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“This person committed a big crime against me, sister.” Just the thought about his son getting involved in Catherine’s scheme is already making his blood boils in so much anger. As much as possible, he wants his son to live a life where he doesn’t have to look behind his shoulder all the time, but this, is just too much. His son is only months old and she’s already doing things that could affect his son’s future.

“And that crime would be?” Layla already has a guess why her brother is angry, but she wouldn’t want to say it. She wants her brother to confirm it.

“This person is trying to ruin our little Alexandre’s future.” As Alfonso is saying this, he is looking at the culprit of his anger. Catherine is far away from his reach, and he is thankful that is the case because if she is in arm’s length, Alfonso might be choking her right now.

“What do you want me to do?” Layla asked.

“I want you to delete everything that she has on me on her phone, then replace that with all the bad things that she did,” Alfonso said. Knowing Catherine, she loves to put every important file on her phone. And without a doubt, it’s obvious that the information Alexandre’s mother is also on that phone.

“I can do that. But what if she sees the change and wouldn’t dare to do her plan.” Layla asked in a concerned tone. Her brother’s plan is way too simple and there is a chance that Catherine will see the change in her phone and wouldn’t go further in her plan.

“Don’t worry. Just do what big brother is telling you to do, Layla.” Alfonso is not worried about it because he can tell that Catherine is very confident that she will win. And because of that confidence of hers, she wouldn’t even bother to look inside her file and just show it to everyone.

With that kind of trait, it is so easy for Alfonso to fight back without even doing anything drastic. ‘Simple-minded buffoon. That is what she is.’ Alfonso inwardly said.

“Okay. Roger that, big brother.” After that, the call between them ended.

Alfonso turned around to and saw that Anna and Kyle are staring at him. Clearly, they both are waiting for him to share the conversation he just had with his sister. “No. I’m not gonna share anything.” He said.

He would rather for them to see what’s going to happen later than to ask him because that way, it’s more fun.

“That’s selfis.h.!.+” Anna said with a pout. With that kind of face, Anna is showing, it makes her even cuter than ever.

‘Oh, Anna. You better stop showing that kind of face or else, you’re going to break my nephew. That’s a very dangerous weapon.’ Sometimes, Alfonso feels bad for his nephew because his nephew always gives in to every of Anna’s whims.

“It’s not selfish. Now, go to your position it’s almost time for us.” Alfonso said, then he checks on Anna and Kyle’s clothes one last time.


The models that work alongside Catherine just finished showcasing her new line of designs, and as expected she received a good round of applause. She felt happy about it, especially when she saw Reid looking at her designs with awe of expression on his face.

Now the announcer came up to the stage, then signaled the next models to come and walk the stage.

One by one, models perfectly showcased Alfonso’s designs. And somehow, Catherine felt envious of that. Her models did that, however, it is not as good as Alfonso’s.

Soon, two unexpected people came out that really surprises everyone. Even Catherine is in awe at the magnificence that these two people are showing to the crowds. They are not even smiling, and yet, they manage to get the crowds whole attention to them. 

Unlike the models before them, they manage to showcase the unique styles in Alfonso’s designs.

It’s not even a minute, and everyone is already talking about how beautiful the designs are. “Alfonso Dreyar outdid himself again!”

“He’s a genius!”

“I feel bad for the designer earlier. Her designs were beautiful, but Alfonso outs.h.i.+ned her in an instant.” 

“I heard that Catherine and Alfonso were rivals since Alfonso started his first showcase.”

“What are you talking about? It’s only Catherine who thinks that way. Alfonso doesn’t even see her as his rival.”

Hearing all those comments, Catherine’s hands turned into a fist. Once again, Alfonso always ruins her limelight with his.

With worry plastered on her face, she went glanced at where Reid is. Her worry turned into anger when she saw the smile on his face. His smile is brighter than when he saw her design. Without even asking, she already knew who is Reid’s tops choice for this event, and that really is making her angry.

Catherine looks at her phone, and then a smirk replaced her angry face. ‘I may have lost this round again, Alfonso. But that does not mean you’re going to keep winning. I will make sure that you will receive so much hate from the people today!’ Catherine inwardly declared, then she tool up and went to the backstage.


“Anna! You were so beautiful back there! You looked like a G.o.ddess blessed for us commoner to see!” May’s sudden compliment made Anna’s blushed. It’s the type of compliment that Anna can’t stand. She thinks that it is too embarra.s.sing to hear or even think about it.

Since May has already said those words to her, it would be unfair if she didn’t accept it. “T-Thank you, and you as well, May. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you when I saw you walking down that stage.” 

“I’m so honored to know that you couldn’t take your eyes off of me.” May acted like she’s embarra.s.sed, then she glances at Kyle. “And you… you look handsome. That’s it. Don’t expect more compliments from me.”

Kyle’s lips twitched when he heard that from May. He feels like whenever he let his guards down, May would attack him randomly and that really upsets him. What did he even to her to treat him like this.

“No. I don’t need your compliments. I already know I have a G.o.dlike face.” Kyle said with a straight face, and May can only give him a smile. Though it is a smile, it is not a friendly one. It’s she cursing Kyle in her mind.

Alfonso laughs at Kyle’s words. “Hah! You totally got that side of yours from your father!”

While having a nice conversation with Anna and the others, in the corner of Alfonso’s eyes, he saw Catherine fiddling at the computer backstage. That computer is used to show videos of each designer about their journey, like how they got inspired and so on and so forth.

Every year there is only one designer is picked to share their video, and this year, it’s Alfonso’s turn.

Seeing Catherine over there, Alfonso smirked. He can’t help but be amused at the way she is thinking. ‘I see. For someone like you, I’m surprised that you could even think of scheming on me like this.’ Alfonso inwardly said.

Alfonso took out his phone, then he sends a message to his sister. [Are you finished with my request?]

Not even a minute, Layla replied, saying that she finished doing it minutes ago. She also mentioned that there is extra information that she put that will put everyone in shock including him. Knowing that his sister is finished doing him a favor, Alfonso is getting excited to see the miserable look on Catherine’s face when the time has come.


Just like every other year, everyone is celebrating the success of the event. During the showcase, everything went according to what was planned. All that is left is the announcement on who is this year’s event’s winner is.

On a table, Anna, Kyle, May, Alfonso, and Alexandre, are all having fun together. Those who noticed that harmony on their table was all curious at the baby who is in Alfonso’s lap. They all have guessed in their minds, but they wouldn’t dare to ask. All they can do is glance at that table with curiosity.

Although some were curious about the baby, there is one person who is not afraid of asking Alfonso, and the would the person who’s been wanting to have a chat with Alfonso since earlier, Reid.

“Alfonso, my friend!” He exclaimed. Alfonso took a glance at him, then back to his son. “Oh, come on! Don’t treat me coldly! There’s no harm in greeting me back, you know.”

“Please go away, Reid. I don’t want to talk to a noisy person like you.” Alfonso coldly said to Reid while he is still playing with his son.

Reid didn’t pay any attention to what Alfonso just said, but instead, his attention is one thing only, and that would the baby that Alfonso is trying to entertain.


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