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Read Reincarnator Chapter 283 – Train Headed To Destruction (2)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 283 : Train headed to destruction (2)

During the early days of year 2100.

Humans were confident.


Deep sea.



Various other mysteries.

Humans had overcome countless things they had been afraid of and had thought that they had succeeded.

There was not a single disease they could not cure and humans had already been able to live past 300 with ease.

The entire surface of the planet, including the seas, had become the human’s territory a long time ago.

They hadn’t planned colonies yet because their planet was so big but they already had great technologies regarding s.p.a.ce flight and countless humans had already gone off to dozens of planets, including Tiamet, for terraforming and other research.

But then.

The energy node had been found.

Not a machine but a strange energy flow that used the human’s bodies as the basis.

Different from the fossil fuels, solar energy and nuclear energy the humans had been using up until now.

The power the humans had built upon so far was so they could control and go against nature.

They created medicine to rule over the disease and made facilities to increase their lifespans.

They made s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps for s.p.a.ce and huge oceanic cities to rule over the seas.

But this was different.

A strength which made the humans themselves strong.

They could swim around the depths of the sea with ease and no illness would harm them.

Their lifespans would increase the more they stacked it inside their bodies and it allowed them to smash apart steel with brute force.

Of course humans, overcome by their greed for this new strength, started to devour this new type of energy.

And Nepallem stood in the lead.

But humans overestimated their own abilities and underestimated their own greed.

Due to this, the node blew apart and the humans had been pushed to the brink of extinction.

Then they finally realized.

That they couldn’t control every single situation with their own intellect.

And so it had started.

The thing the humans had been most afraid of and as a result hadn’t took over yet.

The great system that had been created to suppress the greed of humans.

The symbol of their innermost fear.


And the thing needed for it was a spirit that could efficiently control energy and manage the system.




Mudusella spoke to the man who had appeared in front of her.

The man who had appeared covered in white light.

“TMT-17. It’s been a while.”

Hansoo made a shocked expression as he looked at the man Mudusella greeted.

‘..Tiamet. Was he an Ain?’

The Tiamet in front of him had the same form as Tiamet a thousand years from now on.

But the aura of a spirit could clearly be felt.

The man called TMT-17 that clearly had the trait of an Ain spoke to Mudusella.

“Can you not put that d.a.m.n number in the back? I just call you Mudusella as well. We’re going to be on the same s.h.i.+p, let’s drop some formalities at least.”

“I don’t think it’s right to call me by the system’s name just because I manage the system.”

TMT-17 just shrugged his shoulders.

TMT series.

The series with the codename Tiamet was one of the top two series along with the MSL series.

Of course their objectives were different.

Though they both used spirits to control the energy, their reason for their creation was clearly different.

If the Mudusellas were created to manage the Mudusella system that provided humans with the good environment.

Then the Tiamets were created to get rid the various variables and dangers that may come in the way of humans.

So their name was Tiamet.

Those who would protect the humans in the unknown planet Tiamet which was filled with dangers.

TMT-17 looked at the countless gla.s.s tubes below and smirked.

“I’m playing guard here but doing the same thing in that d.a.m.n s.h.i.+p. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I even have to look after those beanheads.”

“…That’s our job.”

“No. It’s your job. My work is to kill and smash things apart.”


Whilst Mudusella made a disgusted expression.


With a strange noise, an announcement was made in the entire area of the Mudusella was in charge of.

[In 15 seconds, 3rd grade citizens shall be released into the area of MSL-17]

[Underground residence… Beginning energy supply.]

[To conserve energy, it will only be open from 11:00 to 13:00 today.]

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The millions of tubes below Mudusella started to move around.


At the same time.

Lights came on below the giant tower.

Tiamet shrugged as he looked at this scene.

“It’ll become busy now. I’ll move away for now then. Have fun.”

“…I won’t be able to see you off.”

‘Really annoying.’

The spirit spoke towards Mudusella within the silence excitedly.

But Mudusella shook her head.

Like Tiamet said, it would only get busier.

Then, an order came through the chipset.

From the Akamel she had seen before.

The orders of Akamel had a hint of maliciousness as well as a bit of expectation.

The Mudusella System didn’t go on break when the humans did.

It was the opposite.

When the 3rd grade citizens are released was the time the Mudusella system performed its most important task.

As Mudusella breathed in and out.


A giant sphere above Mudusella’s head started to spin whilst letting out bright red lights in all directions.


Underground residence.


With the enhanced race’s energy control, the frozen residences started to come back to live.

Light filled up the wide area as the flowers, trees and lakes beside the apartments started to brim with life.

And from the 500m wide tower in the center.


The gla.s.s tube started to open in order to descend.

And white gas came out from these tubes.

“Ugh! So stiff!”

“Are you sure this keeps us in top condition?”

“Woah! 5 days have gone past already!”

People started to appear one after another.

And they started to chatter loudly as they started to check on their bodies and their surroundings.

And soon sounds of complaints could be heard.

“d.a.m.n. Can’t we just live back there?”

“f.u.c.k! We were just about to kill the Red Lava Lizard!”

“Ugh…Walking after having flown for so long, I really can’t get used to it.”

And there was an existence who was smirking at these people.


From the highest point of the residential areas.

Tiamet smirked as he looked down.

People who had run away from reality.

People who agreed that it didn’t need to be reality as long as they were satisfied.

There were no better than livestock.

A virtual world that was created for those who had decided to give up on changing reality and had ran away.

‘Was it called… Exodus? What a nice name. Anyways, that Nepallem guy is amazing. He even found a use for these useless things.’

Tiamet thought up of the virtual world created from the Mudusella system and then smirked.

But then, a girl came out from between the people.


Tiamet mumbled the name of the female in the distance in a daze.

At that moment


“How dare you come here!”

“You’re just an obedient dog.”

‘…d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.’

Tiamet frowned inwardly at the citizens who had thrown eggs by his feet.


“Mmm…This is making this complicated.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Akamel asked in confusion as the man who he had been talking to suddenly mumbled.

There weren’t many who can ignore Akamel.

But the man in front of him was an exception.

This man was special even out of special people.

The man whom Akamel had been talking to, Nepallem, started to frown.

“Well. One TMT is looking for a fight in the underground residential areas.”

Akamel made a shocked expression.

‘This b.a.s.t.a.r.d…Why is he over there…’

It would know what would happen once it walked in the crowds of people, why did it go there.

‘d.a.m.n. This is why it’s always better to get rid of their rights and just use them like dogs. Why did he give them free movement…’

He liked neither the enhanced race nor the 3rd grade citizens.

‘Or maybe we should just treat them like the 2nd grade citizens….’

As Akamel mumbled with a cold expression.

Nepallem got up and started to head somewhere.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go have a look.”

And this shocked Akamel.

Though he knew that Nepallem was a hero and a famous being, why would he still go there.

“Just leave them, we’ll deal with them. Just focus on the plan this time around please.”

There was a reason why Akamel was annoyed.

There was so many things Nepallem had to do, why did he have to bother with such a menial task?

‘And…It’s tomorrow.’

In a situation where not a single mistake is allowed, for him to go see one man.

Nepallem chuckled as he shook his head.

“There’s a reason why I’m going. He’s… Really special.”


‘He’s different from the other TMT series?’

Akamel looked at Nepallem in confusion but Nepallem just headed down.

And Akamel clenched his teeth at this scene.

‘f.u.c.k. I don’t like any of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.’

Akamel thought for a moment then just shook his head.

Their plan was basically complete anyway.

It would succeed without Nepallem anyway.

Akamel started to send messages with a stern expression.



The topmost floor of the Obelisk started to get busy.


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