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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1277 – It’s Hard to Join the Military

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Chapter 1277: It’s Hard to Join the Military

“Save your effort! Do you think that the Qin family is a vegetable market that lets you pick and choose however you like?” Qin Xiu’s appearance made Ye Zhifan feel a.s.sured. He was 100% sure that Qin Yi was from the Qin family. He was 100% sure that he knew the high-ranking government officials.

Ye Zhifan sat back in his chair and looked at his daughter who had a normal expression on her face. He reminded her calmly, “There’s still so much time before the winter recruitment. Let’s see if Qin Yi can do it. Don’t listen to your mother.”

“Also, don’t mention Ye Jian and our relations.h.i.+p with her in the future. It is not our place to doubt the validity of her entering the military school as the nation’s top scorer! The matter has been decided. Don’t waste your time thinking about it. Think about how to let Yingying enter the capital city’s political regiment!”

Ye Ying didn’t speak much. Her voice was cold as she said, “Dad, as long as I enter the capital’s political regiment, I will not disappoint you.”

“Wait until you enter the political regiment before you say anything. We can’t just rely on Qin Yi. We need to find other people.” Ye Zhifan didn’t have the habit of placing all his hopes on one person. He was used to making a few preparations. He took a sip of his wine thoughtfully and said, “As for Qin Xiu… we can give it a try.”

Sun Dongqing pouted. “That’s what I was thinking just now. Didn’t you disagree?”

“Mom, Dad means that he will approach Qin Xiu, not me.” Ye Ying sighed and explained, “It’s best for Dad to do it. Is it right for me to look for Qin Xiu?”

Then, she asked Ye Zhifan, “Dad, are you going to look for Qin Xiu later?”

“After Old Master Cao’s birthday banquet ends, I will go and try my luck.” Ye Zhifan’s brows were still furrowed. He took small sips of white wine. He could only try his luck. Cao from Provincial No.1 Middle School was Qin Xiu’s uncle. He was especially protective of Ye Jian. He didn’t know if he could talk to Qin Xiu.

The atmosphere was a little tense. Ye Ying bit her lower lip lightly. Tears flashed in her eyes.

She took a wrong step and it was hard for her to move now… She never thought that she would be banned from taking the university entrance examination. She never thought that Ye Jian would be able to enter military school! Cao felt that with Ye Ying’s means, it was possible for her to look for Qin Xiu personally. He opened the file that Qin Xiu put on the table and glanced at it. Then, the kind smiled coldly. “It looks like Director Ye has decided to fight with Ye Jian. When Ye Jian entered the military school, he wanted to send Ye Ying to the capital city’s political regiment. Ha, Ye Jian entering the military school was a huge blow to their family.”

“Ye Jian got into the military school because she has the ability.” Even if she didn’t get into military school, she would still be successful if she joined the military. Qin Xiu secretly added in his heart. He picked up a page of Ye Ying’s personal file. When he saw a certain spot, he raised his elegant eyebrows and smiled slightly. “I think I’ve found the reason why they are looking for connections.”

He placed the file on the table and tapped it lightly with her slender fingers. “According to the physical examination criteria issued by the National Health Planning Commission, the General Staff, and the General Administration of Military Affairs, she won’t be able to pa.s.s this requirement. Also, according to the political a.s.sessment rules issued by the Ministry of Public Security, the General Staff, and the General Administration, her performance during the military training period won’t allow her to enter the military.”

The two remarks recorded in Ye Ying’s personal file gave Ye Zhifan a headache. He hadn’t told his daughter about them.

One: heart disease


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