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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1144 – My Life Became Beautiful Because Of You

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! is a web novel produced by 直上青云.
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Chapter 1144: My Life Became Beautiful Because Of You

As he spoke, Xia Jinyuan lifted his hand and attempted to take the training clothes that he wore when he was climbing the mountain. However, Ye Jian moved her hand quickly and didn’t allow him to take it back.

“You rushed over and you didn’t take a car. You…” She pointed to the two mud stains on the knees that were an obvious sign that he climbed a mountain. Ye Jian’s lips were pressed against each other tightly and her eyes were starting to turn red. “Where did you come from? Why did you have to climb a mountain?”

If he was training, both the knees and the elbows would have stains. However, Ye Jian only saw stains on the pants this time. There were no mud stains on the elbow at all but there was mud on the sleeves. She understood everything.

It was hard to hide this kind of matter from her.

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t bear to see her crying because of him. He used his thumb to wipe the drop of tear that almost dripped down the corner of her eye. He explained in a gentle voice, “When I came out, there was a landslide and it blocked the highway. I wanted to catch the last bus to the city so I had to climb down the mountain.”

“Be obedient. Don’t cry. We will always meet this kind of matter. Don’t worry about it too much. You can pretend that I was having outdoor training. I will feel sad if you cry. I came to see you smile and to listen to your voice but I didn’t expect to make you cry.”

He hated to see her cry. Her tears were like pellets knocking on his heart, one by one. He kept coaxing her gently. There was sympathy and love in his deep voice. “Stop crying. I just climbed a small hill. Look at how sad you got.”

Ye Jian didn’t know why she suddenly started crying. She wanted to restrain her tears at the start but after she heard his explanation, her heart churned and tears fell uncontrollably.

Someone was willing to travel so far and even climbed a mountain to see her… Even if she didn’t have any love experience in her two lifetimes, she also understood that he treated her differently. He really loved her dearly and put her in his heart. He was using the methods she could accept to love her and guide her.

She had a strong personality but her past life was too lonely. Thus, when this person appeared in her life and made her feel the warmth that she never felt before… Her heart started burning because of the warmth. It was so hot her tears suddenly fell without restraint.

Xia Jinyuan was in a flurry. He really didn’t know why she started crying. After so many years, he only saw her crying twice. Once, when her comrade sacrificed and the other time was… now.

He didn’t expect her to cry so fiercely.

He just climbed a hill but it caused her tears to fall continuously.

Xia Jinyuan knew how to console people without needing to learn. His voice was low and gentle and he didn’t repeat any sentence. “If anything happened to me, I won’t be standing in front of you. I came because I wanted to see if you’re alright but I made you cry. Little Fox, you need to forgive me this time.”

He always thought about her but he never cared about the hards.h.i.+ps he had to go through. Her nose was a little stuffed. Ye Jian held the hand that was wiping her tears and looked up at the handsome face that was filled with gentleness. “Captain Xia, I will definitely take care of myself. I will take care of myself like how you take care of me.”

“You don’t have to appear in front of me when I’m at the most tiring moment of my training. I know that you care about me and worry for me… But, you don’t have to calculate the time my training ends and rush over to find me. I will work hard to grow up faster so that you won’t have to worry about me anymore.”

She looked at the man with her eyes which were as clear as water. She saw the pain in his deep gaze. Ye Jian tiptoed and landed a light kiss on his chin. “You worry about me so you traveled thousands of miles to see me. Similarly, I will feel pain because you are exhausted from all the traveling.”


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