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Read Reincarnation – Lord Is Extremely Hardcore Reincarnation – Lord Is Extremely Hardcore Chapter 58.2

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Chapter 58.2

Mu Rulan’s long lashes fluttered a little, her eyes clear enough to reflect the figure of the man before her, “What are you talking about, Mr . Mo?”

Her voice was close and soft, like a cat’s paw .

“You’re so arrogant . Don’t you believe I can send you to prison?” Mo Qianren narrowed his eyes, scanning every detail of her face .

Mu Rulan smiled deeply, her eyes curving into crescent moons . “I believe that . ” Her tone was sincere, but her smile made it seem like a joke that she didn’t take to heart .

Mo Qianren furrowed his brows . It had happened again, this uncontrollable, irritating feeling . What was wrong with this woman? Why couldn’t he see through her at all? But this was all secondary .

Currently, his focus was… Translated by The Novelst

“You killed w.a.n.g Qiang,” he said apathetically, his gaze still boring into her eyes .

Her face remained unchanged . “Please have evidence to back up your statements, Mr . Mo . ” Without that evidence, he couldn’t have even a chance to invite her to the interrogation room .

In Jin Moli’s missing persons case, he was able to find a strand of hair that belonged to her . That was the key he could use to turn the case . But what about for this incident?


Mo Qianren wasn’t interested in finding evidence when he knew the murderer stood right before him . He felt that the process was boring and unchallenging . But because of her words, it seemed to rekindle the enthusiasm he held inside him .

“I’ll definitely find evidence . ”

“I look forward to it,” she smiled, full of expectation .

”Mr . Mo,” a woman’s voice came from behind him . It was Liu Mian, clothed in a white gown as she walked from the other side of the corridor . When she drew closer, she saw Mu Rulan and asked in surprise, “Lan Lan?”

Mu Rulan was also surprised to see her . “Aunt Mian . ”

Liu Mian was the younger sister of Ou Kaicheng’s mother . They knew each other because Ou Kaicheng had the intention to let Mu Rulan become familiar with his family, so he had naturally pulled some strings to have them meet .

“So the witness was your mother? I was late to the scene and didn’t see her,” she said, sitting beside Mu Rulan as her eyes followed Mo Qianren’s figure as he disappeared from the corridor .

She changed the subject . “By the way, does Lan Lan know Mr . Mo?”

“I do, Mr . Mo is our school teacher . ”

“He’s also a teacher, huh…” Liu Mian repeated the words in surprise . She thought that this man was really something .

This top-tier international criminal psychologist was still a teacher that even taught biology . Most people, when they reached those heights in their careers usually wouldn’t have the time to work as a teacher, right?

Mu Rulan seemed not to notice the sparkles in her eyes . “Aunt Mian, isn’t your birthday soon?”

“Lan Lan, you remember?” Liu Mian was surprised and touched .

Mu Rulan nodded . “I have a present for you . ”

“Lan Lan, you’re so sweet!” She pulled Mu Rulan into an embrace .

Look, just as she had said, the girl that Kaicheng liked had to be excellent and thoughtful . Why did sister always hold a grudge against Mu Rulan only because she didn’t like Ke Wanqing? Mu Rulan had even remembered her birthday . She could see from this that Mu Rulan had Kaicheng in her heart .

Hmm . Maybe she should speak with sister, or else her excellent daughter-in-law might be stolen away .

Mu Rulan smiled deeply . Are you touched? You are probably very touched, right? But don’t be in such a hurry, because I haven’t given you your surprise yet . At that time, you need to be more touched, hehehe… .


When Mu Rulan and Ke Wanqing returned home, it was already 11 o’clock .

Mu Zhenyang had a business trip at G City and hadn’t managed to rush back in time, so he called Ke Wanqing to comfort her . In the end, after she had calmed down, her emotions turned to anger and resentment .

“Where were you when I needed you? When are you going to become more reliable?! From the past to now, I had to beg my father to marry you because you were inferior! I had to manage the company even while I was pregnant, just because you’re useless!

“I’ve given birth to such an excellent daughter and sons, I’ve given you my all . When are you going to pay me back? If you’re unable to do this you should at least be by my side at times like this, right? Mu Zhenyang, when are you going to make me feel that you’re not useless and show me that you’re a man?! I’m telling you…”

The other side of the line was silent . In the beginning he was worried for her, but after hearing her words all he had left was anger and annoyance . Even so, he still had to listen to her ranting, since the person at the other end wasn’t just his wife but also the untouchable princess of the Ke Family!

Mu Zhenyang stood on the balcony, his face dark . Behind him was a huge hall filled with men and women in formalwear . It was a business function, and everyone had come in pairs . Only he had come alone because Ke Wanqing hadn’t wanted to come .

Just because of this, did she even know how many times people had laughed at him, calling him a hen-pecked husband?

Jin Boxiong and a few others were drinking behind the balcony . Looking at Mu Zhenyang’s expression, they laughed . “Look, look . Manager Mu must have been scolded by his wife again . ”

“He can’t even handle his own wife, how is he ever going to handle a company? How does he have the nerve to show up here? Is he preparing to come along the next six times?”

“What else can he do . His wife is the princess of the Ke Family, Ke Wanqing . The north belongs to Ke while the south belongs to Huo . ”

“Tsk, daring to marry such a daunting wife with no abilities, I’ve never in my life seen someone as stupid as him…”


The discussion wasn’t hard to hear . Mu Zhenyang naturally overheard it all, but there was still nothing he could do .  Translated by The Novelst

Jin Boxiong ridiculed him while looking at Mu Zhenyang’s figure, his eyes hazy .

Ever since the incident between Mu Rulin and Jin Biaohu, everyone knew that the peaceful front was a facade . The Jin and Mu Families had fallen out .

The Jin Family wanted to steal business away from the Mu Family, and since the crisis was over their business had finally started to recover . However, the Mu Family had an enormous treasure, Mu Rulan, to cover them, so their business was actually doing much better than the Jin Family .


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