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Reincarnation – Lord Is Extremely Hardcore is a web novel made by 黑心蘋果.
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A black racing car drove hurriedly in a straight line toward Mu Rulan’s villa. Mo Qianren had his icy glare directed at the road in front of him, at times turning the steering wheel to shuffle smoothly between the cars crowded on the road.

Jin Moli, Jin Biaohu… The three people in the missing persons case two years before… and with Mu Rulan in the mix…

Somehow they were all related, but their relations didn’t seem to fit in conventional logic. If Mu Rulan was really the murderer in the three missing persons cases, and Jin Moli’s missing persons case was also related to her, then how was Jin Biaohu involved?

Mo Qianren narrowed his eyes, a reflection of the neon lights on the road clear in his eyes.

The reason he didn’t suspect that Mu Rulan was related to Jin Moli’s case was because he couldn’t find any motive for the crime. It was normal for Mu Rulan to take revenge on the three kidnappers, but Jin Moli was also a victim alongside Mu Rulan in that kidnapping incident five years ago.

Looking back through the investigation, Jin Moli and Mu Rulan didn’t have any other intersections nor contradictions in their statements. Furthermore, his intuition had him strongly suspect only Mu Rulan, but there wasn’t any solid evidence so he couldn’t solidify his decision.

He was currently rushing to Mu Rulan’s black villa because he had someone follow Mu Rulan and had received information that Mu Rulan had entered her home. His intuition was also telling him that he needed to be there.

He had a sense that the black house seemed ominous, filled with the scent of crime; also it was Mu Rulan who gave off the stench of crime. Combining those two reasons…

The car spun widely and within the blink of an eye the car had driven into the small road outside the villa.


A soft humming echoing through the quiet s.p.a.ce seemed a little eerie. Translated by The Novelst

The sound of iron clanging together softly really clawed at one’s heart. Jin Moli was so frightened that she began to shiver. She expended great effort to try and widen her eyes enough that she could see what Mu Rulan was doing around the entrance, so much so that her eyes nearly looked like they were going to roll out of her head.

She wanted to beg Mu Rulan, she wanted to escape. But she could do neither and could only wait for death to come. From the beginning of her capture, she didn’t know where or how she’d offended Mu Rulan so much so that she was treating her this way…

Mu Rulan prepared 5 pottery jars. In each jar were drugs to store Jin Moli’s internal organs. It was one of the most important steps in making a mummy.

Mu Rulan was very serious about her delicate work, like she was preparing for a pharaoh. After a while, she put down her silver pincers, humming to herself while searching the shelves. Then she recalled that what she was looking for wasn’t on the shelf, so she walked to a wall with many photos and newspapers were pinned.

She took down two photos from the wall, her beautiful eyes reflecting the childish face in the photo, her gloved thumb caressing the faces pictured.

“Do you still remember them?” Mu Rulan walked to Jin Moli’s side, putting the two photos in her line of sight.

Jin Moli glared furiously, her teary eyes looking to see the faces of two girls aged twelve to thirteen. Both had shy smiles, making them look even younger.

Jin Moli strained to search her memory, but she was still lost. She didn’t recognize them at all…

“It looks like you’ve forgotten.” As she expected. Mu Rulan shook her head, a sad expression on her face. “They were so pitiful. How could you have forgotten about them? Five years ago, they were kidnapped alongside us and we stayed in that house for two nights and you watched them die in front of you. How could you forget that? You’re so cold-blooded.”

After Mu Rulan’s reminder, Jin Moli seemed to slowly remember. Her eyes narrowed into a deeper glare, emphasizing that the whites of her eyes had become bloodshot. Her face was thin and skeletal, skin stretching tight over bone.

“You remember?” Mu Rulan smiled warmly. “Xiao Jing, Li Yalan; they were both only thirteen. Five years ago in that kidnapping they were killed because their families had no money. The ringleader of the kidnappers was sentenced to death, but the other four were still under sixteen and didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the killings, so they received reduced sentences. In the end, one of them even managed to escape scot-free while the other three were imprisoned for three years each… But is that really all there is?”

Jin Moli was filled with panic and fear, staring at Mu Rulan while shaking her head slowly, like she was trying to convey something.

“Of the five criminals, the person sentenced to death was the most innocent, and the person who got off free as a whistle was the guiltiest one, don’t you think? My dear?” Mu Rulan lowered her head to get a closer look at Jin Moli. In such close proximity, her smile seemed to be gentle but strange. “It seems like your memory’s not that great. Why don’t we try to remember the scene on that very day? It was such an interesting criminal story. It’d be too selfish for you to hide it from yourself.”

Five years ago, the one who had actually plotted the kidnapping was Jin Biaohu, Jin Moli’s brother. By the time he was born, the Jin Family wasn’t as prosperous, so he had been sent to the countryside for the elders to raise.

After that, the Jin Family was lucky and quickly made a fortune, but didn’t think to bring back their son, who at that point had lived in the countryside for over ten years. Jin Biaohu had been naughty since he was young, without any parents by his side to teach him the way of the world. The Jin Family would periodically send him huge amounts of money, so he never had to worry about money. The elders couldn’t control him, and he became a good-for-nothing playboy with no fear.

When he was fourteen, Jin Biaohu learned that his parents had given birth to a daughter and that they doted on her a lot. So he started to feel discontent. People always said that men were superior to women, but in the end his parents threw him away in the countryside but lovingly favored a daughter instead?

Immediately he began to have rebellious thoughts. Jin Biaohu called up his hooligan friends and entered the city by asking a gangster who knew how to drive to help them. That was how it had begun; although in their eyes it was only a mischievous plot to worry the parents of the Jin Family.

They drove a van around a few schools and kidnapped a few students. At Liu Silan they nearly grabbed Mu Rusen and Mu Rulin, but they didn’t expect to into Mu Rulan. How were they to face a little girl who ignored their knives and directly rushed to rescue her two brothers?

They were afraid that this matter might become even larger, so they had no choice but to take Mu Rulan. However, they never expected this little girl to actually be from a prominent family. Soon enough, the case was publicly known and was being actively investigated by the police.

The matter had become larger than they expected. Jin Biaohu, rather than thinking to release the kids and explain the situation, was excited to turn his imagination into reality. He had played a lot of games and watched a lot of p.o.r.n; there was a lot of pent-up violence in him.

Jin Moli was related to him by blood so of course he wouldn’t touch her. And they knew that this little Mu Rulan was actually a big name after the news of her capture, so naturally they wouldn’t touch her either. Translated by The Novelst

But Xiao Jing and Li Yalan were different and their families were poor. Their bodies had already started to develop and they were pretty, so he went crazy after drinking a few bottles of beer.

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