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Read Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 98 – : Wei Xin’s Invitation

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother is a Webnovel completed by Imperial Songs.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 98: Wei Xin’s Invitation

“Where’s your Jiusheng?” Since both of her daughters-in-law’s names had the word “Sheng,” Xu Pingfei now called their names to differentiate them.

Fang Mu coldly said, “Resting at home.”

Since he was always this cold, no one sensed anything unusual from his words.

Qiao Jiusheng stared at Fang Mu’s face and revealed a thoughtful expression.

She understood Fang Mu. After all, she had loved him for many years.

Other people could not tell, but she could. When Xu Pingfei had mentioned Qiao Jiuyin just now, Qiao Jiusheng had seen a flash of gloom in Fang Mu’s eyes.

The dinner was especially quiet and peaceful.

The one in charge of setting up a lively atmosphere in the past, Qiao Jiuyin, had not come today. The smiling Fang Yuqing had also become mute tonight. The young master who loved to cause trouble was far away in America. Among the youngsters at the table, Fang Mu was not familiar with his sister-in-law, Qi Yunsheng. Coupled with the differences between men and women, he naturally did not have any words to say to her.

Qiao Jiusheng was not used to such silence.

After dinner, even Fang Mu could not leave too early.

Everyone sat together and pretended to talk about their daily lives.

The servants boiled tea, cut some fruits, and brought them over. Qiao Jiusheng wanted to make Fang Yuqing happy, so she sat with the girl and conversed about topics young girls would be interested in. As she heard her sister-in-law speak, Fang Yuqing forced herself to stay awake.

When Fang Yuqing went to the toilet, Qiao Jiusheng saw that Fang Mu had kept his hands in his trouser pockets the entire time. Her eyes flashed as she picked up a cup of tea. She handed it to Fang Mu and said, “Second Brother, have a cup of hot tea to warm your stomach.”

Fang Mu looked up.

He took the teacup and thanked her.

When he reached for the teacup, Qiao Jiusheng quickly glanced at his hand.

He was still wearing a ring.

This is strange. Could it be that a robber really stole Qiao Jiuyin’s ring?

After drinking some hot tea, Fang Mu got up, greeted her, and left. Qiao Jiusheng felt bored, so she stood up to leave.


However, she had just walked out of the door when Fang Yuqing suddenly stopped her.

She turned around and confusedly looked at Fang Yuqing. “Qingqing?”

Fang Yuqing crossed her arms in front of her chest, her fingers intertwined. She looked a little hesitant. Qiao Jiusheng silently walked to the young girl’s side and softly asked, “Do you have something to say to me?”

Fang Yuqing looked back into the house and saw that no one was paying attention to her. She then asked Qiao Jiusheng, “Can you accompany me for a day next weekend?”

This request stunned Qiao Jiusheng.

What happened to her?

Qiao Jiusheng did not voice the doubts in her heart. She smiled and patted Fang Yuqing’s head. “Yes, since a beauty is inviting me, I’m free even if I have to go to a mountain of knives or a sea of flames.”

Fang Yuqing gratefully smiled at her.

“Then I’ll look for you at your house.”


After saying goodbye to Fang Yuqing, Qiao Jiusheng returned to her house.

She took a shower and finished her usual call with Fang Yusheng. Qiao Jiusheng was about to sleep when she suddenly received a message on her phone.

The sender was a string of numbers who only sent her one sentence.

Tomorrow night at nine, Shengjue Entertainment Club, Room 608. If you don’t come, I’ll go to the Fang family and tell them everything.

Qiao Jiusheng was familiar with the domineering tone of the message.

Actually, she immediately recognized the sender.

Sigh! What should come will come!

The next afternoon, Qiao Jiusheng called Fang Yusheng and explained why she would be back late tonight. She hoped that he would be magnanimous and not deduct any money. Fang Yusheng actually agreed, showing his generosity.

At night, Qiao Jiusheng changed her clothes and drove the Volkswagen to the Shengjue Entertainment Club for the appointment.


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