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Read Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman Chapter 380 – 380: Yu Qi’s Past Life (Part 7)

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Read WebNovel Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman Chapter 380 – 380: Yu Qi’s Past Life (Part 7)

“So, I want my granddaughter to come back and live with me.” Grandpa Mu dropped another bomb on the w.a.n.g Couple.

Madam w.a.n.g felt lost because Yu Qi’s current salary was very high. With that money, the expense of the house was affordable and she had money balance in her pocket. So, losing that source of money was very hard for her.

“Sir Mu, we really love our daughter. I think…” Madam w.a.n.g did not even finish the sentence.

Grandpa Mu interrupted her talk. “Oh, really?” Grandpa Mu narrowed his eyes.

When that happened, Mr w.a.n.g and Madam w.a.n.g could feel the pressure. The pressure was very great. The w.a.n.g couple clenched their fist and were held back by the pressure from Grandpa Mu.

“Humph!” Grandpa Mu gave a cold look to the w.a.n.g Couple.

Grandpa Mu already asked his people to investigate how was his granddaughter treated in this family. Yeah, his granddaughter was very loved in a certain way. They used her granddaughter to make money for the family. They had been treating his granddaughter very bad even when she was at a young age.

“I want my granddaughter at my side whether you accept or not. If you will accept this matter nicely, I will give compensation for it. Otherwise, we can see in court.” Grandpa Mu needed to scare this couple as it seemed that they did not want to give his granddaughter.

Hearing the word ‘court’, the w.a.n.g Couple s.h.i.+vered. For them, the word ‘court’ meant, jail. No, they did not want to go to jail.

“Yeah, Yu Qi should go to her real family.” Mr w.a.n.g quickly said.

“That’s right. She should know her real family.” Madam w.a.n.g added.

“Good.” Grandpa Mu nodded.

Then Grandpa Mu turned to his a.s.sistant. The a.s.sistant stepped forward bringing a bag and one doc.u.ment. He placed them in front of the w.a.n.g Couple. He opened the bag. The money was neatly arranged in the bag.

“Here is 30 million for the compensation since you have taken care of my granddaughter.” Grandpa Mu said.

Madam w.a.n.g lifted up her eyes. ’30 million.’ It was the first time she had seen this amount of money. With this money, she could buy many things.

Mr w.a.n.g was also very happy after seeing the money. With this money, he could go to gamble without worrying about money.

Grandpa Mu smirked when he looked at the reaction of the two people. Simply greedy.

“However, you need to sign this contract saying you will not have any contact with my granddaughter in the future. Also, you can not acknowledge her as your daughter in the future.” Grandpa Mu pointed out the contract.

The w.a.n.g Couple did not need to think longer. Yu Qi was no longer an important thing for them. The important thing to them was the money in front of them now.

“Yes. We will not disturb Yu Qi in the future.” Mr w.a.n.g said while smiling.

“Then, sign this.” Grandpa Mu said.

w.a.n.g Couple quickly signed the contract. Seeing that the contract was already signed by the two of them, Grandpa Mu stood and took the contract. He no longer needed to face this couple.

“The money is yours.” Grandpa Mu left with his a.s.sistant and bodyguards.

Right after Grandpa Mu left, the w.a.n.g Couple screamed in excitement loudly. They were very happy about getting a lot of money.

“That little b.i.t.c.h does have her own use. We get the money because of her.” Madam w.a.n.g said.

“Yeah.” Mr w.a.n.g agreed.

Not long after that, their daughters and son came home. They saw their parents were in a good mood.

“Mum, the Dad, has there something happened today?” w.a.n.g Fu Ya asked.

“Yes. We get a lot of money. 30 million.” Madam w.a.n.g said excitedly.

“Huh? Who has given you so much amount of money?” w.a.n.g Fu Ya was very shocked.

“That little b.i.t.c.h’s real family.” Mr w.a.n.g said.

“What? She has found her real family?” w.a.n.g Ha Na joined the conversation.

“Yeah. An old man name Sir Mu came and claimed her as his granddaughter. As for the compensation of taking care of his granddaughter, he gave this money to us.” Mr w.a.n.g explained.

w.a.n.g Fu Ya was thinking about a different matter. The brain started to think about a plan.

“Mum, Dad, how about I claim myself as his granddaughter? Saying Yu Qi is your real daughter. With that, we can continue getting the money from her family.” w.a.n.g Fu Ya said to her family.

She wanted to become rich. She wanted to have a life in which she would not get worried about money.

“I think it’s not going to work.” Mr w.a.n.g shook his head.

“Why?” w.a.n.g Fu Ya did not want to give up.

“Because she has already taken a DNA test with that Sir Mu. It is confirmed that she is his real granddaughter.” Madam w.a.n.g explained.

“And we can not go and find her after this.” Mr w.a.n.g added.


“Because we have already signed the agreement saying that after we accepted this money, we can not acknowledge her as our family member.” Mr w.a.n.g said.

“What? Mum, Dad, why are you so stupid?” w.a.n.g Fu Ya screamed.

“Fu Ya, why are you getting rude?” Mr w.a.n.g became angry after hearing his daughter calling them ‘stupid’.

“Mum, Dad, why have you signed that agreement? If you have not signed that agreement, we can probably get more than this 30 million?” w.a.n.g Fu Ya was very angry with her stupid parents.

“But, if we have not signed that agreement, Sir Mu said that they will bring this matter to the court.” Mr w.a.n.g did not want to bring this matter to the court.

w.a.n.g Fu Ya bit her lips. If she was in her parent’s place, she might have done the same thing. If she insisted to bring this matter in the court, she would have to pay attorney fee and another hidden fee. She would probably lose more money.

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