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Hei Yinghao’s figure disappeared in an instant from the place where he stood before.


Bing Yi’s thick wall of ice shattered into tiny pieces like gla.s.s, and Hei Yinghao once again appeared in front of her eyes like before.

Bing Yi wanted to block Hei Yinghao’s attack, but it was too late because Hei Yinghao’s fist already arrived in front of her eyes.


Bing Yi gritted her teeth and prepared to receive Hei Yinghao’s punch, but who knows that Hei Yinghao’s fist stopped right in front of her face.

Tang Li Xue was already stood between Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao. She grabbed Hei Yinghao’s wrist to stop his punch.

“That is enough, you two! Do not forget that we still have our decisive match against Mogui tomorrow!” Tang Li Xue warned Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao with a stern tone.

However, Tang Li Xue was secretly very pleased with Hei Yinghao’s [Blood Ignition] in her heart.

Tang Li Xue tried to copy Hei Yinghao’s [Blood Ignition] after she saw its amazing effect when he used his [Blood Ignition] – Double Amplification.

She also activated [Blood Ignition] – Quadruple Amplification the moment Hei Yinghao’s used it and even managed to catch Hei Yinghao’s wrist to stop his punch before hitting Bing Yi’s face.

“Oh… okay…” Hei Yinghao laughed apologetically to Tang Li Xue and turned off his [Blood Burst] and [Blood Ignition].

“Xue, as you already see! I am stronger, cooler, and more awesome than Ice Girl!” Hei Yinghao’s eyes were sparkling brightly. His excited expression showed as if he wanted to say: ‘please, praise me and like me more than that Ice Girl!’

Tang Li Xue only rolled her eyes and said with a disdainful tone: “How could you feel so proud and happy after beating a pitiful girl like Bingbing?!”

Tang Li Xue ignored the dumbfounded Hei Yinghao and checked for Bing Yi’s wound.

Her wound was not severe at all. With [Rare] grade demonic beast’s high recovery ability, she could restore back to her best condition in only a few hours.

But Tang Li Xue still decided to use one of her [Talisman of Regeneration +2] to help Bing Ti recover faster.

Both Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi ignored Hei Yinghao, who already went into his sulking mode and put his wronged expression while kept staring at Tang Li Xue like before.

They discussed the reason why Bing Yi’s divine ability seemed a lot weaker than Hei Yinghao and how to make it a lot more powerful.

In the end, both Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi reached the same conclusion.

“Elemental Compression…” Tang Li Xue murmured in a daze while kept thinking deeply.

Bing Yi nodded to Tang Li Xue and explained clearer: “I think if I can use ‘Elemental Compression’ to compress my [Freezing Field] and make its area of coverage smaller but stronger then it will definitely improve the effectiveness of my [Corrosive Frost] and make it much more lethal than before.”

After many trials and errors with the help of Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi finally managed to improve the control of her divine abilities by a lot and improved her [Corrosive Frost] to become more lethal.

Unknowingly, the sun has already risen, and the day they had to face the Mogui’s team had finally arrived.

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi went back to their respective room first to take a bath.

When Tang Li Xue entered back into her room, she immediately summoned out Yaya from her system storage.

“Yayaya~~” Yaya jumped to Tang Li Xue and hugged her neck.

Yaya even kept raining Tang Li Xue with many kisses onto her cheeks.

Yaya told Tang Li Xue about how she kept missing Tang Li Xue in these three days even when she was unconscious and suffered from the backlash of [War G.o.ddess Mode].

Tang Li Xue held Yaya and kissed both of her cheeks while comforted Yaya: “All right, I know Yaya miss me. I always miss Yaya too in these three days! These three days feel so long and lonely without Yaya accompany me.”

Yaya sniffled and hugged Tang Li Xue’s neck again while kept patting Tang Li Xue gently as if she wanted to comfort Tang Li Xue back.

Yaya whispered to Tang Li Xue with their mental connection and said: “Yaya will never leave Xue alone again and make Xue lonely anymore. Yaya promise to always be by Xue’s side from now on.”

Tang Li Xue giggled happily after she heard Yaya’s declaration and kissed Yaya once again before suggested to Yaya: “Let’s go and take a bath together now! We must go to attend the cla.s.s in less than an hour.”

