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Chapter 597 Threats, Two Princes Lost Their Fortune

“Something wrong happened to Second Consort Mo?” Xieyue asked with a deep look in his eyes as he suppressed the throb in his heart.

“Yes, it’s actually Third Brother’s fault. There seem to be a lot of holes in the matter about the Puguang Temple. Why did Third Brother believe the person’s words? Hearing that she had an affair with another man, he killed her. Even though Consort Yan went to apologize on behalf of Third Brother, this big mistake has made and led to the death of Second Consort Mo. Nothing will help. What a pitiful person! A beautiful lady was gone!”

Feng Yuran sighed rather regrettably. He was famous for being romantic, and when he told the serious story in a romantic manner. Plus a trace of joke in his pretty eyes, it was enough to make people unable to continue the topic. Did it mean that Third Young Miss Mo was pretty, so she died pitifully, or that Feng Yulei made a mistake and caused a life to die?

No matter what he meant, it was not a topic to follow. But Feng Yuran was looking at Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuzhen expectantly with blinking his long eyelashes. The two could only reveal an embarra.s.sed smile, trying to change the topic. After all, they and Feng Yulei were brothers. They were really afraid that the Emperor would know that they were talking about their brother’s faults with so many people here and reproached them for disrespecting their brother.

They were different from Feng Yuran. When Feng Yuran mentioned that, others would only say that he was too young and inexperienced in life. Even if the Emperor knew, he would not say anything.

“Eighth brother, this is Third Brother’s matter. Let’s not get involved. Princess Caifeng danced wonderfully. It seems very different from the dance of our Qin Kingdom. Eighth brother, have you seen a dancer more beautiful than Princess Caifeng?” Feng Yuxuan coughed and actively changed the topic.

“That’s right, I heard that Eighth Brother also raised some dancers in the manor in the past. Maybe you have seen this kind of dance from a foreign land. Eighth Brother, talk about it?” Feng Yuzhen rarely agreed with Feng Yuxuan. He moved towards Feng Yuran, looking quite curious, and focused all his attention on Princess Caifeng.

“The dance in the Southern Barbarian Lands mainly looks soft. The woman has a slender waist and can make a variety of different movements. Those in my manor are useless now, all of them… huh!” Feng Yuran uttered, looking annoyed. His bright eyes blinked, and he was not afraid to reveal his shortcomings. “In my manor, they still dared to have an affair with other men, and cuckolded…”

He said this very loudly. Some of the ministers who had heard the voice looked over here, not knowing why King Xuan who was doted on became so angry that his face was red. Even Emperor Zongwen on the high turned his head and looked at them with deep eyes.

He unexpectedly said what Emperor Zongwen was covering up for him, and he said it in the hall when Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuzhen were talking. How would the Emperor think about them? Would he think that they deliberately led this inconsiderate brother to say such self-defeating remarks, or they deliberately let people know that Feng Yuran was cuckolded by the concubines in his manor?

If this was the case, it was fine for him to say such things, but they would be punished.

Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuzhen, who were always witty, immediately had sweat on their foreheads. When they looked at each other, they could see the uncontrollable irritability in each other’s eyes. If Feng Yuran really shouted out this kind of thing, the Emperor would blame it all on them…

“Eighth brother!” Feng Yuxuan yelled sharply when Feng Yuran went on. Since his voice was so urgent and loud, it shocked the ministers who were still talking in the hall. They looked back one by one. The Empress Dowager, the Empress, and the Emperor sitting high all looked at them carefully.

Seeing so many people paying attention to him, Feng Yuxuan took a breath, opened and closed his mouth, pointing to the flower bed that the maids were lifting out and said, “Eighth brother, have you seen this kind of flower bed?”

There was a twitch in his hateful heart. He didn’t expect Feng Yuran to be so crazy. How could a man say that? When a man was cuckolded, he would hide it. But he seemed afraid that others didn’t know about it, and dared to yell out in the hall. This was something that the Emperor had covered up for him. If he had known about it, he would not have sat beside him. What a shame!

“I haven’t seen this kind of flower bed.” Feng Yuran seemed to be attracted by the flower bed. There was a bit of curiosity in his dark eyes, and he raised his voice and said, “The concubines in my manor had special…”

Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuzhen hated Feng Yuran very much. How could he talk about the disreputable concubines in the back yard again? Did he want to make the Emperor suspect them? Those concubines had been dead or sold, but Feng Yuran talked about it in a very meaningful way, as if he had many topics about it, and he didn’t think it was a shame.

“Eighth brother, now that Crown Prince Xieyue and Princess Caifeng live in your manor, you have to take good care of them. Don’t neglect them.” Feng Yuxuan pressed his anger, and decided that he would never talk about dance in front of Feng Yuran as he could always relate it to the concubines in his back yard.

“How is Consort Xuan? Do you still need any precious herbs? If you lack something, I still have some in my manor, so you can just tell me and get it.” Feng Yuzhen had to help Feng Yuxuan at this time to distract Feng Yuran’s attention. As Feng Yuran cast a few more glances at the flower bed, he seemed to want to say something about it. Feng Yuzhen thought the same as Feng Yuxuan. They never dared to let the lawless Feng Yuran talk about it anymore. They only felt that Emperor Zongwen’s deep eyes fell on them again.

