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Including Lightwind Continent, there were a total of 72 continents in Immortal World.

Each of these continents was actually much bigger than the total surface of Tang Li Xue’s previous world.

However, the biggest continent among all was called the Central Continent.

If the Central Continent was like the ‘body’ then the other 71 continents were only as big as ‘finger’ or ‘toe’.

The other 71 continents were scattered around the Central Continent’s periphery randomly.

The closer those continents to the Central Continent, the richer the spirit energies in their lands!

The richer the spirit energies in their lands, the stronger the creatures living there!

One of the blue-robed students raised her right hand and asked: “Teacher Su, doesn’t that mean all the creatures living in the Central Continent are the strongest?”

“Good question! That’s true but only half correct. The dense spirit energies there made all the creatures living there easier to break through to the higher stage or evolve further. But their research in Inscription technology and pill concocting are currently falling far behind us!” Teacher Su giggled while answered the student’s question earnestly.

“Actually, many powerful humans or beasts from the central continent are coming into our continent in order to learn our knowledge, so you all don’t need to feel inferior to them. You all can even learn our Inscription technology and pill concocting knowledge first before heading to Central Continent later.” Teacher Su comforted all of the students in the cla.s.sroom.

Tang Li Xue thought it was all really make sense. Since the spirit energies in their continent have not dense enough, so they used cultivation pills or spirit gathering formations to help them increase their cultivation.

That was the reason why their Inscription technology and pill concocting knowledge were far more advanced than the central continent.

Teacher Su continued her lesson and explained it again.

The Central Continent was so vast and the spirit energies there was truly abundant, but it did not mean all the spirit energies there spreads equally in all the places.

The center of the Central Continent was called the ‘Core’ of the world. The closer the place to the ‘Core’ of the world, the denser the spirit energies will be!

This time one of the black-robed Elite Cla.s.s students raised her right hand and asked: “If the Central Continent is that big and the spirit energies there are so abundant then why are all of us not migrating there?”

“Great question! Good kid, the reward of 500 credits for you.” Teacher Su pulled out her white jade badge, and a tiny white light shot out towards the black-robed student’s silver badge.

The black-robed student grinned happily after she received the reward without doing anything.

“To answer this question, we will need to go back to my previous question to you all about: ‘why the Beast races like us and the Human race are not locked in war even though we hate each other so much?’ The Executor student over there, what do you think about this? You do not need to be so nervous or afraid, just say your opinion about this.” Teacher Su pointed her finger to the red-robed student at the back of the cla.s.s.

The red-robed student stood up in surprise and answered Teacher Su while kept stuttering: “Me?! I… I think… Uhhh… maybe… we are wary toward each other strength so… that’s why the war has not broken out yet?”

“Unfortunately, that’s incorrect. How about that blue-robed student over there! Please tell me your opinion about this.” Teacher Su pointed at Tang Li Xue this time.

Tang Li Xue stood up and answered in hesitation: “Err… Maybe we and the Human race are afraid that a third party will take advantage of us if we go to war against each other?”

“Half correct! Actually, our Beast races and Human race are already in the huge war against that ‘third party’ which you are talking about for more than millions of years ago, and their battlefield is none other than the Central Continent!” Teacher Su said a shocking truth that made all the students in the cla.s.s stunned.

‘What the h.e.l.l?! Now I am really curious… just what kind of almighty ‘third party’ that can face the combined force of beast races and the human race for more than millions of years without losing?!’ Tang Li Xue also agape in shock, but she still listened to Teacher Su’s lesson attentively.

Not long after that, Teacher Su also explained about the ‘third party’ ident.i.ty which made all the students including Tang Li Xue paled in horror.


The true opponent of the Beast Race and Human Race in Central Continent was actually the Undead Race!

The Undead Race could devour the life force of any living creature they touched! Human, beast, plant, even the gra.s.s on the ground, they could devour their life force just by touching them, and all the place or land where they lived will definitely turn barren and devoid of all life!

They also could not be killed even if you beheaded them or cut them into half! The only way to kill them was to burn them with fire or lightning elementals or exorcist them with light elemental!

