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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 730 – Didn’t Bully Other People

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Chapter 730: Didn’t Bully Other People

This ‘you’ was referring to Ye Jian.

Ye Jian controlled the laughter that almost spilled out of her mouth. She s.h.i.+fted her gaze away from Xia Jinyuan’s helpless and handsome face and continued answering the commander who didn’t give any slack when torturing his son. “You’re right. I’m sure Captain Xia will remember everything in his heart.”

Call him when he should? What right did she have to command the son of the commander-in-chief of the military? She needed to know where she stands and be more well-behaved. Uncle Chen and Grandpa Gen told her that it was better to rely on herself than seek help from other people. Thus, she still believed that in any situation, the best person to trust was herself.

“Little Fox, I will definitely remember it. I’ll constantly remind myself that your business is my business. Commander Xia is the one who told me how I should perform as a boyfriend.” Xia Jinyuan could tell that his father was constantly testing his little fox. He wouldn’t stop him from looking for his own girlfriend but there was one thing he needed to approve. It was the character of the lady.

Now, after saying everything, Commander Xia knew what Little Fox’s character was like. He wasn’t worried anymore.

Ye Jian looked up and stared at him lightly. She pursed her lips and smiled obediently. “Captain Xia doesn’t need to perform too much. This is enough.”

If he performed even better, she wouldn’t know how to face him anymore! She had feelings towards him and her heart fluttered for him. However, it hadn’t reached… the stage where she could take him as her boyfriend.

She didn’t have a boyfriend in her past life. She didn’t care if she had one in this lifetime either.

Ye Jian didn’t have much antic.i.p.ation for love.

“Xia Jinyuan might be a troublesome fellow but he always meant what he said. Whether or not the two of you become a couple in the future, you’re still a lady. It’s right for him to take care of you.” Commander Xia’s eyes were filled with smiles. The dignity on his face was still present due to his experiences but his tone and voice were friendly and admirable. “You don’t have to give in to him because of me. Just do what you always do.”

Xia Jinyuan heard this and sighed as he raised his eyebrows. “After speaking for so long, you finally complimented me. Little Fox, you don’t know how much courage I need to introduce you to Commander Xia.”

His entire body was turned to the side. His left hand was bent as he pushed it against the handrest in the middle of the two seats at the front. When he turned his head, his gaze moved past Commander Xia’s face. He did a small action with his right hand before he started complaining to Ye Jian.

“Commander Xia is different from other peoples’ fathers. I’m sure you saw it for yourself too. Other fathers praise their sons but my father just makes it difficult for me.”

“Most parents ask their child if they had fun or did they get bullied in school. As for me, ever since I was young, the first sentence I hear after going home from school was ‘You rascal, who did you bully today? Go and stand at attention for half an hour! Guard, take note of the time! Anyone that dares to give him any food will go for a 20-kilometers run!’ Little Fox, I have such a bad childhood.”

Commander Xia sighed when he noticed the hand signal his son gave him and heard him talking about his past.

They always said that ladies would support their boyfriends more than their families but in his family, his son was the one supporting his girlfriend.

He noticed that his future girlfriend was still very reserved so he wanted to liven up the atmosphere. Afraid that his father wouldn’t cooperate with him, he even gave him a signal to remind him!


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