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Reincarnator – Chapter 407: Wall (1)

Hansoo looked towards Neoreim and fell into thought.

‘They’re probably still preparing for me.’

They had just checked out his strength and tried to overwhelm him.

And if those blessed soldiers were their trump card, they wouldn’t have backed off.

Especially since the Relic inside Neoreim was far more valuable than the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers.

They would’ve thrown away every single Dragon G.o.d Soldier at hand if it could buy them one more second.

By retrieving the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers, it meant that the soldiers weren’t part of their plans to stop Hansoo.

A plan to stop him without wasting the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers.

Since they’d done this after seeing his strength, he could narrow it down to three possibilities.

One, the Neropa’s Union’s proud fleets currently fighting in the frontlines.

Two, their Relic.

But they couldn’t use these two however they wanted.

Since their true enemy wasn’t him after all but rather the Emperor, Pompeion.

The moment they diverted one of these two things onto him, it would tilt the balance between them and the Pompeion Empire.

Which meant that there was only one possibility left.

‘It seems… that I’ll be seeing everyone else again.’

Hansoo thought as he looked towards the giant city in the distance.

A giant valley that spread from east to west that stretched over 7,300 kilometers.

The size of the valley was so deep and wide that in the past, many tribes thought that this valley had been created by the heavy slash of a G.o.d.

A valley made by a G.o.d to separate the rich southern lands from the poor northern lands.

“Well, it’s not really that dramatic and all, but still.”


K-Merrow Nell mumbled from inside his personal s.h.i.+p

Although he didn’t believe in G.o.d and all, he still liked to come here from time to time and enjoy the view.

This was the only place on this planet where a person could witness the deeply hidden Flame in detail.

That giant sphere that was still visible despite being thousands of kilometers below the surface.

An agglomeration of a vastly advanced technology that even they, who were already quite advanced, wouldn’t even dare to approach.

The existence of that Flame was the very reason why he loved this place.

This Great Valley was one of the few locations that could fuel his greed.

A location that told him that despite reaching such heights, there were still areas he had yet to conquer.

‘Two in fact.’

K-Merrow Nell looked towards the far distance.

Two things he hadn’t conquered.

One was the Flame under the planet.

The second was the land of that Pompeion b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

K-Merrow Nell gritted his teeth.

‘In such an important moment… Why did such a nuisance have to appear out of nowhere?’

K-Merrow Nell frowned at R-Eronia Nell’s report which told him that he had to deal with this himself.

But there was nothing he could do.

He didn’t have the leisure to care about a fly like that.


He was strong but so was his opponent.

Against an opponent like this, he didn’t have the room for leisure.

He needed to work fast and efficiently while using every card he had.

Always be prepared for the worst.

And he had done so up until now.

Although he might look like a tyrant who’d devoured over half of this continent.

Although he owned so much to the point of not knowing what to do with anything.

He didn’t have a single second to rest.

While maintaining a good relations.h.i.+p with the other two families, he had to push back Pompeion’s forces.

This meant that despite having a fly buzzing around back home, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Since the blade in his hand wasn’t meant for the fly but for something else.

‘d.a.m.n these annoying aliens…’

But he had to trust in these aliens now.

K-Merrow Nell frowned as he looked behind him.

Towards the couple who were sitting down in the interior of the s.h.i.+p.

“You said you could handle him, right?”

‘Family matters should be dealt from within the family.’

K-Merrow Nell looked at the couple.

In fact, the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers he had created were based on these two people.

Monstrous beings that could rip apart fleets by themselves.

Even amongst the aliens, these two were part of the elite few.

‘Did they say they were 4-Stars?’

The woman nodded.

“We’ll deal with it. Since your goal is important to us too.”

“…I’ll trust you. Please finish it quickly. But if you can’t even handle this… I may need to rethink our alliance.”

K-Merrow Nell spoke these words as he irritably walked off.

He then added a few more words as he headed towards the terrace outside the s.h.i.+p.

“I’ll tell you when the Quantum Transmission is ready. Just enjoy the view from the terrace until then, this isn’t something that just anybody gets to see.”

And with those words, K-Merrow Nell left the room.

The couple, who had been left by themselves in the room, watched the videos they received for a while.

The scene of one man ma.s.sacring the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers while being covered in darkness.

