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In the end, Tang Li Xue did not dare to kill nor save the pitiful female lizard without Instructor Mei Lan’s permission.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to save this pitiful female lizard so badly from its misery, but she also did not want to ruin Instructor Mei Lan’s mission because of her action.

‘Sigh… Maybe I cannot save her for now, but it does not mean that I cannot help her alleviate the pain by a bit, right?’ Tang Li Xue thought as she canceled her [Ethereal Form].

Tang Li Xue took out [Talisman of Numbness +3] and [Talisman of Regeneration +3] from her s.p.a.ce pouch, then threw it to the b.l.o.o.d.y skinless female lizard.

Tang Li Xue also created a white flying disc with her [Energy manipulation]. She rode on it to approach the hanged female lizard and whispered to her with a gentle tone: “I am really sorry… I cannot help you for now. This is the best I can do now. But you do not need to feel worried. Once I finish my mission here, I will definitely come here to save you and bring you out from here.”

“So, please… Hold on for a bit longer. Do not give up just yet! I am sure your husband must be still waiting for you to come back now.” Tang Li Xue ended her talk and activated her [Ethereal Form] once again.

Tang Li Xue did not know if the female lizard could hear her words or not right now, but at the very least, she hoped her words could give some motivation for the female lizard to keep on living.

When she almost went out from the female lizard’s prison, she glanced back once more at the pitiful female lizard in reluctance before shook her head and swiftly went out from the hidden dungeon.

After she saw what these humans have done to the pitiful female lizard, Tang Li Xue felt her heart was boiling with rage right now.

She thought these people from the Lin Family were deserved to be destroyed by those angry lizards!

Although, the pitiful female lizard was a beast, but they could just kill her swiftly before dismembering her body parts.

Dismembered her body parts, then keeping her alive to continuously take her blood was really too cruel!

Tang Li Xue really could not forgive this kind of cruelness!

When Tang Li Xue went out from the old temple, the golden barrier has already been lifted by now, and her perfect copy also already took back the Array Strengthening Stone, but she promised to lend it to them once more if those lizards a.s.saulted them again later.

Tang Li Xue took out the communication talisman to contact Instructor Mei Lan, and unlike before, her call really reached Instructor Mei Lan now.

After Instructor Mei Lan picked her call, Tang Li Xue immediately told Instructor Mei Lan everything. From how she impersonated as The Envoy of Immortal Sword Sect until how she tried to find the location of that half of the Ancient Martial Art Manual but still failed to find any clue about it for now.

Tang Li Xue also told Instructor Mei Lan about the female lizard’s horrible condition now and asked if she could try to save it now or not.

“You are doing great to not act rashly under that situation. I will head there right now. We will discuss our next move later after we meet again.” Instructor Mei Lan’s sweet voice resounded from Tang Li Xue’s communication talisman.

“All right.” Tang Li Xue nodded, but before she could disconnect their communication…

“Wait… You said you get that badge from Elder Yang directly. How close are you with that Elder Yang?” Instructor Mei Lan asked again from Tang Li Xue’s communication talisman.

Tang Li Xue took a few moments to process Instructor Mei Lan’s question.

“Eh? No, no, it is a misunderstanding! I… I swear that I am really not that close to him! He only gives that badge to me after saving me from a giant spider before. He wanted to escort me back to Myriad Foxes Academy, but when I refused his offer, he gave me this badge instead. He said it can protect me and help me get home safely.” Tang Li Xue explained it clearly to Instructor Mei Lan.

She was afraid that Instructor Mei Lan has a misunderstanding and thought that she has a romantic relations.h.i.+p with a human.

Moreover, he was not a normal human either.

The Honorary Elder of Immortal Sword Sect held much greater significance than the usual Elder like Outer Sect Elder, Inner Sect Elder, and so on.

Even the Grand Elder of Immortal Sword Sect must greet and speak with him politely.

“That is good. It seems there will be no problem for us later.” Instructor Mei Lan said again.

“Eh? What?” Tang Li Xue asked in puzzlement.

“Little Xue, do you really think that those people from Lin Family and Oracle Mountain Sect are fools who will believe everything you said to them? If I am not wrong, they should be asking about your ident.i.ty validation to Immortal Sword Sect now.” Instructor Mei Lan lazily replied.

“Oh, no! Doesn’t it mean my fake envoy ident.i.ty would be exposed sooner?! What should I do now?! Should I escape from here as soon as possible?” Tang Li Xue asked in a fl.u.s.tered and panicked manner.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled at Tang Li Xue and replied again: “You do not need to worry. According to your story, I guess that Elder Yang should fall for you now. Oh, no… not fall just yet… Maybe have ‘some interest in you’ is more correct. So, he will not do something to harm you, at least… for now.”

Tang Li Xue felt a bit confused at Instructor Mei Lan’s words, but she sighed in relief when she heard Instructor Mei Lan’s last sentence.

“Little Xue, you can have as many connections with humans as you want. You can also have as many male humans fall for you as you want. But remember! Never trust any humans! Never leak your ident.i.ty as Fox Race to them! Not even one!” Instructor Mei Lan warned Tang Li Xue with a stern tone.

