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Read Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 872 – : Danger!

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! is a web novel completed by 直上青云.
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Chapter 872: Danger!

The cars that were preparing to go to the airport stopped at the side of the road when they saw what happened ahead of them. The truck lying in the middle of the road coincidentally blocked their entire route.

Ye Jian had already run to the front of the truck that had distorted from the collision. With one look, she noticed that the front tire of the truck was missing. The stinging smell of petrol kept coming from the front. The huge collision caused the engine to stop automatically. The entire engine was stopped.

The truck was very tall so Ye Jian had to jump on the road. She shouted loudly, “Can you hear me talk? Can you hear me? Can you tell me how many people are there in the truck?”

The smell of blood mixed with petrol wafted into her nose. The smell turned from faint to strong. Ye Jian, who wasn’t able to get a reply, sighed deeply.

She needed to climb on the truck to observe the situation inside. After noticing that the oil tank was still intact, she grabbed the side of the huge truck door and used the dim light of the road lamps to see the inside of the truck. Through the broken truck window, she noticed that there were three people inside.

The driver was the most heavily injured. The lower half of his body was stuck under the distorted truck head. Blood flowed from his forehead down his cheeks and onto his neck.

Besides the injury on his head, the injury on the lower half of his body was even worse. However, there was no way to help him for the time being. Ye Jian’s gaze turned dark as she pulled the truck door forcefully. The truck door was distorted from the collision too but she still wanted to give it a try.

After pulling it several times, the door still didn’t move an inch. Ye Jian had no choice but to give up and see if she could pull the door open on the other side.

“Ye Jian, hurry up and come down!” Director Song ran over with weak legs after she finally regained her senses. When she saw Ye Jian standing at the side of the deformed truck, her heart jumped all the way to her throat in fright once again. “Hurry up and come down! Come down! The smell of petrol is so strong. Be careful! There might be an explosion!”

Just now, this girl saved her life! She really saved her life! If she had not leaned over and turned the steering wheel, her car would definitely be deformed due to the collision with the truck!

Today, if she had not met her, she would be dead! Thoroughly dead!

When she saw Ye Jian disregarding the danger and climbing onto the truck, she disregarded her poise and yelled immediately, “Hurry up and come down! It’s dangerous! Come down! Hurry!” Her knees were still weak as she shouted at the top of her lungs.

She used too much force when shouting so the wind got into her throat. This caused her to choke. Director Song, who always took much care of her appearance, coughed furiously. She was in a sorry plight.

“It’s alright. The oil tank wasn’t damaged and the engine stopped automatically. There are no signs of sparks so there won’t be any danger of explosions temporarily.” Ye Jian furrowed her brows violently as she jumped down from the truck. She said to Director Song, “The driver might be in critical danger. There are two people beside him. I need to see if the car door can be open.”

Ye Jian did not dare to carry out a rescue recklessly. She was afraid that because of her rashness, she might worsen the injuries of the wounded. She needed to observe the situation carefully first.

“Director Song, please call the ambulance and fire brigade. Someone from the electrical power company needs to come too. I’ll go and take a look at the other side.” It was hard to be a bystander when she met this kind of situation. After she finished speaking, Ye Jian immediately went round the front of the truck without waiting for Director Song’s reply. She stepped on the median strip and went to the side of the pa.s.senger’s seat.

There were already people surrounding the truck. They were standing around two meters away from the car. No one dared to come closer.

When the crowd suddenly saw a young lady jumping out, they thought that she came out of the truck so someone shouted and asked, “Young lady, what happened to the truck!”


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