family.

After they finished talking about her family, they started talking about their studies. When the mid-term exam was brought up, everyone seemed a little nervous. Jiao Hai said, “I heard that a few universities have come to Provincial No.1 Middle School to understand our results. The mid-term and final exam results will be used as a guideline for their direct admission requirements. The school placed high importance on this exam. Mrs. Tong even told us that our cla.s.s will be the key inspection cla.s.s for a few famous universities.”

“We learned many new things when you took leave for the past eleven days. Ye Jian, you need to make use of your time and revise.”

Another young man said, “Take out your math, geography, and chemistry textbooks. I will circle the main points for you. There are a few days left. Don’t waste time and miss the important things.”

“How many famous universities are having direct admission? Who are they?” Ye Jian gave the textbooks to the young man and furrowed her beautiful brows. “Is the information reliable? What is the reaction of the grade twelve They should be the ones the universities should be watching.”

Jiao Hai smiled and said proudly, “Provincial No.1 Middle School is the top school in the province. All the top universities will visit the school at this time every year. While they observe the grade twelve students, they will observe the grade eleven students too.”

“Cla.s.s One of the Arts cla.s.s and Cla.s.s One of the Science cla.s.s are the top priorities. Every year, there will be students who get directly admitted into universities from Provincial No.1 Middle School. Some students enter through their university entrance examination scores too. Either way, our chances are higher than the students from the other schools.”

Why did parents want to send their children to top schools? It wasn’t just because the teachers and resources were better. It was also because there were more choices and chances.

Ye Jian contemplated for a moment before asking, “Do you know which schools sent their representatives over? What universities do you want to go to?” She never studied in senior high in her past life. This lifetime, she had only attended middle school for less than two months. Thus, Ye Jian didn’t have much understanding of universities recruiting students.

She never understood it before but it wasn’t too late.

“I’m not sure. The school only revealed a small piece of news. Mrs. Tong didn’t say much either. Ye Jian, which school do you want to go to?”

There was only one school she wanted to go to. Ye Jian smiled and replied, “You might not believe me if I say it. I don’t want to go to the National Science University or the National Arts University. I’m not inclined to go to other universities too.” She raised one slender finger and continued slowly, “I have only one goal when I enter senior high. One school. I have never considered any other universities.”

There is a high possibility that the direct admission is the reason Meng Wen wished that she wouldn’t take the mid-term exam.


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