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Tang Li Xue frowned deeply as she tried to remember where she got her ring necklace from.

Not only she could not remember anything about her ring necklace, but she even got a.s.saulted by the stinging headache instead.

“I… I cannot remember where I got this ring necklace, but it is an incredibly precious treasure.” Tang Li Xue whispered back to Instructor Mei Lan with her [Telepathy] skill.

Tang Li Xue still could not use her [Telepathy] skill to communicate with the person she wanted as skillful as Instructor Mei Lan, but she could still barely do it right now because Instructor Mei Lan stood so close to her.

Instructor Mei Lan frowned deeply as well when she heard Tang Li Xue called her ring necklace an incredible precious treasure.

Instructor Mei Lan knew really well about humans’ bottomless greediness.

Just from this, she could already predict that this Elder Yang would never give up so easily in getting a hold of Tang Li Xue’s ring necklace.

Just like how Instructor Mei Lan had predicted, Elder Yang did not give up, and he became even more irritated when he saw Instructor Mei Lan and Tang Li Xue’s hesitation, and he decided to say: “I am really sorry for my impoliteness. How about if I buy that ring necklace from you? You can just mention any price you want to me, and I will definitely pay it to you.”

Instructor Mei Lan silently glanced at Tang Li Xue to ask for her opinion.

If Instructor Mei Lan was allowed to choose, she would rather choose to sell the ring necklace to Elder Yang than facing a lot of trouble sooner or later because of it.

But the ring necklace was Tang Li Xue’s possession, so she must ask for Tang Li Xue’s consent first before deciding it.

Tang Li Xue quickly shook her head to express her disagreement.

Tang Li Xue’s ring necklace has three wondrous effects.

The first effect was Illusion Immunity. With this effect, the owner of this ring necklace would never need to fear any illusion!

Just from this first effect, it was more than enough to make Tang Li Xue’s necklace priceless.

Not to mention the second effect of this ring necklace, [Luck +30]!

Tang Li Xue already browsed through the treasures sold in Myriad Foxes Academy’s auction house before, and the treasures that increasing Luck stat was really rare.

Of course, there were some that were sold in Myriad Foxes Academy’s auction house, but mostly only increased the luck by +1, +2, or +3.

The treasure with Luck +5 stat was the highest Tang Li Xue ever seen in Myriad Foxes Academy’s auction house, and it was sold at an astronomical price, while this ring necklace increased the luck by 30! The effect was six times stronger than that treasure!

Moreover, Luck was a really peculiar stat.

Having 10 treasures with the [+1 Luck] effect did not mean the owner would have [+10 Luck].

On the contrary, it would only make it counterproductive and decrease the owner’s luck instead.

For the treasure with the effect to increase the luck stat, having one with the highest luck stat effect like Tang Li Xue’s ring necklace was the best option.

Tang Li Xue’s ring necklace even has the third unknown effect. Tang Li Xue’s [All Knowing Eyes (basic)] could not see this third unknown effect, but Tang Li Xue herself dared to bet that this third effect was surely much greater than its first and second effect!

In short, Tang Lu Xue would surely never sell this precious ring necklace to anyone!

According to Tang Li Xue, this Elder Yang of Immortal Sword Sect as a genius from the human race should have extensive knowledge about precious treasures.

This Elder Yang must have already known the effect of her ring necklace in one glance and thought that Tang Li Xue still did not know about the true wondrous effects of this ring necklace. Thus he decided to fool her and buy the ring necklace from her at a cheap price!

In Tang Li Xue’s imagination, Elder Yang in front of her smirked slyly at her right now.

Tang Lu Xue’s fury erupted when she thought that, and the vein of anger popped on her head.

She fearlessly took one step closer to Elder Yang and said with a cold chilling tone: “I am sorry, but this ring necklace is not for sale.”

Elder Yang put on a troubled expression when she stared at the ring on Tang Li Xue’s neck more closely.

If he was only 50% sure before, then right now he was 90% sure that the ring on Tang Li Xue’s neck was the ring given by his mother to him before she disappeared, but then he decided to give it to his Xiao Bai before they escaped from Asura Demon Sect together with the giant lizard.

