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Read Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1788 – Beautifying Ring

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Chapter 1788: Beautifying Ring

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“h.e.l.lo? Ms. Qin! To what do I owe this call to?” Chen Xiaobei asked politely.

The person on the other line was the number one genius of Vermillion Phoenix’s top-tier family and was in possession of a three-star Earth-G.o.d Instrument.

“Childe Chen, are you free these few days? I’d like to ask you for a favor.” Qin Yitian said.

“I am! Ms. Qin helped me get the Black Water Stone and I haven’t even had the chance to repay you! Just tell me what you need!”

“Yesterday, a war broke out in Vermillion Phoenix. My comrades sustained severe injuries and the doctors here can’t do anything. Can you come and take a look?”

Chen Xiaobei hesitated. “I can but I’ve never been to Vermillion Phoenix before, and I don’t have a high-grade s.p.a.cecraft… I’m afraid it might take me a while to get there. Can the patient make it through…”

“He can’t!” Qin Yitian almost shouted into the speaker. “Where are you? I’ll come and get you!”

“I’m in Tenshou Starfield’s capital planet. In the prince’s official residence. I will ask the prince to meet you when you arrive!”

“You really are somebody, Childe Chen! You even have the authority to dispatch the Tenshou Prince!” Qin Yitian sounded surprised and impressed.

“You’re too kind, Ms. Qin. Compared to you, I’m nothing.”

“Alright, I need to go now! I will be in Tenshou Imperial City by tomorrow morning at the latest. Please get ready!”

“Alright! We’ll contact each other on the phone then!” nodded Chen Xiaobei.

After they had both hung up, Chen Xiaobei turned to Wugui w.a.n.gba and said, “Alright. The exchequer is cleaned out. You can do as I’ve asked and deploy the missiles! I’ll be going back to Wugui Kojiro’s place. If you have questions, just give me a call!”

“Don’t worry, master!” Wugui w.a.n.gba patted his chest confidently. “I know Tenshou inside out. I will make sure that everything goes according to plan!”

Chen Xiaobei returned to Wugui Kojiro’s place afterward.

“Zhufeng! How was it? Something big happened in the palace!” Ao Liancheng asked as he walked in the door. “The Army General and the Grand Chancellor were executed and members of the royal family and their officers were whipped until they were bedridden! Are all these your doing?”

Luo Bin and Lin Xue, too, were eager for an answer. Unless they heard it from Chen Xiaobei’s own lips, they found it difficult to believe.

It was all so outrageous that no logical person would have accepted that as the truth.

“It seems that you guys are pretty well-informed.” Chen Xiaobei commented. “Yes, it was me. My plan is working smoothly. Next, we’ll have to wait for the right opportunity before going further!”

“Good heavens!” Ao Liancheng shouted. “Zhufeng! Are you sure you’re not a deity? Is there nothing in this world that you cannot do?”

Chen Xiabei shrugged. “I’m not a deity, but I do have a lot of deity friends!”

“Oh, you’re too humble! Truly, you are the G.o.dliest person I have ever met!” Ao Liancheng praised.

Chen Xiaobei was actually telling the truth. All that he had achieved owed greatly to his deity friends in the Three Realms Red Envelope Group.

Considering Ao Liancheng had never met a deity before, he was unaware of their existence.

To him, Chen Xiaobei was merely kidding to downplay his achievements.

“Childe Zhufeng!” Luo Bin and Lin Xue, too, were impressed. “You really are remarkable! You are extremely capable! We are blessed to have you on Saint Duke’s side!

“You’re too kind!” Chen Xiaobei said. “I’m doing this all for Puti! It is my duty! If I fail, then I’ve neglected my duty!”

Luo Bin and Lin Xue nodded approvingly. “Childe Zhufeng, you are a hero in the making! This maturity, spirituality, and mentality are practically non-existent among the young!”

The group chatted for a while after that.

They shared dinner before Ao Liancheng left Tenshou Starfield returning for Neptune.

Wugui Kojiro arranged a separate living quarter for Luo Bin and Lin Xue. It was attended by his most trusted subordinates.

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, remained in Wugui Kojiro’s study.

“Qin Yitian will be here tomorrow morning. Although there’s not a lot of time left, I shouldn’t waste it.”

Chen Xiaobei took out his Green Jade Cauldron and set it on the floor.

“Master, what are you doing…?” Wugui Kojiro stared openly at the unfamiliar thing. “This cauldron possesses an extremely powerful Spiritual Attribute! I don’t think this is an ordinary item…”

“You have a good eye! I’m going to forge!”

“What?! You know how to how to forge?!” Wugui Kojiro repeated, an octave higher. “Blacksmiths are very rare! Most of them are in the forties or fifties! I’ve never seen or heard of a blacksmith as young as you!”

“Well, here is your chance to broaden your knowledge and experience!” Chen Xiaobei then placed a ring and something that looked like crystal into the Green Jade Cauldron.

Wugui Kojiro gasped. “That…That is a Frozen Heart Spirit Ring! And the other one’s a material used to craft Frozen Heart Spirit Ring! These two are Tenshou Starfield’s most precious items!”

Chen Xiaobei made no reply and summoned the Transmogrifying Flame.

“Master… You also know pyrokinesis?! You really are a blacksmith!” Wugui Kojiro was feverish. “Childe Liancheng was right! Master, there really is nothing you cannot do! You really are incredible!”

Chen Xiaobei confessed, “Actually, I’m only an amateur blacksmith. Only if someone tells me the specific instructions, can I learn how to execute it! Without directions, I won’t be able to forge independently!”

Wugui Kojiro looked bewildered. “Then… Then what are you doing now? Aren’t you forging something?”

“Right now, I’m just going to embellish this ring!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. “Back home, I used the Transmogrifying Flame to make many fine jade carvings! Embellis.h.i.+ng jewelry and precious stones is just an old profession of mine!”

“Embellish jewelry and precious stones?” Wugui Kojiro repeated. “Master, are you planning to use this Two-star Earth-G.o.d Instrument to pick up women?”


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