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71 Moment Poison Activates

February 25, 2019


None of the people sitting around the eight immortal table noticed Lan You Nian’s strangeness. Only Feng Yi Xuan, who paid constant attention to Lan You Nian, was aware of Lan You Nian’s strange behavior.

Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze carried concern as he looked at Lan You Nian. The second he brushed against Nian Nian’s hand, he noticed something was wrong. Although Nian Nian’s body temperature was usually pretty low, however, just moments ago, when he held Nian Nian’s hand, the tiny hand in his palms can be described as cold as ice. How could that be someone’s normal body temperature?

There was a needle-like pain emitting from every single part of her body. It was the same feeling as when the poison first activated at the beginning. Lan You Nian knew she must leave immediately otherwise she will definitely be exposed in front of other people. Although she considered these people to be her friends, Lan You Nian’s heart still believed she was one person.

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian who merely sat there with her head bowed down, her expression couldn’t be seen. He didn’t know what’s wrong with Nian Nian, but he could tell something wasn’t right. Seeing everyone was still laughing and joking around, Feng Yi Xuan was just about to open his mouth to tell everyone to disperse so he could take Nian Nian back, but there came a knock at the door.

“Young miss, third young master wants to see you,” Lan Wu, who just returned, stood beside Lan You Nian, her eyes filled with anxiousness. Meanwhile, Lan Qu who has continuously been by Lan You Nian’s side was beginning to sweat. Although their young miss was able to bear it, every time young miss’s poison activated, they were all apprehensive. Not only were they upset because young miss was suffering, they were also afraid young miss won’t be able to get through it.

Everyone in the box looked at Lan You Nian with eyes of curiosity, but at this moment Lan You Nian’s head was lowered so they couldn’t see anything. As matter of fact, many people knew Wu Qing Pavilion was Young Master Wu Qing’s domain, but ordinarily Young Master Wu Qing was a mysterious character, so Wu Qing Pavilion is said to be managed by several young masters. While these several young masters were mysterious as well, they have been seen by people. Moreover, these several young masters were only helping Young Master Wu Qing take care of business, so the world was not as curious about these several young masters as they were about Young Master Wu Qing.

“I really am sorry. Nian’er still has some matters to take care of so I will take leave first,” Lan You Nian endured her increasingly painful body, lifted her head to look at everyone and smiled gently.

“Yeah no problem, go ahead. Do we need to wait for you to go back together?” Hua Mu Qing waved her hand, brus.h.i.+ng it off, but still asked with concern.

“After that, I will go back myself. Lan Qu, later, have the management bring out the latest pastries that haven’t been introduced yet for everyone to taste!” Lan You Nian instructed.

Speaking of Zhen Wei Pavilion’s pastries that have yet to be sold on the market, several of the people were interested, not to mention the ones who tasted the fruit jelly last time. They eagerly looked to Lan Qu. Lan Qu nodded. She knew this was her family’s young miss ploy to change the topic.

After Lan You Nian gave a curtsy, she turned and left the box. However, she didn’t expect that she before she even took a few steps, she stumbled, almost falling over. Fortunately, Lan Qu and Lan Wu reacted fast. They helped support Lan You Nian up, but it was this small episode that had everyone unsettled.

“Nian’er meimei are you alright?” Hua Mu Qing asked with concern, however, she didn’t think too much on it. She only thought Lan You Nian didn’t look at the ground when she walked.

“It’s nothing! I will leave first,” As soon as Lan You Nian finished, Lan Wu and Lan Qu immediately supported Lan You Nian in leaving the box. In the box, Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze was frigid but filled with concern as he stared at the direction Lan You Nian left in. Although he wanted to ask Nian Nian what was going on, he knew Nian Nian had her own ideas and way of doing things. If he interfered too much, in the future, he’s afraid it will be even harder to get closer to Nian Nian.

Because of worrying about what’s wrong with Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan was obviously in a bad mood. After Lan You Nian left, Feng Yi Xuan instantly returned to his cold and inhuman self, icily sweeping a glance over the crowd in the box. Everyone instantly silenced. In the more and more terrifying atmosphere caused by Feng Yi Xuan, Hua Mu Qing and others could no longer stand it. They immediately left the box and went back home but before leaving had the pastries that were just delivered to be packed up to be taken with them. The three people were true gluttons. Lan Mo Xian was yanked out by Hua Mu Qing. Meanwhile, He Chu Yang still things left to do at home, so there were only four people left in the box.

