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Read Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman Chapter 282 – 282: Even Woman Admiring You

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The training was officially ended. The shooting club members were waiting for the bus to come and fetched them. Yu Qi did not plan to go back to the university since she wanted to go back to her grandfather’s house. However, she was waiting together with them.

“At last, we are free.” 

“Yes, first thing when I arrive at my home, I want to sleep straight two days.”

“Me too.”

“You think you can sleep straight two days? Idiot?”

“Who do you say, idiot, huh?”

“You and you.”

Other members laughed seeing them bickering like that.

“Sister Yu Qi, how nice your house is nearby.” Zhu Xiao Ling said.

“I bet my grandfather will be surprised when seeing me in front of his door.” Yu Qi chuckled.

“If my father did not ask me to go home, I would like to visit your house here, Sister Yu Qi.” Zhu Xiao Ling pouted. Her father got the news of her training ended today and asked her to go home immediately.

“It’s okay. You can visit another time.” Yu Qi patted Zhu Xiao Ling’s head.

The bus that had been waiting for so long finally arrived. Long Hui went out to see the shooting club members entered the bus. 

Before the shooting club members entered the bus, they made a line and faced Long Hui. They then saluted Long Hui and said something. “Thank you, Commander Long, for your teaching and support.” 

Without waiting Long Hui to replied it, they rushed to enter the bus like someone dangerous was chasing them all.

Long Hui looked at Yu Qi. Yu Qi laughed after that. Those guys were cute. They were afraid at Long Hui and respected him at the same time. 

Seeing Yu Qi laughed, a smile appeared on Long Hui’s lips. She was so happy. He did not want to destroy it. 

“Okay. It’s time for me to return to my grandfather’s house.” Yu Qi said after finished laughing.

The house was not so far from them. It was about 20 minutes drive from the camp. Well, Yu Qi wanted to walk so maybe the time might be increased a little bit. She lifted her bag. Aoi already waited for her to go.

“Wait, just let me send you home.” Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi’s hand.

“But, you are currently working just now.” Yu Qi said.

“No need to worry about it. Just wait here. I will get my vehicle here.” Without waiting for Yu Qi’s answer, Long Hui rushed to get his vehicle. 

Yu Qi looked at Aoi and Aoi also looked at Yu Qi.

“Master, just let him do it. Because actually, I’m kind of lazy to walk.” Aoi grinned to Yu Qi.

“Oh, you become lazy during these two weeks. I just need to make you do our routine, right?” Yu Qi also grinned to Aoi but with different meanings.

Aoi was regretting what he was saying. Now his master would make him do some terrible exercise. Aoi sighed. Well, just do it then.

Not long after that, Long Hui appeared with his car. Yu Qi lifted Aoi and hopped in. Aoi jumped to the seat behind and pretended to sleep. He knew this man would definitely going to start flirting with his master.

“Let’s go and eat first, okay?” Long Hui already made his own plan before sending back his beloved Qi Qi to her home.

“Owh, okay.” Yu Qi quickly agreed since she also wanted to spend time with Long Hui. 

At the military camp, Yu Qi could not act like this since she was in the university’s activity despite Long Hui shameless flirting with her. Since it was over, she could do everything that she wanted. 

Long Hui drove them to a restaurant. It was a pretty luxury restaurant despite its location. Yu Qi turned to Aoi. 

Sensed his master looked him, Aoi quickly said something. ‘Master, you can go. I will wait here.’ Aoi did not open his eyes. 

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, just buy something for me and Bo Ya later.’ 

‘Okay, then.’ 

Long Hui got out from the car. Yu Qi also followed him. They entered the restaurant. Their entrance made everyone turned and watched them especially the women. They were eyeing Long Hui. Somehow Yu Qi did predict something like this. Long Hui and Yu Qi ignored the attention given to them. They kept the poker face. 

The waiter led them to a table. They sat at the table. The waiter poured some water and gave the menu to his customers to choose the food that they liked to eat. The couple made their own choice. The waiter left.

“When this restaurant opened?” 

This was Yu Qi’s first time coming to this restaurant. She did not know when was this restaurant opened. s.h.i.+wa Town kept developed.

“About four months ago. I come across this restaurant when I pa.s.sed this area.” Long Hui said. He pa.s.sed this area with Ren Qian Yi. He was hungry. So they stopped by and eat at this restaurant.

“How is their food?” Yu Qi asked.

“Well, it is edible. However, I still like your cooking.” Long Hui smiled to Yu Qi.

“I will cook for you sometime.” 

“I will be waiting, then.”

One woman was walking pa.s.sed their table. She suddenly tripped her own legs and started to fall. Her direction of falling, well, to say, she might end up on Long Hui’s lap. However, she was not lucky enough because of Yu Qi.

Yu Qi moved quickly to hold the woman. She hugged the woman. While looking down facing the woman, Yu Qi asked. “Are you okay?” She asked with her blank expression.

The woman looked at Yu Qi’s blank expression and ended up admiring Yu Qi. Long Hui coughed when seeing the woman that his beloved Qi Qi did not react to what his beloved Qi Qi asking her. When the woman listened to the sound, she realized she was still in this girl’s hug. She quickly rises up.

“Sorry, and thank you for saving me.” The woman bowed in frustration. She did not expect to admire this girl. 

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing. Just be careful with your step.” Yu Qi gave his smile.

The woman once again admiring the girl in front of him. And Long Hui also once again coughed.

“I will go first.” The woman ran away from the place.

Long Hui worried about his beloved Qi Qi. He knew a lot of men admired her beauty. Now even the woman fell on this beauty.


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