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Read Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1609 – Walking Right Into A Trap

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Read WebNovel Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1609 – Walking Right Into A Trap

Chapter 1609: Walking Right Into A Trap

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Motherf*cker! Are you insane?! Your combat power is only at 200,000! How dare you speak to us in such an arrogant manner?!”

Burning with anger, Yi Jian and Yi Hui had lost all their patience. Earlier, they were worried that Chen Xiaobei was hiding his true strength and that was why they had held back from attacking him. After knowing that Chen Xiaobei was way weaker than them, they would definitely not retreat anymore.



Yi Jian and Yi Hui channeled their Ethereal Force at the same time. One of them utilized Earth Ethereal Force and the other one emplyed the powers of Water Ethereal Force. Of course, these were not to be underestimated. Soon, two Ethereal Forces materialized into a war bear and a python. Floating high up in the sky, they were about to drop on Chen Xiaobei.

Upon seeing that, all the bystanders could feel that fear creeping into their hearts. They could not help but feel their hearts beating real fast. Though Yi Jian and Yi Hui were not demiG.o.ds, their cultivation was still way higher than Chen Xiaobei. Right now, cultivation did not mean anything to Chen Xiaobei anymore for he had the guts to stand here to face elites that were way more powerful than him.

“Hmph! You can do whatever you want! My painting will annihilate you with ease!”

In a composed state of mind, Chen Xiaobei swung his hand tossed the painting into the sky.



The sounds of hundreds of thousands of spirits wailing could suddenly be heard when the painting was unveiled. It was as if the gates of h.e.l.l had opened. Soon after that, the whole place tuned blood-red. Everyone could feel a strong murderous intent hovering ominously in the air. Seemingly, the entire place was about to turn into a killzone for evil spirits.

“Oh my lord… What… What is going on?”

Upon seeing that, everyone was scared to death. Their pupils contracted, hearts beating extremely fast, perspiring with cold sweat, and their hands and feet had turned cold as well. Clearly, the immense force that was exerted by the painting had managed to tremble everyone’s state of mind. All of them felt as if they had been tossed into a cold and dark abyss. The temperature around them had dropped so drastically they felt like they would be frozen in a matter of seconds. Not even the landing of three elites with G.o.d Ascension cultivation could bring forth such an impact.

“This… How is this even possible… We… Why can’t we move? What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

The fear that had manifested in Yi Jian’s and Yi Hui’s hearts were far greater than all the other people. That was because Yi Jian and Yi Hui were completely paralyzed and could not move a single muscle. Their bodies were constricted by crimson flames that came out from the ground. The two of them could feel themselves being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of evil spirits and they would tear them into pieces any second now.

“Help… Family Head Yi, please save us… We don’t want to die…”

Even before the Blood G.o.d’s Illusions made their appearance, Yi Jian and Yi Hui were ready to surrender to Chen Xiaobei.

“Let me go and save them!”

Yi Dang shouted and readied himself to bring the rest of the Yi Family’ elders to rescue Yi Jian and Yi Hui.

“Stand right there! Can you at least think about it first before you do anything? Do you really think the few of you can break that crimson formation?!” shouted Yi Mozhi.

“Formation? That kid just used a Spiritual Item! I don’t think it’s a formation!” said Yi Dang.

“So naïve! Do you really think a Spiritual Item can come up with such a terrifying force?! If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure that an ancient formation is hiding inside the painting!”

“A formation hiding in the painting? How is that even possible?”

Yi Dang and the rest of the people were shocked to hear that.

“It’s not as simple as that! That is an Earth-G.o.d level formation!” said Yi Mozhi.

“What?!! Earth-G.o.d level?!!”

Everyone was left in bewilderment when they heard how powerful the formation was. Immediately, everyone had the urge to kneel down and beg Chen Xiaobei to spare their lives after they heard Yi Mozhi telling them an Earth-G.o.d formation had been hiding within the painting.

“But! Due to certain factors, the formation is not complete! Judging from its pressure and energy wave, I can safely say that the formation can only trap elites that are below demiG.o.d cultivation!” said Yi Mozhi.

Still, Yi Mozhi’s explaination of the whole thing to them did little to disperse their great fear of the macabre painting.

“Let me prove to you if you don’t believe me!”

Without a single doubt, Yi Mozhi walked towards the crimson zone.

“Family head! Don’t risk it!” shouted the Left and Right Guardians at the same time.

Ignoring them however, Yi Mozhi continued to move forward which proved that he could move freely in the formation.

“See that? This formation cannot trap me!” said Yi Mozhi with a smirk.

Immediately, everyone started to cheer.

“Our family head is the best! His experience has allowed him figure out the whole thing! I’m truly impressed!”

“This is great! Now, our family head can squash this old junk with his finger!”

“That old s.h.i.+t just is so dead! Hahaha…”


“It’s not necessary for our family head to deal with him! Let me kill him instead!” said the Right Guardian while running towards the formation.

“Right Guardian! This is not right! You can’t reap all the glory by yourself!” said the Left Guardian.

Before everyone realized it, the three most powerful elites had already stepped into the crimson zone.

“I was just thinking on how in the world would I be able to lure the three of you into my formation! I can’t believe that the three of you have come into my formation voluntarily!” said Chen Xiaobei with a smile on his face.


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