Moreover, their ‘Necromancer’ cla.s.s could control many dead bodies and use them in the war against the Beast Races and the Human Race.

Even the join force of the Beast Race and Human Race were only barely strong enough to stop the undead race from advancing further.

Sadly, more than half of the current Central Continent was actually under the reign of the undead race.

Meanwhile, the Beast Race only occupied less than a fourth of the Central Continent, and the Human Race was also in the same situation.

‘Woah… To think there is even the Undead Race in this Immortal World! But unfortunately for them, I have Flame of Pride so defeating them in the future will surely be a piece of cake for me!’ Tang Li Xue licked her pinkish lips in excitement under her fox mask.

She even really wanted to try to fight with one of the Undead Race with her Flame of Pride right now. Especially since her Flame of Pride already advanced so much and became so much more powerful than before after the Blue Phoenix of Pride in her Dantian has evolved.

“You all should thank your ancestor to be born here in this Lightwind Continent instead of in the Central Continent since the current situation of the Central Continent is so chaotic and the mortality rate is also very high because the people from the Undead Race are practically everywhere there.” Teacher Su giggled when she saw all of the students’ tense expression.

“You all don’t need to worry about it yet. The Undead Race is only residing at the Central Continent, at least for now. But there is no guarantee that they will not invade the other continents in the future, so all of you must not slack off and kept striving to get even stronger as soon as possible to face them later!” Teacher Su encouraged them with her soothing tone.

Teacher Su continued her lesson about Lightwind Continent’s geography.

The saddest truth was the Lightwind Continent actually the farthest continent from the Central Continent so the spirit energies here were the thinnest, and all the native inhabitants in this continent have the lowest strength compared with the native inhabitants from the other continents.

Of course, it did not include this Myriad Foxes Academy where they live right now because many foxes from the other continents came into this Myriad Foxes Academy of Lightwind Continent branch to learn about their advanced knowledge such as the Inscription technology, pill concocting, medical treatment, crafting treasure, smithing armor or weapon, merchant knowledge about how to make a profit by buying or selling something, appraising treasure, etc.

There were countless a.s.sociations in this Myriad Foxes Academy of Lightwind Continent branch, and they could join any of them to their deepen knowledge. They could even find many experienced teachers there to instruct them in their respective fields.

In fact, more than 70% of the students from the Elite Cla.s.s actually came from the other continents only to learn this knowledge!

‘Hmm… Maybe I should enter the Inscription a.s.sociation to find some guide books about how to inscribe higher ranking runes or a teacher to teach me about it. The knowledge from the system is very complete but it’s getting harder for me to inscribe higher ranked runes without any proper guidance of the teacher.’ Tang Li Xue has decided that she would try to join the Inscription a.s.sociation when she has some free time later.

“Okay kids, our lesson for today is over! If you have some questions, you can raise your hand now.” Teacher Su looked at all the students.

Many students started to ask their questions to Teacher Su in curiosity, especially about Undead Race.

Their question was like this if they could kill the Undead Race with normal flame or not? The answer was no. Only the flame or thunder with spirituality like Tang Li Xue’s Flame of Pride, Bi Fang’s Crimson Flame, or Fake Dragon’s Nirvana Flame that could kill the Undead Race.

Or like if they could kill the Undead Race if they cut them into tiny pieces or grind them into meat paste? Again, the answer was no. The Undead Race has great regeneration power, so they could still recover back to normal again after some time even if you cut them into tiny pieces or grind them into meat paste, but at least, it still could slow them down.

In short, the flame or thunder spirits like Tang Li Xue’s Flame of Pride were very precious and only these kinds of flame could slay the Undead Race!

Now Tang Li Xue knew why she needs to hide her Flame of Pride in this Myriad Foxes Academy according to the fake dragon.

The low or mid-grade flame like what that alchemist from Asura Demon Sect possessed was already very precious.

Tang Li Xue did not know what the current grade of her Flame of Pride has become, but it must be very appealing in front of another people eyes, and there was no guarantee that they will not secretly forcefully extract it out of Tang Li Xue’s body behind Instructor Mei Lan’s back later.

