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Read Reincarnated As A Fox With System Chapter 119 119– Farewell, Big Brother!

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‘”Who said that this is food?! Hehehe… you little glutton, is there only food inside your head? Look clearly! Du du du dum ja jang~~~!!!” Tang Yun Hao was smiling mysteriously then pulled out something from inside his plastic bag.

“These are comics and novel books! With all of these, you will never get bored even if I am not here to accompany you. Look I even bring you a tablet! You can read web novels or watching some movies from youtube with this!” Tang Yun Hao cheerfully took out the items inside the plastic bag one by one and introduced them to Tang Li Xue smugly.

“Big Brother, why did you use your money to buy all of these useless things? You should save all the money to…” Tang Li Xue frowned and tried to reprimanding her big brother but her big brother immediately interrupted her words.

“Aaaaahhhh!!! I don’t want to hear it! Xue’er, I did not buy all of these things! I borrow it all from my friends!” Tang Yun Hao quickly explained to calm Tang Li Xue down.

“Really? But I clearly saw the price tag sticker on the back.” Tang Li Xue’s lips curved upward and said it.

“What?! That is impossible! I am very sure that I already pulled it all and I even check all of it twice before I…” Tang Yun Hao panicked and checked all the books and the tablet once again.

“Wait a minute… Xue’er! How could you lie to your big brother like this?!” Tang Yun Hao glared Tang Li Xue angrily.

Tang Li Xue laughed out loud unrestrained when she saw that her big brother was still as silly as before but she immediately coughed out heavily after that.

Tang Yun Hao hastily took a gla.s.s of warm water and gave it to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue calmed down after she drank a mouthful of warm water. She kept staring at her big brother full of tenderness and longing.

“What? Are you starting to fall in love with your big brother’s handsomeness now? Hehehe… then this big brother will reluctantly accept your love if you can kiss my cheek now!” Tang Yun Hao extended his right cheek closer to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue giggled and slowly murmuring: “If only this moment can last forever… even if I am still sickly and weak like this but I am more than willing to… sigh… Unfortunately… nothing could last forever…”

“Big Brother… Xue’er is very happy right now.”

“Xue’er has her own system right now like the one in the novel Big Brother gave to me.”

“Xue’er is no longer weak and sickly… Xue’er is very strong right now. Xue’er can defeat all of her enemies like the hero in the movies and comics.”

“Xue’er also has a huge dragon as a mount and a beautiful fairy as a pet. Xue’er also has a super-strong but cute tiny black fox as a companion now! Xue’er system is very powerful and it will make Xue’er into the most beautiful and strongest deity in no time!”

Tang Li Xue narrated everything to her big brother one by one but her eyes were full of tears that kept pouring out.

Tang Yun Hao was too stunned and his expression said that he did not understand anything Tang Li Xue told him.

“In short… Xue’er is very happy right now… so Big Brother doesn’t need to worry about Xue’er anymore… Big Brother… please, rest a.s.sured. You can seek your own happiness from now on… you already have done enough for Xue’er.” Tang Li Xue sobbed but her words were very soothing.

Tang Yun Hao silence for a moment to think all of Tang Li Xue’s words carefully and he immediately smiling gently then say: “I see… so you are very happy right now. Aiyah! And here I thought that I am the only one that can make Xue’er happy!”

“A dragon, fairy, and black fox huh… Also a powerful system! Sigh… now even I have started to feel envy and jealous of Xue’er! What to do?! It looks like Big Brother is no longer needed anymore!” Tang Yun Hao said in a disappointment tone but his expression was full of smile and happiness.

It was as if he finally released from all of the burdens.

“Xue’er please lived your life happily to the fullest now so you will not have any more regret later. Big Brother… will not be able to accompany you anymore… but Big Brother is very confident that you can find someone more precious than your Big Brother later.” Tang Yun Hao stood up and kissed Tang Li Xue’s forehead gently for the last time.

“Farewell… Big Brother…” Tang Li Xue murmured. She closed her eyes and her tears dripped down wetting her face.

“Farewell, Xue’er. Big Brother really loves you… and will always be.” Tang Yun Hao was smiling full of gentleness and tenderness then he opened the door and walked out of Tang Li Xue’s room.

