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Instructor Mei Lan, Tang Li Xue, and the others have also waited patiently in their VIP room while eating the delicious snacks and drinking the spirit tea.

After a few moments, the female attendant knocked on their VIP room’s door a few times before entered and brought the items Instructor Mei Lan bought with her.

The beautiful female attendant smiled gently to all of them and asked politely: “Esteemed Guest, you have bought disguise-type Magic treasure for 1,000,000 credits and [Wind Conquering Pearl] for 2,000,000 credits. You have also sold the [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons] painting for 877,000,000 credits. So you still have 874,000,000 credits left. Should I transfer all of it into your account now?”

Instructor Mei Lan nodded her head and took out her white jade card from her s.p.a.ce pouch while replied: “Yes, just transfer all the credits into my card now.”

The beautiful female attendant nodded to Instructor Mei Lan and transferred all of 874,000,000 credits into her white jade card.

“Thank you very much for using our service. I sincerely hope all Esteemed Guests are satisfied with our service.” The beautiful female attendant said while bowed politely.

Instructor Mei Lan gave the disguise-type Magic treasure to Tang Li Xue and the [Wind Conquering Pearl] to Yaya.

Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others could only stare at Tang Li Xue and Yaya with eyes full of envy.

Yaya flew around happily after received the [Wind Conquering Pearl] and kissed Instructor Mei Lan’s cheek a few times more.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at Yaya’s excited expression and pinched Yaya’s soft cheek gently.

Tang Li Xue’s mouth twitched violently while thinking: ‘The h.e.l.l?! Isn’t Fake Dragon said that the Elf-type Elemental Spirit would only treat me as her closest kin and treat the others with hostility?! This is bad! It seems Yaya has almost become a money-grubber! I should teach her more strictly from now on, so she would not get cheated by the other moneybags later!’

Of course, only Tang Li Xue thought too much about it.

Yaya’s intelligence already quite high right now after she evolved into [Rare] grade, so she could certainly distinguish between friends or strangers.

“Little Xue, Bingbing, and Silly Fox! You three will follow me to carry out my monthly mission outside Myriad Foxes Academy three days from now on, so I will give you two days off to prepare yourselves. Do not forget to a.s.semble at my courtyard on the third day really early in the morning!” Instructor Mei Lan warned them with a stern tone.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao replied: “Understood, Instructor Lan!”

“Good! All of you can disperse and return to your place now.” Instructor Mei Lan nodded while smiling with a satisfied expression.

The sky already turned dark when all of them went out from Auction House together.

Instructor Mei Lan parted with them halfway, since she went back to her house on the back of the Education Department Building rather than to the Residential Building like all of them.

Tang Li Xue brought Yaya and the others to the luxurious restaurant on the first floor of the Residential Building and treated them all for dinner.

Instructor Mei Lan brought two items for Yaya and her while they got nothing today after all.

Tang Li Xue felt a bit guilty, so she decided to treat them for dinner now.

After eating their dinner until they felt really full, they went back into their respective room.

Tang Li Xue brought Yaya back into her bedroom and summoned Little Loki out from her system pet storage.


It seems Little Loki missed Tang Li Xue a lot since it got confined in the system’s pet storage from the early morning until night today.

Little Loki jumped onto Tang Li Xue’s shoulder and licked her soft cheek again and again.

“Ahahaha… I know you miss me so much because I miss you a lot too. You must be bored to death in that cramped storage, right? I am really sorry, Little Loki! But you do not need to worry about it anymore! Jajang~! Look at this!” Tang Li Xue cheerfully took out the black ring from her s.p.a.ce pouch and proudly showed it to Little Loki.

This black ring was none other than the disguise-type magic treasure given by Instructor Mei Lan to her.

Little Loki’s third eyes widened in excitement when it saw the black ring on Tang Li Xue’s grasp.

“Nyaaa~! Nyaaaa~!!!” As if Little Loki thanked Tang Li Xue for her gift, it licked Tang Li Xue’s face many more times.

“Ahaha… All right, that enough. My face will be filled with your saliva if you keep lick me like that.” Tang Li Xue said with a joking tone while pinched Little Loki’s soft tiny cheek.

After playing around with Little Loki for a few moments, Tang Li Xue started to use her Vitality Energy to change the size of the black ring.