And it was not like Instructor Mei Lan could always protect her for 24/7.

After the question and answer session for more than ten minutes, Teacher Su bid her farewell to all the students and went out of the cla.s.sroom.

“Xue! Are you really going to fight alone? Please, let me take your place! I promise I will win this battle for you!” Hei Yinghao asked Tang Li Xue with a worried tone. He even begged to take her place.

“Little Xue! Those three are only clowns! Just let me do it and I promise to teach them a harsh lesson they will never forget in their entire life!” Bing Yi said to Tang Li Xue with a cold tone mixed with a thin murderous intent.

“Hehe… Why are the two of you so eager to take my practice targets? You two don’t need to worry. The current Xue is on a different level from the previous Xue! I will show you all my improvement after I evolve into [Uncommon] grade beast later!” Tang Li Xue giggled and stated full of confidence.

“But Xue… you are only evolving into [Uncommon] grade beast a few days ago, I am afraid that you still not proficient in using any of your new divine ability or power. I don’t want to see you hurt.” Hei Yinghao stared at Tang Li Xue full of worry, and his eyes kept staring at Tang Li Xue with care as if he was staring at his most precious treasure.

Tang Li Xue’s heart warmed a lot by Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao’s concern, but she wanted to stand on equal ground with them as their comrade, not as someone they always need to protect all the time!

But before Tang Li Xue has time to appease their worry…

“Hahaha… What about our fight? Are you already changed your mind? Getting cold feet already? I don’t mind to cancel our fight if you kowtow and beg to us!” The female red-robed student approached Tang Li Xue’s group along with the other two red-robed students.

“Who said I will cancel it?! Let’s go now!” Tang Li Xue stood up from her seat and walked towards the three red-robed students.

Both Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao were so worried about Tang Li Xue but they have no choice other than giving in to Tang Li Xue’s unyielding att.i.tude, but they still followed behind Tang Li Xue to watch their battle.

Even Li Jing and her team also followed them to the second floor.

However, before they all entered the sparring room on the second floor, Tang Li Xue made an excuse and went to the toilet for a while.

“Hehehehe… how can I fight in a battle without wearing these two treasures?! I will also use this chance to try these two treasures’ effects and skills!” Tang Li Xue laughed mischievously while taking out her [Critical Strikers] and [Shadow Striders].

Tang Li Xue wore the [Critical Strikers] on both of her hands. These pair of black metal gloves looked even more gorgeous on Tang Li Xue’s hands since the black metallic color suits her so perfectly in contrast with her snow white smooth skin.

Tang Li Xue also wore the [Shadow Striders] on both of her feet. Just like the [Critical Strikers], the black metallic color of these pair of metal boots looked even more gorgeous Tang Li Xue’s snow-white smooth feet.

Moreover, the size of [Critical Strikers] and [Shadow Striders] was automatically changed to match Tang Li Xue’s size the moment she wore it. Tang Li Xue felt as if these boots and gloves were complete customized for her to use.

Actually, she felt that she could move around more freely and faster when wearing these [Critical Strikers] and [Shadow Striders]. 

“I can even toggle the visibility of these two pieces of equipment on or off?! Does it mean I can make them invisible or visible to other people according to my will? Woah! This is a really good feature!” Tang Li Xue nodded in satisfaction.

But this feature really makes sense in Tang Li Xue’s eyes since Tang Li Xue could not imagine if someday she got the complete armor set from her system and put it on later but all the items from the system were invisible in the other people’s eyes, did it mean she will appear n.a.k.e.d in front of other people eyes?!

So this visibility toggle option was the answer to that. She could toggle it on and wear the armor to cover and protect her body in war, but she could also toggle it off and wear it inside her dress to secretly protect her body without anyone knowing it.

“Hehehe… Hopefully, those three Executor students do not only have the big mouths but also possess some abilities so I can test these two pieces of equipment’ true abilities and my divine abilities on them!” Tang Li Xue grinned happily like a naughty child while stroking the [Critical Strikers] she wore on her hands gently.

Tang Li Xue went out from the toilet and entered the sparring room with the three red-robed students along with Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others.


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