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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 203 – Thinking Ahead

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Chapter 203: Thinking Ahead

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Don’t worry, I was with our own people. Let’s go back, Director Li. It’s getting late and we have to attend the exam tomorrow.” Ye Jian laughed, even freshened by the disinfectant smell of the hospital.

After Gao Yiyang’s father finished explaining to the doctor, he rushed to them. “Director Li, it’s getting late, let my driver give you two a ride.”

It was past 1:00 am and he could not just let the girl who saved his son’s life go back on her own.

Director Li did not refuse and Gao Yiyang’s father felt relieved. His eyes grew warm as he glanced at Ye Jian. “Giving the chance of survival to others and putting yourself in danger, Ye Jian, I wanted to offer money as a token of my grat.i.tude, but I am afraid that would be insulting you.”

“But I can’t rest well if I don’t show my grat.i.tude. Cla.s.smate Ye Jian, what do you say, I offer one million dollar scholars.h.i.+ps to high school students in poverty under your name?”

One hundred million scholars.h.i.+p….in U.S. dollar!

Director Li faintly gasped. Having just briefly calmed down, Director Li felt the need to take another calming heart pill just by thinking about multiplying this amount by the current exchange rate of eight.

The currency exchange rate as of July 1995 was 1 to 8.36. Therefore, one million… was a lot of money.

After calculating in her mind, Ye Jian happily replied with poise. “I do need the money. After all, it’s a very attractive amount. However, I think in the form of a scholars.h.i.+p would be the best. Thank you very much for your generosity, I will study hard to earn your scholars.h.i.+p.”

Gao’s father was deeply impressed by Ye Jian’s candid and honorable personality even when she admitted that she needed the money.

He laughed and exclaimed, “Men die for wealth and birds die for food. It’s an invariable rule. But a gentleman loves money and obtains it properly. You have a good character and perseverance.”

“Alright, I will set a separate scholars.h.i.+p for you. It will be yours if you do well on your exams.”

“You think too highly of me.” Ye Jian did not expect Gao Yiyang’s father to think so highly of her. She replied with a polite smile. “However, there are many outstanding students in our country who dropped out due to tuition fees and family burdens. I think they need the scholars.h.i.+p much more.”

Gao Yiyang’s father was surprised that a fourteen-year-old child could think so carefully. Then he said, “How about this, within this period, I will organize a charity organization to provide scholars.h.i.+ps to outstanding poor students in China. I will invite overseas Chinese to contribute to the future of our country. What do you think?”

This was really the best!

The country needed not only such charity organizations but also the help of overseas Chinese from all over the world. Ye Jian held out her hands like an adult and said sincerely, “Thank you very much for your help. With your help, more students will surely return to school.”

As a major event came to a decision, Director Li’s jaw nearly dropped as he observed on the side the whole time without saying a word.

Soon after, Director Li and Ye Jian returned back to the hotel by themselves because Gao Yiyang was still under the tranquilizer effect. Therefore, Gao Yiyang’s father promised to drop him off at the hotel at 7:30 am the next morning.


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