Yes, the size of the black ring could be changed at will. The user only needed to input a bit of Vitality Energy to adjust it according to their will.

Tang Li Xue planned to make this black ring bigger, so Little Loki could wear it on its neck like a choker.

“This black ring is an expensive disguise-type magic treasure specially designed for any fox to disguise as human. Hopefully, you can use it to hide your evil aura, black horns, wings, and pointed tail, so you can roam freely without any worry to…” Tang Li Xue patiently explained to Little Loki.

Little Loki rolled its third eyes. It obvious Little Loki already knew the function of this black ring without any need for Tang Li Xue to explain it. If not, how could it feel so happy when it saw the black ring just now.

Sometimes Little Loki started to worry about its master’s IQ just like now.

Without waiting for Tang Li Xue to finish her explanation, Little Loki already opened its mouth, and the black ring on Tang Li Xue’s grasp was sucked into its mouth.

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock.

” You… You… How could you swallow it like that?! That is not food! Hurry, vomit that out again!” Tang Li Xue shouted in panic.

That was 1,000,000 credits worth of Magic Treasure, but Little Loki devoured it just like a snack.

Tang Li Xue never knew Little Loki’s ability to replicate any ability from anything it swallowed, so she was afraid that the expensive disguise-type magic treasure she got from Instructor Mei Lan would get wasted just like that.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to scold Little Loki right now, but she felt that Little Loki was still too little to understand its mistake.

Tang Li Xue thought Little Loki misunderstanding her intent and a.s.sumed that she gave it a snack.

“Sigh… It is over… But this is all my mistakes… I cannot blame it on anyone else…” Tang Li Xue murmured with a blank expression.

Drowned in her misery, Tang Li Xue failed to notice Little Loki’s change.

The pair of black sheep’s horn, the bat-like wings, and the devil-like pointed tail on Little Loki completely vanished into thin air!

Even its oppressive evil and sinister aura could not be sensed anymore!

Right now, Little Loki’s appearance looks like an ordinary cute black kitten!

Little Loki frowned at Tang Li Xue, who remained oblivious of its change, so it decided to do something to draw her attention.

“Nyaaaa~! Nya~ Nya~!” Little Loki meowed while jumped onto Tang Li Xue’s lap.

Tang Li Xue jumped in surprise when she glanced at Little Loki’s current appearance.

“It… It still works! Wahahaha… So the black ring is still working even in your stomach?! As I expected from a magic treasure! So amazing!” Tang Li Xue laughed in excitement while lifted Little Loki high and embraced it in her soft bosom.

Little Loki rolled its third eye and thought: “It is not that black ring, but it is me who is amazing… Oh well, whatever makes you happy…”


Suddenly, a very strong wind blew fiercely in Tang Li Xue’s bedroom!

“Wha… What is happening?!” Tang Li Xue asked while looked around in confusion.

After entered the bedroom, Yaya actually already took out her [Wind Conquering Pearl] from her own tiny s.p.a.ce pouch. She even already examined it carefully from every angle.

Yaya was a wind-elemental spirit, so she was very sensitive about something involved wind-elemental.

Her sense as wind-elemental spirit told her this [Wind Conquering Pearl] held a very big secret.

She was very sure about it, but her mood worsened after she failed to find anything useful when she examined the [Wind Conquering Pearl].

Moreover, she was forced to look at her mommy, Tang Li Xue was playing around happily with her little brother without her!

Yaya puffed her cheek in anger and jealousy.

She lost all of her curiosity and excited mood to examine the [Wind Conquering Pearl] in her grasp.

Out of anger, Yaya used her new powerful ability [Vacuum Slash] to cut the [Wind Conquering Pearl] in two!

Who knows something completely unexpected was happening in front of her eyes right now!

When the [Wind Conquering Pearl] was cut in two by Yaya, something hidden inside it was completely revealed!

“This is impossible, right?! That is… the wind-elemental spirit?! No way! Is that really the spirit-type elemental spirit?!” Tang Li Xue stared at the ball of wind in the middle of her bedroom in shock and disbelief.

No one would expect that the spirit-type elemental spirit was actually hidden inside a Magic Treasure, the [Wind Conquering Pearl]!


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