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Read Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 1839 – Neutral Races

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Chapter 1839 – Neutral Races

Piles of large rocks decorated the scorching valley. Due to the constant screen of black smoke from within the valley, it was extremely difficult to examine the area with the naked eye. One would be fortunate if they could see up to 200 yards away. Even those with stronger physiques would only see an additional 20 or 30 yards. Only with Skills like Eagle Eyes could players see up to 700 to 800 yards.

While 700 or 800 yards might seem far, it was nothing to monsters in a Level 70-plus danger zone. These monsters could normally see up to 500 yards. Due to the level difference between these monsters and Zero Wing’s players, the monsters would have an easier time discovering them. If they were not careful, the monsters might even notice them from 800 yards away.

Under s.h.i.+ Feng’s lead, Zero Wing’s team quickly moved to 200 yards away from Thoughtful Rain’s team. Rocks and smoke obscured their position, so the other team would find it difficult to notice their presence.

“Isn’t that Rain?” Aqa Rose was a little surprised as she watched Thoughtful Rain in battle. “Her combat standard has improved by quite a bit.”

Thoughtful Rain dealt with three Level 70 Lord ranked Flame Demon Guards, which moved alongside the Boss monster, by herself, yet despite being outleveled and outnumbered, she faced the three Lords on equal footing. She had thoroughly distracted the three flaming humanoids, allowing her teammates to focus on the Boss.

It was evident that her combat standard had already reached the Refinement Realm.

However, Thoughtful Rain’s teammates were even more surprising.

None of these players were human, but foreign races. They were either Half-beastmen with tiger ears and tails or Half-elves with snowy-white skin and pointed ears.

“What is going on? They’re not actually human?” Fire Dance exclaimed in shock.

Every player on Zero Wing’s team was shocked.

As far as they knew, it was only possible to play a human when starting the game. There weren’t any other races to choose from. Although they had encountered Demon Players and monster players, they were transformations. Technically, they still identified as human.

However, the players on Thoughtful Rain’s team were different. Their initial statistics showed that they weren’t humans who could transform. Instead, their races identified as Half-beastmen or Half-elves.

While s.h.i.+ Feng found the situation surprising as well, he did not find it particularly strange. Moreover, he finally understood why these other players were here.

In G.o.d’s Domain, players were only allowed to play as human at the start of the game; there were no other racial options to choose from. However, after reaching Level 30 and beyond, players could head to neutral races’ habitats to complete conversion quests, becoming Half-beastmen or Half-elves.

Although players would gain some racial abilities after becoming Half-beastmen or Half-elves, they’d abandon their ident.i.ties as human and lose the protection of G.o.d’s Domain’s ruling race. These players would find it far more difficult to move about on the continent and in the game.

Not all kingdoms and empires permitted entry to neutral races. Only a very small number of countries did so.

Even so, there were still many expert players that willingly converted.

Neutra races’ racial abilities were very tempting, and although these abilities wouldn’t improve one’s Basic Attributes directly, they would improve one’s physical abilities. For example, Half-beastmen generally gained more mobility, reaction speed, and perception. Half-beastmen were natural-born warriors. As for Half-elves, they were magic’s favored children. They would find magic-related tasks far easier than the other races. Both the Half-beastman and Half-elf races also provided higher innate Resistances.

As a result, neutral players could survive and fight in maps with harsh environments, such as danger zones.

In addition, like Demon Players, Half-beastmen and Half-elves were differentiated based on their Bloodline purity. The purer one’s Bloodline, the stronger their racial abilities would be.

In exchange for these benefits, not only would players face racial discrimination, but they’d also have a more difficult time upgrading their tiers.

With the same combat standards and combat power, a human might be promoted to Tier 3, but a Half-beastman or Half-elf might only reach Tier 2. This was one of the main reasons that the human race oppressed the various neutral races. The human race had far more apex members than the neutral races.

This was the law of equivalent exchange in G.o.d’s Domain, and it would be up to players to decide which path they would take.

Those who were confident in their strength could definitely challenge the limitations neutral races faced. If they successfully broke past those limitations, they would no doubt become much stronger than human players of the same tier.

After s.h.i.+ Feng’s team observed these neutral players for some time, the Level 72 Great Lord ranked Flame Demon Commander’s HP finally fell to 50%.

Suddenly, a Level 56, Half-elf female Elementalist shouted, “Melee players, pull back! Dodge the Boss’s Teamwipe Skill!” Hearing this Half-elf’s command, the nine Half-beastman players fighting the Flame Demon Commander darted back from the Boss.

The six-meter-tall Flame Demon Commander roared. Towering pillars of fire rose from the ground around it, melting the earth until it was molten lava. In the blink of an eye, the monster had formed a field of lava void of life.

As the lava field continued to expand, the Half-elf Elementalist used a Tier 2 Ice-type Curse, Ice River.

The lava then stilled, cooling until only frozen dirt remained. The Flame Demon Commander was also frozen, becoming an ice sculpture.

“Attack with everything you’ve got!” the Half-elf Elementalist shouted.

With the Half-elf Elementalist’s command, everyone bombarded the Level 72 Great Lord with their most powerful attacks, decreasing the Great Lord’s HP much faster than before.

Frightening damages appeared above the Great Lord’s head, one after another. Even the weakest attacks dealt over -10,000 damage, whereas the stronger blows dealt over -20,000 damage.

In two short minutes, the Flame Demon Commander’s HP fell to 30%.

Once it did, the Great Lord’s flaming body split into b.a.l.l.s of flame, forming miniature Flame Demon Commanders. There were 50 miniature versions of the Great Lord, and each one had half of the Flame Demon Commander’s Basic Attributes. They were still stronger than the Lord ranked Flame Demon Guards, but they only had 600,000 HP each.

Despite so many miniature Flame Demon Commanders, the Half-beastmen and Half-elves coped. Each player fought two or three copies and steadily shaved away the copies’ HP.

Once every miniature Flame Demon Commander had died, the flames gathered and merged once more. In the blink of an eye, the real Flame Demon Commander stood before the team. This time, however, it only had 10% of its HP remaining.

It took less than two minutes for the team of neutral players to kill the Flame Demon Commander. As the Great Lord’s flaming body dissipated, it left behind five items and flaming wreckage.

Even a large Guild’s main force would be awed by how fast these players had dealt with a Level 72 Great Lord.

After watching these neutral players slay the Boss, a voice called out to s.h.i.+ Feng as he prepared to lead his team over to greet the other players.

“You guys have been watching us fight for quite some time now. It’s about time you show yourselves, don’t you think?” the female Half-elf Elementalist asked coldly as she turned towards the rock s.h.i.+ Feng and the others hid behind. “If you refuse, we’ll come to you.”

Hearing the female Half-elf’s statement, the other Half-beastmen and Half-elves turned towards Zero Wing’s members with frosty expressions.


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