Tang Li Xue sneered coldly when she saw Elder Yang’s troubled expression and said in her heart with the tone filled with disgust: ‘Acting! Continue to acting! But I will never give or sell this ring necklace to you!’

But inside her heart, Tang Li Xue felt greatly disappointed in this Elder Yang.

She already saw the greediness from Immortal Sword Sect’s elders before when Little Loki hatched from its egg. Those elders even chased after her and almost killed her before.

Of course, Tang Li Xue still did not know that those greedy elders had already been digested by her Little Loki and probably would never know anything about it.

Tang Li Xue thought this Elder Yang was different from those greedy elders of the Immortal Sword Sect…

She thought he was not a bad person…

She thought he was a kind-hearted and honest human because he helped her without touching or asking for any reward from her before.

And… his roasted meat was also quite delicious…

But it seems everything was only her delusion.

‘Maybe… Instructor Lan is right… Maybe… there really aren’t any good humans… Each one of them must have an ulterior motive in approaching me. I should not trust any human so easily like this Elder Yang in the future… Sigh, I miss you so much, big brother.’ Tang Li Xue thought in her heart. Her big brother might be the only human she could ever trust while sighing in longing to meet him.

Elder Yang did not give up that easily and continued to offer to Tang Li Xue and Instructor Mei Lan: “Young Miss seems to misunderstand my meaning. I will not only pay you with money or treasures, but I can also grant any of your requests. If you want to become the aristocrat family in Feng Empire or even the elder of Immortal Sword Sect, I can give that status to you.”

This time, not only all the people around here stunned silly by Elder Yang’s words, even Crown Prince Feng and Little Xian dropped their jaw in shock.

Because not even the Emperor of Feng Empire could throw this promise so easily.

The Emperor needed agreement from many sides to crowned the new aristocrat family, especially from Immortal Sword Sect’s side.

But this Elder Yang could easily promise them that!

It made even the Crown Prince Feng wonder, just how big the authority of this Elder Yang in the Immortal Sword Sect right now?!

However, Elder Yang did not finish his offer to Tang Li Xue yet.

He threw an even tempting offer that could not be refused by anyone to her: “I can even grant it if you want to become the new sovereign and grant you the t.i.tle of Empress. Of course, I cannot crown you as the Empress of this Feng Empire, but it is not a big problem if you choose the smaller Empire. But you do not need to worry. I can even promise to support your empire later until it becomes on par with Feng Empire in the future. How about it?”

Of course, it was not that easy. It might take fifty to one hundred years or maybe even longer for her small empire to reach Feng Empire level, but the promise from the most terrifying genius of Lightwind Continent and as the next head of Immortal Sword Sect was more than enough to a.s.sure anyone at this point.

Tang Li Xue was very surprised. She almost slipped out and fell when she heard Elder Yang’s tempting offer.

Honestly, she was a bit tempted to take it. In fact, she would probably immediately accept it if she was reincarnated as a human and not a fox…

Even Crown Prince Feng and Little Xian almost fainted in shock when they heard Elder Yang’s promise just now.

Meanwhile, Instructor Mei Lan fell into deep thinking and carefully concluded: ‘His offer maybe sounds so tempting, but there are a lot of traps knotted with it. If we accept it, then it is the same as we enter the same side as him. We will no longer have any other choice than obey his every word later. What is the difference between that and become his puppet?!’

‘Tsk, what a smart and calculative guy?! As I always expect, this guy is really dangerous. It is better to get rid of him earlier if we have a chance in the future.’ Instructor Mei Lan’s eyes glinted coldly as the thick murderous intent flashed in the deepest part of her eyes.

No one here could detect it including Elder Yang himself, but Tang Li Xue with her sharp [Extrasensory Perception] could faintly detect it.

Her slender figure shuddered slightly in fright and the thought to accept Elder Yang’s offer vanished from her mind in that instant.

Tang Li Xue replied to Elder Yang again with a cold tone: “Elder Yang, I am really sorry, but this ring necklace is irreplaceable to me, so I really cannot sell it to you.”


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