The man spoke.

“Only one of us should go, the other should stay and focus on finis.h.i.+ng up the plan.”

“…Yes, you’re right.”

The woman agreed to his words.

They couldn’t both go.

They didn’t have the leisure to do so.

‘The Great Plan…This is it.’

The plan which they and the Neropa Union had prepared for.

Their goal was right before their noses and at least one of them needed to stay here for that.

The man shrugged his shoulders.

‘One is more than enough.’

“It’s better if I go, right? Stay here.”

Although they both knew Hansoo…

But unlike him, the woman had a deeper relations.h.i.+p with Hansoo.

It would be better for him to go.

But the woman shook her head.

“No, I will go.”

“…Will you be okay?”

The woman, Mihee, nodded.

“Of course. I’ll deal with it quickly.”

Mihee looked sadly at the screen.

‘Hansoo… Why did you come so late…?’

Too many things had changed.

Too many things had been trampled on.

There were too many things on her shoulders now.

To go back to the days of the Tutorial.

The days of her, Sangjin, and Hansoo exploring the new world together.

The man felt worried as he looked at her.

‘Becoming all emotional at such an important stage… Ugh…’

The man spoke out while looking at her face.

“No, I’ll go.”



‘We might… not be able to finish this with just words.’

The man looked at the berserk Hansoo with cold eyes.


Dozens of Transcendents had rejoined Hansoo as he ran.

This included John Stone and the countless others who had spread out to divert the attention of the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers.

But it had been quite a while since they had last met up.

There wasn’t much point for a diversion since Hansoo’s position had been exposed already.

And they may get killed off by the Dragon G.o.d Soldiers while being away from Hansoo.


John Stone, who had been running while healing his body, looked confused.

“…Why aren’t they doing anything?”

Hansoo replied:

“They realized that they needed a single, powerful strike.’


As John Stone frowned—



—giant metal spikes abruptly shot up from the ground and into the sky, right in front of him and Hansoo.


Thousands of metal spikes rose into the air like a giant metal wave.

Each spike seemed to contain a vicious aura.

“Dammit! Dodge it!”

It was a skill that could easily shred apart 3-Star Transcendents.

Everyone stopped running.

It looked like the enemy didn’t seem to have any enmity with them since they’d stopped attacking them.

But John Stone flinched.

‘This skill….’


“I apologize for being a bit blunt, but I’m feeling a bit impatient, you see.”

—a man walked out from between the spikes.

Seeing the man, John Stone spat out one word:


“Ah… You’re here as well.”

John Stone gulped.

He knew Samuel had departed the Flameless Lands, but for him to have joined the Neropa Union so quickly…

Samuel made an awkward expression as he looked at the familiar faces among the Transcendents.

He had never expected to see his old underlings in a place like this.

“You must’ve had a greeaaat time after leaving us all alone there, right? You’ve been sticking by their side?”


Samuel was about to reply to John Stone’s angry words, but in the end he closed his mouth and turned his head away.

He hadn’t come here for this.

In order to achieve his goals, he had thrown away John Stone and left.

He had no time to waste right now.

Especially talking about the old times.

“Kang Hansoo. This is far as you go. Please stop.”

Hansoo frowned.

This person had come out of nowhere and had started saying a bunch of nonsense.

“Please stop going after the Relic. That’s… something very dear to us.”

Hansoo made an amused expression.

“It seems that I’ve lost my memories already, I don’t remember us being this friendly.”


Samuel paused at hearing Hansoo’s strange words, but then spoke with a heavy expression.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, but… you may not know me.”

Hansoo had always looked forwards.

And he had chased after him from behind.

But not anymore.

While Hansoo was being lazy, he’d run past him and had taken the lead.

And their plans were about to succeed.

Samuel breathed in deeply and looked at Hansoo.

“We’re going to use the Relic and create a land for ourselves in the 6th Zone.”

They were so close.

Their plan of finis.h.i.+ng the they were creating with the Neropa Union at the Great Valley.

And if they succeeded.

They wouldn’t need to fight anymore.

They would be able to escape the cycle of fighting and live a peaceful life.

John Stone roared at Samuel’s words.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You’re basically saying you refuse to climb up! You’re throwing us away!”

Samuel’s expression turned sad at hearing his shouts.


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