“A’Xuan, what’s wrong with you?” Feng Xia Qi asked with concern. He knew this younger brother very well. Although he was usually forbidding, he wasn’t so impatient.

“Is it because of Nian’er meimei?” Jing Wu An leaned back in his chair and asked in confusion. It’s really that he noticed this good friend of his who has never been caring towards anyone but was blatantly very different towards Lan You Nian. Just like today’s meeting, the good friend whom no person can enter his eyes, the light from the corner of his eye always followed Lan You Nian.

“Hm? What’s wrong with Nian’er meimei?” Yu Liu Li asked in confusion. Indeed, they can’t blamed for not knowing. Although they, each and every one of them, were tough guys outside, however now that they are with friends they care about, naturally they put away their alert, observative, and calculative minds so they didn’t notice the difference in Lan You Nian. However, Jing Wu An was different. He was a military advisor; his thoughts no matter how diluted was more sensitive compared to Feng Xia Qi and Yu Liu Li.

“Indeed, when Nian’er meimei almost fell down, I felt something was wrong!” Feng Xia Qi also frowned. He genuinely considered this girl to be a little sister so inevitably cared a lot about her.

“Yeah, could something have happened?” Yu Liu Li was also anxious. His voice had yet to fade, for Feng Yi Xuan already slipped out of the box and leaped to another room on the third floor.

Feng Yi Xuan became more and more worried in his heart. On the one hand, he was afraid something happened to Nian Nian, on the other, he was scared his excessive intervention will make Nian Nian resentful. Imagine him Feng Yi Xuan who has lived so many years, when has he ever been so afraid? Now because that person is the girl at the tip of his heart, he had many more considerations. Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t be at ease. Even if Nian Nian blamed him, he couldn’t let anything happen to Nian Nian. Moreover, he can clearly sense something was wrong with Nian Nian’s body. He said he will be by her side in the future, so he must accompany her. If Nian Nian really was uncomfortable, he will definitely save her. If he was overthinking the matter, Nian Nian could think whatever she liked of him, but he will still do the same in the future.

Feng Yi Xuan arrived at the door to Gui San’s room in an instant. Before Feng Yi Xuan could enter, Lan Feng appeared from the shadows and blocked the way in front of Feng Yi Xuan. Lan Wu and Lan Qu also stopped in front of Feng Yi Xuan. Feng Yi Xuan’s fist clenched, his knuckles cracked. Right now, he had an urge to kill, but he knew these three were Nian Nian’s people.

Following Feng Yi Xuan outside was Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, and Yu Liu Li. Coming out, they could see Feng Yi Xuan and three women confronting in front of the doorway of a room. They recognized two of the women as Lan You Nian’s servant girls, then it wasn’t hard to guess the ident.i.ty of the other woman; she must be Lan You Nian’s shadow guard.

At this time, the sound of stuff falling in the room drifted out. Feng Yi Xuan was so anxious the veins popped out on his forehead, his entire person returned to his original bloodthirsty, cruel bearing. His palm flung out prepared to toss the three people who were blowing his way. At this moment, a man walked out from inside the room. Raven hair tied together with a white ribbon, clothed in snow-white satin, a white silk belt wrapped around his waist with a piece of suet white jade attached to it, wearing an outer coat of soft smoke brocade of light muslin. Eyebrows nearly touched the hairline, slender and gentle eyes, an attractive nose-bridge, white skin, carrying a snow-white folding fan in his hand, a flawless image of an elegant young master. At this moment, the man was anxious, even his eyebrows were filled with worry.

“This humble one Gui San doesn’t know what does Ming w.a.n.g want?” Gui San asked and studied Feng Yi Xuan critically. Gui San had to admit that this person was really unbelievably handsome, probably can be considered the mainland’s most handsome man but the premise is that there wasn’t that frightening murderous aura.

“This w.a.n.g wants to see Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan’s aloof voice boomed. He, at this moment, was anxious like he was cooking in a ma.s.sive fire. He heard the sound of something breaking in the room.