This time they not only had sweat on their foreheads, but also on their bodies!

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to say anything.

“What precious herbs do you have? Forget it!” Feng Yuran slapped Feng Yuzhen’s hand away in disbelief as Feng Yuzhen was about to grab him, his eyes averting to the flower bed again. “There…”

“I still have ginseng that is over 1,000 years old. If you want it, I will send it over in a while.” Feng Yuzhen gritted his teeth and stopped him from saying.

“Yes, I also have newly gotten a piece of colorful glossy ganoderma, which is perfect for building up Consort Xuan’s health,” Feng Yuxuan also hurriedly cut in.

“The ginseng over 1,000 years old and a piece of colorful glossy ganoderma, really?” Feng Yuran’s attention was finally drawn back. He looked at them with bright eyes, looking impatient. “Brothers, you’re really good to me. Sent people to get it here in a while. Tong’er is not in good shape, and needs them to nourish her body.”

“Okay, don’t worry, it will be delivered here in a while.” Feng Yuzhen was actually reluctant to give the herb to Feng Yuran. He shuddered, raised his eyes and couldn’t help looking at the Empress Dowager sitting high. He had tried his best and spent one year to get the treasure. He originally wanted to send this treasure to the palace and thought it could extend her grandmother’s life span by a few years, but now it was robbed by Feng Yuran all of a sudden. He was really distressed.

Feng Yuxuan was also distressed at first. Treasure that could prolong life could not get through seeking. In this life, he may not be able to see the next one. He originally wanted to use it when he was in danger. However, he felt relieved and put on a faint smile on his face. “Okay, Eighth Brother, don’t worry, I will ask someone to send it to King Xuan’s Manor in a while.”

Anyway, this colorful glossy ganoderma would be eaten by Mo Xuetong. He was willing to send it to her!

Feng Yuran’s face showed an evil smile, and pulled the two tense men by their sleeves to sit down again. Before they knew it, Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuzhen had stood up. Seeing their aggrieved look, Feng Yuran felt a little better than before. Originally, he only changed the topic mentioned by Crown Prince Xieyue and didn’t expect to have this benefit. If Tong’er had such good herbs, the poison in her body would be suppressed even if it could not be solved for the time being.

What a surprise! He would like to accept it!

“Your Highness, the third daughter of Sir Mo married King Yan as his consort?” Sitting beside, Crown Prince Xieyue finally came to himself. The hand on his lap tightly pinched his leg to keep himself being conscious. Just when Feng Yuran said those words, his heart felt cold and painful.

King Yan misunderstood that she had an affair with another man and it happened in the Puguang Temple. Did it refer to him? King Yan executed her because of this. The cool and intelligent face kept flashing in front of Xieyue’s eyes. When he thought of her in the past, he only felt happy, and this time, he galloped out to the capital in order to meet her soon.

However, she was dead!

How could she die? How could such a pretty girl die? And it was Feng Yulei who killed her. A chill of anger flashed in Xieyue’s eyes!

His brain was buzzing and he couldn’t hear what the people beside him were saying, and didn’t see everything in front of him clearly. It took a long time to recover, but he asked with difficulty.

“Yeah, do you know her, Crown Prince Xieyue?” Feng Yuxuan asked strangely all of a sudden. Was it okay in the Southern Barbarian Lands to ask about an unrelated woman casually?

“No. It’s just that Sir Mo had talked with me when he escorted us to come into the city. He was quite proud of his daughter. I didn’t expect that Sir Mo’s daughter was so miserable and died unfairly. Will an apology from Consort Yan settle the matter?” Xieyue suppressed the waves of chills and pain in his heart, and took a deep breath and explained with a smile.

This time, the spearhead to greet the envoy of the Southern Barbarian Lands was Mo Huawen’s subordinates. Feng Yuxuan couldn’t find any fault, but the matter between King Yan and Mo Xueqiong was not simple as it looked on the surface. Besides, she was involved, so Feng Yuxuan really didn’t want to say more about it. He casually said, “Well, Consort Yan has already apologized. Would she have to pay for it with life?”

Feng Yuxuan said in a light tone and didn’t feel sorry for her at all. Xieyue was so angry that he almost stood up and patted the table to vent his anger. He was not in good condition, so he always paid attention to self-cultivation and rarely got angry. At this point, he felt that his temples throbbed suddenly, seemingly about to burst. He stared fiercely at Feng Yuxuan. The latter was confused, not knowing when he had offended the Crown Prince.

“Prince Xieyue, don’t worry, there will be another evil person to deal with the evil people. The young lady of the Mo family will not die in vain. There will always be someone to prove her innocence. Consort Yan has cleared her name! And my third brother has been grounded days ago. I heard that since you are here this time, Consort Yan came here specially.” Feng Yuran pointed to You Yue’e who was sitting high with a smile in his eyes, and then turned his head to Feng Yuzhen leisurely, saying, “I heard that her leg was broken, but she looks good. If I don’t know about it, I really can’t tell.”

Xieyue suppressed the anger in his black eyes, and looked at Consort Yan You Yue’e above with cold eyes. He carefully sized her up for a while, as if to carve her in his head. On the other side, You Yuecheng, who was oblivious to what was going on, picked up the wine cup in hand, and followed the direction where Crown Prince Xieyue’s eyes were looking. Looking at his sister, he frowned.


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