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Chapter 495: Complete Trust And Understanding

G3 and K7 reached the school at 5.37 pm. Everything seemed alright. The Pakistan soldier with them told the teachers that he was thirsty and used this as an excuse to enter the teacher’s office.

“Pabel always goes to the mosque after school ends. She won’t go home directly. She will also enter the ‘bunker house’.”

The soldier saw Pabel’s photo after entering the office. He pretended to be a student’s father and expressed his grat.i.tude for Pabel. Within a short conversation lasting five minutes, he managed to get important clues.

Pabel was a believer so it was normal for her to go to the mosque. However, she always rejected the invitation from her colleagues. Even the teacher who saw her at the mosque saw her unintentionally. This was unnatural.

G3, who was hiding in the dark, used his satellite phone to contact Xia Jinyuan. He told Xia Jinyuan what they found. “Q King, Pabel is a member of the al-Qaeda group. Her occupation is a teacher. There is a welfare center for children less than five kilometers away from the mosque.”

“You mean that Pabel will bring Ye Jian to the welfare center?” Xia Jinyuan was with the president of Pakistan. He conversed in English so the president understood him. When he heard ‘welfare center’, the president bent down and looked at the map carefully.

As expected, there was a welfare center for children southwest to the mosque.

The al-Qaeda group was a military organization. No matter how powerful Xia Jinyuan was, he wouldn’t be able to find Pabel immediately. They needed to carefully look for clues to figure out her exact location.

Q King nodded. “K7 is already on his way. Report immediately if any situation arises.”

The Pakistan government had just finished their hand over and take over. This was a messy country. Yet, the al-Qaeda group was able to act so blatantly. This proved that they had some power and skills. The Pakistan government spent much time, effort and manpower tackling terrorists and extremists but there would still be areas they couldn’t handle.

Pabel’s existence showed the power and weakness of this country. In China, such a situation would never occur.

After Ye Jian entered the welfare center, she was thrown to one side. She glanced around the room quickly to get an understanding of her situation. Then, she lowered her head obediently.

There was a telephone in the room but the wires were plucked. The yellow telephone laid on the ground. It was damaged. The chips were all over the ground. If she wanted to use it to contact Captain Xia, she would need to fix the phone first. This method couldn’t be used.

She couldn’t escape alone too. If she could, she would have done it at the presidential palace.

She was in charge of the safety of the leaders. If she left without Betty, she would look down on herself.

The best way was to let Pabel contact the presidential palace on her own accord. She believed that Captain Xia would be able to find their exact location through the phone call.

No matter how weak Pakistan was, they would be able to track a phone call.

Well, she would have to find a way to let them contact the presidential palace.

As she listened to Betty and Pabel speaking, Ye Jian hoped that she would be able to find out what her opponents wanted.


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