“And the most important one is… Never fall in love with a human! Do you understand?!” Instructor Mei Lan shouted her warn to Tang Li Xue with her most stern tone.

“All… All right! I understand! I can befriend any humans, but I must never trust them and fall in love with them, right?!” Tang Li Xue shouted too to show that she understood it.

“Good… Just like now, our connection with humans can help us to complete our mission in the human world later. We can also gather a lot of important information faster if we have more connections with humans. So, befriended with them would definitely beneficial for us.” Instructor Mei Lan continued to tell her advice, not only to Tang Li Xue but also to Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao beside her.

“Just remember to keep a proper distance from them. Not too close, but not too distant. We from the Fox Race have a very beautiful appearance, so we can easily make any male humans fall for us. We can use our enchanting appearance as our weapon and make those males into our tools. But we are not human in the end… and if they know your ident.i.ty. Your end will definitely be more miserable than that female lizard.” Instructor Mei Lan concluded her speech.

After Tang Li Xue ended up her call, she took some time to process all of Instructor Mei Lan’s words while summoned out Yaya and Little Loki from her system pet storage.

‘Ah, well… In short, I can become friends with any humans, right? Since I already get permission from Instructor Lan, then there is no problem anymore.’

‘As for falling for a human, that is probably only ever happening in the story. I never even have any time to spend with others other than Bingbing, Silly Fox, Teacher Wei, and Instructor Lan until now and probably in the future too.’

‘Hmm… Silly Fox is not bad. He always expressed his love for me in a silly way, and it makes me so embarra.s.sed until I ignore him every time he does it, but it also makes him quite cute. Maybe, I should… Sigh… Forget it! Honestly, the romance things like this are still too early for me.’

‘First, I need to get a lot stronger to not become a burden to Instructor Lan! Also, my first goal is to travel around the Immortal World, to see the beautiful scenes in this world. I already cooped inside the hospital room for too long in my previous life, so I do not want to get cooped again inside the house with my husband and child. That would be extremely boring!’

‘I have decided it… I will only look for a spouse after I am bored in traveling around this Immortal World later!’

Tang Li Xue shook her head and chuckled freely after she clearly decided what she needs to do for now and what she would do in the near future later.

Tang Li Xue used her [Swap] skill again to exchange location with her perfect copy, then she led the people in the center hall to greet Instructor Mei Lan, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao, which already arrived at the front gate of Lin Family’s residence.

Meanwhile, just like what Instructor Mei Lan had already predicted, the Elders of Oracle Mountain Sect already ordered some of their people to inquire about Tang Li Xue’s ident.i.ty from Elder Yang of Immortal Sword Sect.

Because, even though Tang Li Xue has Elder Yang’s jade insignia, but it could not completely eliminate the possibility that she was impersonating as the envoy of Elder Yang.

That half of the Ancient Martial Art Manual was really important for them, and they actually not willing to give it away just like that.

But they would not have any other choice if Elder Yang of Immortal Sword Sect really asked for it from them.

The reputation of Immortal Sword Sect as the strongest sect in Lightwind Continent was not just for a show after all.

Moreover, the Immortal Sword Sect still kept expanding at an astonis.h.i.+ng rate from a few years ago until now. Many people speculated that the Immortal Sword Sect actually have backing from the superpower with an immense background in Central Continent.

That was the reason why even Oracle Mountain Sect did not dare to confront Immortal Sword Sect and would probably choose to yield to their will if Tang Li Xue was really an envoy from Immortal Sword Sect.

At one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the Immortal Sword Sect, there was a luxurious residence build on there.

This luxurious residence was several times more majestic than Lin Family’s residence.

This place was Elder Yang Zhiyun’s temporary dwelling place.

Currently, Elder Yang was still practicing in controlling his newly obtained power.

The Blood of l.u.s.t was flowing out from the tip of his finger.

Elder Yang leisurely waved his hand toward the giant boulder in his courtyard.

At first, nothing happened to the giant boulder… but after a few seconds…

Crack… Crack… Crack… BOOOOOOOMMM~!!!

The giant boulder was split in two like tofu.

“Not bad…” Elder Yang muttered.

“Honorable Elder Yang, Young Master Ye Zhen is asking in to meet with you. He also brings the captive from Blood Devil Sect here.” The servant politely informed Elder Yang.

“Let him in!” Elder Yang instructed the servant as he walked into the pavilion and sat in there while leisurely sipped on his tea.

Not long after that, Ye Zhen, the core disciple of Elder Yang, entered the pavilion too while bringing a tied person with him.

This tied person was the elder from Blood Devil Sect, the one who wore the skull mask before and almost killed Tang Li Xue in Quanhai City.

He was actually a quite handsome middle-aged man under his skull mask, but that was not important now.

The eyes of this elder of Blood Devil Sect were still blank and unfocused.

Sometimes he looked serious, but sometimes he laughed happily by himself.

No matter how anyone tried to talk to him, he never answered it.

Ye Zhen even already tortured him, but his reaction was still the same as now.

It was as if this person was drowned in his own delusion and could no longer get out from it.


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