Tang Li Xue brought Yaya to the bathroom and took a quick bath together before went out to meet with Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others again.

Li Jing and the others asked with a tone full of worry about why Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao did not attend any cla.s.s in these two days.

Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao replied honestly to Li Jing and the others that they were undergoing a crucial evolution process in these two days, so they could not attend any cla.s.s.

Of course, they did not tell anything about how Tang Li Xue helped them evolved into Beast Lord at all.

Li Jing and the others could only stare at Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao with eyes full of envy and jealousy, but they still congratulated Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao for their evolution.

Tang Li Xue and the other was about to enter the Education Building together, but they were obstructed by someone again like usual.

But this time they reflexively wanted to turn back and ran away!

“You three surely have the great courage to dare to skip cla.s.s for two days!” Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently at Tang Li Xue and the others as usual but the menacing aura radiated from her slender figure was enough to make them shuddered in fear.

“Wa… wait, Instructor Lan! Silly Fox and Bingbing were undergoing their evolution into Beast Lord in those two days! That is why we could not attend any cla.s.s!” Tang Li Xue quickly explained before Instructor Mei Lan could punish them or reduce their credits because of that.

“Eh? Really?” Instructor Mei Lan observed Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao for a few moments.

Instructor Mei Lan’s eyes were glittering brighter and brighter, the longer she stared at Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao.

“Good, good, you two are really good!” Instructor Mei Lan giggled and praised them in admiration.

“Congratulation on you two! I give Little Xue 10,000 credits for the preparation of her evolution before. I should give you 50,000 credits each to you two for your preparation before evolution, but I will still give it to you two now. Just think of it as your congratulatory gift.” Instructor Mei Lan nodded at Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao in satisfaction and took out her white jade badge from her s.p.a.ce pouch.

Two white lights shot out from Instructor Mei Lan’s white jade badge and entered into the bronze badge of Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao.

Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao were completely dumbfounded. They never thought that they could get 50,000 credits so easily like this.

Just 5,000 credits were such a huge amount for them now so getting 50,000 credits so suddenly like this made them felt like a beggar who became a millionaire in an instant.

Now they did not need to worry about not having enough credits for betting with Mogui’s team later.

“Let’s go in! We will enter our cla.s.sroom and begin today’s lesson!” Instructor Mei Lan said as she led Tang Li Xue and the others into the Education Building.

“By the way, only Bing Yi and Silly Fox who evolved into Beast Lord then why Little Xue also skipped the cla.s.s for two days? Minus 2,000 credits for Little Xue as the punishment!” Instructor Mei Lan spoke as she deduced Tang Li Xue’s credits casually.

Tang Li Xue almost wanted to cry when she heard Instructor Mei Lan’s words. She already erased her presence to the most minimum, hoping for Instructor Mei Lan to forget about her.

But Instructor Mei Lan still remembered to punish her in the end.

“Instructor Lan, it… it is not my fault! I was inside Silly Fox’s room when both of them evolve into Beast Lord! So how could I go out of the room in that kind of situation?!” Tang Li Xue tried to argue.

Instructor Mei Lan stared at Tang Li Xue and chuckled then said: “Oh, really? Then why did you not call for the Residential Building staff with the communication rune at the black box behind the door?”

Tang Li Xue: “…..”

‘Wait is there really a function like that? Why did I never know about that?’ Tang Li Xue stared quizzically at Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the others, but they only shrugged at her indicated that they also did not know about that.

Tang Li Xue’s pinkish lips twitched a bit in discontentment, but she could only swallow her dissatisfaction.

After entered their cla.s.sroom, Instructor Mei Lan asked Tang Li Xue and her team with the solemn expression: “Your team is quite strong now. So it is the time for me as your Instructor to give you two options to consider.”

“Eh? Two options? What options?” Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao looked confused and asked Instructor Mei Lan together.

“I can either give the three of you the letter of recommendation to promote you all to the Elite Cla.s.s, or you all can also choose to keep staying at Inspector Cla.s.s with me as your instructor. Which one will you choose?” Instructor Mei Lan smiled at them and patiently waited for their answer.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao looked at each other in confusion and hesitation. This question was too sudden, so they did not even know what to choose or which option was better for their future.


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