“Hope for Ming w.a.n.g’s forgiveness, Nian’er meimei has some matters today. If Ming w.a.n.g has a problem, then come again to find Nian’er next time!” Gui San responded, not allowing oil or salt to enter (being obstinate). He already received news from little junior sister saying this Ming w.a.n.g and the others were little juniors sister’s friends, so Gui San didn’t make things difficult. However, he couldn’t let these people know about little junior sister’s poisoning

“Move!” Feng Yi Xuan’s fingers moved. He didn’t want to chit-chat with these people any longer.

Feng Xia Qi and others seeing this situation knew Feng Yi Xuan was ready to go on a killing spree. They glanced at Lan Qu and the others. These were all Lan You Nian’s people, if Feng Yi Xuan hurt them, then when that happens, who knew how Lan You Nian will blame Feng Yi Xuan. Moreover, since they considered Lan You Nian as a little sister, they couldn’t let Nian’er become upset.

“ A’Xuan, calm down!” Feng Xia Qi came to Feng Yi Xuan’s side and said, his voice carried hints of unyielding otherwise he was afraid his younger brother won’t listen to anything. Then to Gui San who was blocking the doorway, he said warmly, “I believe this must be third young master. Miss Lan who is inside is our little sister. Right now we don’t know if Nian’er meimei is safe. Hope third young master can grant us a favor!”

In some respects, Gui San and Feng Xia Qi were the same kind of people. They were both the kind to be warm like jade on the outside but inside were black to the core. The two were both black-hearted foxes; it was only that Feng Xia Qi’s fox nature was hidden much deeper while Gui San’s fox nature was displayed in front of people.

“Thank you everyone for your concern, but Nian’er has matters to take care of so won’t be able to entertain you. Please ask everyone not to make things difficult for me!” Gui San said with an unchanging expression, but the meaning in his words was unmistakable. After all, Feng Xia Qi and others can hear the intimacy in his words very clearly. This third young master’s relations.h.i.+p with Nian’er meimei was probably very good.

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly attacked Gui San. The attack was ruthless and merciless. Although Gui San’s martial arts wasn’t as good as Feng Yi Xuan, he reacted very quickly, promptly engaged in a fight with Feng Yi Xuan. Although Feng Yi Xuan didn’t intend to kill, because of his anxiousness, he used 50 percent of his martial force, so at the end, Gui San was defeated by Feng Yi Xuan in one round.

Seeing Gui San defeated, Lan Feng took up her long sword and attacked Feng Yi Xuan. She couldn’t allow young miss to have any accidents.

All the while, Feng Xia Qi was watching this scene anxiously. No one can stop his younger brother right now. Seeing the wounded third young master and Lan Feng blocking the way, Feng Xia Qi felt a headache. If Nian’er meimei knew of this and got angry, their friends.h.i.+p may have come to an end.

“Stop!” the sound of Lan You Nian’s voice came from inside the room. The others could hear the faintness of Lan You Nian’s voice. Feng Yi Xuan became even more anxious but still pulled back his hand and no longer attacked.

“Nian Nian?” Feng Yi Xuan stared at the room attentively, as if this way he could see the Nian Nian of his heart. His tone was anxious and worried, there was even a hint of fear, unconsciously. He feared whether or not if the girl inside was safe.

“I’m fine, just uncomfortable,” Lan You Nian bit down her lip saying. She was afraid she will cry out because of the pain. She knew Feng Yi Xuan was concerned about her. She was happy this man cared about her so much, but she didn’t want them to know about her being poisoned. Suppressing the urge to scream out of pain, Lan You Nian continued to rea.s.sure the people outside, “I want to sleep for a while, you guys go back first!”

Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t stupid, and neither were Feng Xia Qi and the others. Lan You Nian’s voice trembled, how could they not hear it? But they knew everyone had their own secrets. Although they considered Lan You Nian to be their little sister it didn’t mean that this person in front of them was transparent.

Gui San wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said to the four people, “Please go ahead!” the tone wasn’t angry. After all these people were only worried about little junior sister. They had good feelings for those who cared about little junior sister.

Feng Xia Qi and others left Zhen Wei Pavilion under Gui San’s guidance while Feng Yi Xuan, no matter what, refused to budge. He merely stood outside the room like a statue.


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