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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1152 – Ye Jian’s Grandma Isn’t Simple

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Chapter 1152: Ye Jian’s Grandma Isn’t Simple

Ye Xinfan, Ye Jian’s father, was a humble village man.

When he was young, Ye Zhifan wasn’t afraid of his elder brother. He felt that his elder brother wasn’t really smart. After finding out something that he didn’t know, Ye Zhifan nodded without a hint of astonishment and said, “No wonder Jian doesn’t look like Elder Brother. She isn’t Elder Brother’s child.”

Her looks weren’t like his elder brother, her intelligence wasn’t like his elder brother, and her way of dealing with matters wasn’t like his elder brother either. It was believable that she wasn’t his elder brother’s child.

What about his uncle’s son? The old people in the village said that when his aunt came back with his uncle, the entire village was flabbergasted. Even when she walked or spoke, there was a holy aura around her. She was so beautiful that the notorious gangster in the village wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h his aunt.

Ye Zhifan looked at Grandma Ye while maintaining his composure. He realized that her eyelids were trembling furiously as she purposely tried to lower them so that he wouldn’t see the expression in her eyes.

It looked like Grandma Ye was frightened of his uncle as well as his uncle’s son.

His aunt was a foreigner that came back with his uncle. When she walked and talked, she felt like a G.o.ddess… That meant that his aunt had an enchanting and elegant aura in the past.

A normal family wouldn’t be able to groom such a beautiful and elegant daughter. Since his aunt came from a good family, why did she return to the village with his uncle?

Also, that time was chaotic. People were fighting with landlords and fighting with capitalists… Many wealthy families let their daughters marry poor peasants. That was how Grandma Ye married into the Ye family.

Could it be that his aunt was in the same state? An outsider that came back with his uncle to that poor village… Ye Zhifan squinted as he thought about this.

Ye Jian suddenly became tough in grade eight. He suspected that someone was helping her. Could it be… his aunt’s family came to look for her and treated Ye Jian as his aunt’s granddaughter? Were they grooming her secretly?

That was possible!

At the side, Grandma Ye’s emotions were slowly dissipating. She said, “I raised your elder brother so I do have some feelings for him. If that wicked girl is really his child, I wouldn’t ask you to raise her so poorly!”

There was a sinister look on her face and disdain as well. “Only Sun Xueqing knows who that child belongs to!”

“Mom, Aunt’s side…” Ye Zhifan still wanted to ask Grandma Ye about the past but the school bell signaling the end of the first exam rang. Grandma Ye interrupted him forcefully and said, “The exam has ended. Go and urge the guard. Ask him to call the teacher again.”

It could be seen that Grandma Ye didn’t want him to talk about his uncle’s family.

Ye Zhifan felt that he had a clue to investigate so that he would know who was helping Ye Jian. However, he didn’t plan to tell Grandma Ye.

Mrs. Tong was carrying the exam scripts back to her office when an invigilator who had already ended came over and told her, “Mrs. Tong, Ye Jian’s grandma is outside the school. There are some things she wants to talk to you about.”

Ye Jian’s… grandma?

Mrs. Tong was surprised. Ye Jian had a grandma?

She thanked the teacher for pa.s.sing the message and went to the school gates directly.

Through the school gate, she could see an old lady standing outside wearing a modified dress from the republican era of China. There was a lady in red beside her. From afar, she gave off an elegant aura.

On the right side of the old lady… Mrs. Tong couldn’t help but tense up.

It was Ye Ying’s father. He was now in the provincial office.

“You are Mrs. Tong, the form teacher of my granddaughter, right?” Grandma Ye gave an amiable smile as she greeted Mrs. Tong kindly. “Thank you for taking the effort to make this trip. I’m Ye Jian’s grandmother. I haven’t seen my granddaughter in a long time and miss her terribly… Sigh, I just want to take a look at her and see if she’s doing fine.”


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