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Read Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1109 – Traitor

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Chapter 1109: Traitor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Chen Xiaobei removed the Nightstalker Outfit, and revealed his body. He sucked in a deep breath and then shouted, “Hey moron! You don’t have to go around in circles anymore. I, Chen Zhufeng, am here!”


A few hundred meters away, the Emperor G.o.d stomped the ground, ferociously hurtling toward the voice.

“Chen Xiaobei! Where did you get the nerve to show yourself?”

In a blink of an eye, the Emperor G.o.d was already standing before Chen Xiaobei. His red chang pao flapping in the air, exuding a powerful aura.

“Did you think I was afraid to show myself?” Chen Xiaobei said. “I was just worried that there will be pests hara.s.sing my faction when I’m fighting you.”

“Pests? Your faction? What the f*ck are you mumbling about?”

Chen Xiaobei’s intention was to lure only the Emperor G.o.d to China and then kill him without alerting anyone but the Tenshou Elders and S.H.I.E.L.D agents tagged along.

The chances of winning were low to begin with. If during his fight with the Emperor G.o.d, something happens to his faction, the result would be unthinkable. Chen Xiaobei had to draw the Emperor G.o.d away, far away from Bei Xuan Faction so that he could buy his people time to get rid of the pests!

Then Chen Xiaobei could finally unleash all his strength to fight with him!

“Chen Xiaobei, stop talking already. You know very well why I’m after you! I will not let you run away this time!”

“I still have no idea why, actually. There’s no history of animosity between us. Why are you after me?”

“Heh, why are you still trying to play dumb? Well, first, there’s a lot of mystery about you. My sifu Tenshou G.o.d sent out an order to have you captured alive! Second, Professor Lim is researching a special technology and the Americans want you! So as long as you come surrender like a good dog and come with me, reveal your secrets to my sifu and then help the Americans discover a breakthrough, I will personally guarantee that you don’t ever have to fear for your life! Furthermore, if you manage to convince your father to become a PR in US, both of you father and son will receive unlimited wealth in your future life! Even you future children will be proud of you!”

The Emperor G.o.d smiled, as if he was giving Chen Xiaobei the offer of a lifetime.

“I don’t deny that I do have a lot of secrets, which I will share with you later!” Chen Xiaobei replied calmly, “But I don’t agree with your second point! What riches, what generational fortune? If I agree to your deal, then I would be committing one of world’s worst treasons!”

“Don’t say it like it’s a bad thing! Use that phrase in Chinese, a fine bird chooses a tree to nestle in! I won’t try to reason with you but let me just give you an example, America’s most successful prodigy scientist is a Chinese! His name is Hou Sailei! Professor Hou is a very intelligent man! In the fields of science, he Professor Lim! He foresaw America’s longstanding rule over the world and decided to move to America ten years ago. Now, he is one of America’s most powerful man; even the president has to respect him!”

The Emperor G.o.d’s was still smiling exultantly, as if his ‘persuasive’ advice should move Chen Xiaobei’s heart.

After all, it would benefit Chen Xiaobei greatly if he agreed to it; and if he refused it, he would be consigned to eternal doom!

“That’s basically asking me to betray my country! An offer to become a renegade! And you speak of it as if it’s some kind of honorable deed! How ign.o.ble!”

“Oh, it looks like you still insist on doing things your own way!”

The Emperor G.o.d’s smile faded. He shot Chen Xiaobei a deadly glared and threatened, “If you refuse to accept my advice, then don’t blame me for being hostile! I will get you alive and I won’t harm you. But if you still refuse to cooperate after, I believe the Americans will have all kinds of torments in store for you. Don’t forget that they’ve already done their homework on you. Your faction, your friends, your girlfriends, your adopted parents, and even your cat and dog, will all be detained and tortured, one by one, to death, until Professor Lim concedes and surrenders his research! But at the end on the day, due to your defiance, even if the research is successful, the both of you, father and son will still be snuffed out! This is a brutal way to go. But I, being compa.s.sionate, do not want to see that happen. So I’ll give one more chance to reconsider it.”

At the mention of hurting his friends and family, the people that he loved so much, Chen Xiaobei’s expression darkened.

When the Chen Village Chief broke Chen Zhongfu’s leg, his entire family was annihilated.

Then when Umekawa Zhizhang sent in 3 different occasions to murder his family in their Mansion in Green Vine Town, the entire Umekawa family, along with the, were terminated.

Another time in Paradise Island, when Damien led a group of Silver-Winged Myrmidons and American battles.h.i.+ps to war and endangered the lives of Chen Xiaobei’s friends and family, the whole fleet of battles.h.i.+ps were destroyed and the souls of the Silver-Winged Myrmidons were devoured. As for Damien, his heart was ripped out with Chen Xiaobei’s bare hands!

It was a verity that if any member of his family and friends were in any way harmed or threatened to be harmed, Chen Xiaobei would not spare his enemies!


A black saber appeared in Chen Xiaobei’s left hand and a blood-red sword in his right. The powerful aura exuded from both swords were slowly consuming the atmosphere. That was how Chen Xiaobei felt right now as well. The battle intent that he had to defeat the Emperor G.o.d was beyond one’s imagination.

He would not rest until the enemy before him stopped breathing!

“You are so stubborn! Come on then! I’ll let you start with 100 attacks! Then, you’ll understand the difference between a real elite and a wannabe! The difference between the stars and dust!”

“Stars? Are you talking about you? Even if you are a star, I will turn you into the dust of the universe!”


Chen Xiaobei raised the saber and the sword, and used the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Technique, so that it reached 90,000 combat power, and then charged toward the Emperor G.o.d at lightning speed.

At the same time, the black sword’s and red sword’s Sword Qi grew and left two dragon afterimages in the sky!

The battle had begun!


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