Crack… Crack… Crack… Crack… Crack…

The scene in front of Tang Li Xue started to crack bit by bit like a gla.s.s wall.

The hospital room with the smell of disinfectant…

The soft pillow and bed…

The sofa near the window where her Big Brother always slept…

The flowers and its vase which the kind nurse always take care of her…

The place where she was most familiar with…

Everything finally crumbled into nothingness!

Low-Ranked Realm, Modern World, Feng Hua Hospital…

In the room where Tang Yun Hao still lied down in the vegetative state…

No one knew but Tang Yun Hao’s consciousness was actually kept struggling in every moment.

He did not want to die yet…

He still has a big debt to pay…

And the most important of all, he still has his most beloved little sister that waiting for him to wake up!

But he had a dream just now… he was dreaming of meeting her little sister again… and her little sister told him that she was living very well right now.

She even said her final farewell to him…

Tang Yun Hao’s eyes were still closed down tightly but his pale lips slowly curved upward.


Tang Yun Hao’s life sign had finally ceased to exist at this moment.

Tang Li Xue’s body jerked and she slowly opened her eyes.

She looked around the rainbow fog area in confusion but she immediately cleared her mind and looked at the black-haired girl in front of her full of vigilance.

“Twenty minutes, really not bad, kid! You are the first one to break out from the underworld illusion among everyone.” The black-haired girl said in the leisure tone. Even with the fox mask covered her face, Tang Li Xue could somewhat know that the black-haired girl praised her while smiling.

 The black-haired girl sat on the top of the rock and crossed her long slender legs.

Tang Li Xue looked around her and saw all the other unconscious foxes lied down on the ground just like her before.

“Underworld Illusion is testing their willpower, perseverance, and spirit power if they don’t wake up after one hour they would never wake up ever again. I am actually quite surprised that a savage beast like you is the first one to break out from the illusion. Now, I am really curious, how could you do it?! You are not even a demonic beast yet!” The black-haired girl put her palm on her chin and observed Tang Li Xue curiously.

Tang Li Xue shuddered slightly under the black-haired girl’s stare.

Tang Li Xue was really nervous and afraid right now. She was afraid if the black-haired girl realized something inside her body… like the [Sun Dragon King’s Pearl] or her system.

‘Is it really that hard to break that whatever illusion? Actually, I am still remember everything very clearly inside that illusion and I can break it faster easily if I want to but… sigh… I really miss my big brother so that is why I stayed a bit longer inside that illusion before.’

The black-haired girl laughed out loud when she saw Tang Li Xue’s skeptical stare.

“Underworld illusion is actually not really an illusion. It’s actually a bridge that connected you all temporarily with the dead soul of your beloved one through an illusion. But if you all stay there for too long then you will no longer be able to come back and you must stay there forever. You know what I mean, right?” Maybe the black-haired girl was bored now so she patiently explained everything to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue’s body trembled while thinking: ‘Does it mean the Big Brother I meet before is the real one? Not an illusion? No way, right? My big brother… should be not dead yet…’

Tang Li Xue fell in a daze for a few moments after that but she immediately shook her head.

‘Oh well… Why do I need to think about it?! All of those are only an illusion made from this rainbow gas! Let’s just forget it for now and focus on what I need to do!’

Tang Li Xue sat and closed her eyes. She put both of her paws together then prayed for her Big Brother so he could wake up from his vegetative state soon and regain his consciousness then he could get his own happiness in the end.

“Oh yeah, do remember, I know that you are cheating before. So you must persuade your boyfriend and join my Inspector Cla.s.s or I will tell every disciple and instructor in Foxes Home about it.” The black-haired girl said lazily with her sweet voice but the topic of her talk was far from sweet for Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue stumbled forward when she heard what the black-haired girl told her.

‘Wh… Whaaaaaat?! Is this a threat? Coercion?! No, this is clearly blackmail, isn’t it?!’

Tang Li Xue almost coughed out a mouthful of blood when she heard the black-haired girl’s threat.

After a while, the group of foxes behind Tang Li Xue started to regain their consciousness one by one.

However, among the twenty foxes that pa.s.sed the black fog area, only eleven foxes could regain their consciousness after entered this rainbow fog area in the end.

They were only at the first trial and these cruel trials were only at the beginning phase but they have already lost more than one-third of the foxes in their group.


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