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Read Release that Witch Chapter 1339 Furious Flames Of Counterattack

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“Everybody get out of the trucks, now! Move as we practiced. Quick, quick!”

The yelling from the cargo hold from truck snapped Farrina to her senses.

“Let’s help too!” she said to Joe. She pushed open the door and jumped out of the driver’s seat.

Within the span of a few breaths, the pa.s.sengers started getting busy, writing and sketching in their books while erecting some strange equipment. From their conversations, the equipment seemed to be for helping the soldiers locate their target.

At this point, even if Farrina was slow, she knew the First Army’s intention.

They were planning on bombarding the enemy that was kilometers away!

Although she knew that the people of Graycastle were the best at using artillery to attack enemies over long distances, knowing was vastly different to seeing. A shred of awe arose in her as she gazed at the scene before her eyes—all projectiles were affected by their own weight and wind. The further the distance, the bigger the influence. Even a small, tiny disturbance could dramatically affect the result, so how was it possible that they could guarantee that the projectiles fired by these weapons over such a long distances would land where they wanted it to?

It couldn’t be that these simple looking equipment had the ability to predict the future?

If that was really the case, the terrible defeat suffered by the church in the battle at Coldwind Ridge wasn’t strange at all.

Farrina couldn’t help much at all with such technical work. She walked to the back of the convoy, hoping that she could lend a hand with the unloading.

For the purposes of maintaining secrecy, drivers weren’t informed beforehand who or what would be carried by the trucks, but the convoy had definitely carried quite a lot of things. At times like this, an extra helping hand could at least speed up the preparation, Farrina may not be good at other things, but strength was something she was certainly not lacking in.

But what she saw at the rear stunned her.

At the rear, a group of brawny, strong men were carrying long wooden boxes with high efficiency. Those weighty trailer firearms didn’t seem heavy and awkward at all in their hands. After removing the couplers, they surrounded the long steel pipe and dragged it from the hardened road.

What shocked Farrina even more was that among the group, she recognized some familiar faces.

Wait… isn’t that the G.o.d’s Punishment Army?

Even though they weren’t wearing armor, from their power, movements and appearances, she could tell that they were clearly the the once formidable warriors of Hermes.

“Hey, we meet again.”

Suddenly, someone patted Farrina’s shoulder.

Farrina jerked around at the familiar voice. “Zo… Zooey?”

“I didn’t think that you’d actually still remember my name,” Zooey laughed.” I thought that you’d still call me Army Commander Enova first.”

Farrina exhaled deeply. “Then these people are all…”

“Yes, they’re all Taquila witches.” Zooey spread out her hands. “See, I didn’t lie to you, right?”

“There are several hundreds like me in Neverwinter. We use the bodies donated by the church, so don’t be too fl.u.s.tered if you see someone you know.”

Zooey’s words resounded in her mind once again.

For a moment, Farrina didn’t know how to reply.

Joe lowered his head towards Zooey. “Miss Zooey, I’ve always felt extremely regretful that I didn’t get the chance to thank you last time, it’s great that we meet once again. Thank you for rescuing Miss Farrina.”

“Miss Zooey? Mortal, you know your stuff, I’ll accept your thanks.” Zooey shrugged. “We’ll talk about the other things later, right now, we should focus on dealing with the demons.”

“Um…” Farrina couldn’t help but utter as she watched the back of Zooey who was about to leave.

“Hm?” Zooey stopped.

“Thank you. And… I feel extremely sorry… for the mistakes that the church once made…”

“You are not in the wrong. You’re only a person who got deceived, that’s all.”

She waved her hand and walked toward the site where the equipment was being set up without looking back.

Farrina opened her mouth, but could only release a soft sigh.

But what she didn’t see was when Zooey left, the corner of her lips was curled slightly upwards.

The result was as Iron Axe described—as a driver, Farrina didn’t manage to help out on anything. In less than fifteen minutes, the First Army had finished the shooting preparations.

“Reporting No. 1, 2 and 3 cannons have finished loading!”

“Fire!” The commander ordered without hesitation

After a loud noise, a gauze of snowy fog flew up at the bottom of the cannon instantly. The sound of the explosion echoed continuously in the mountain, like thunder rolling across the horizon.

The searing hot sh.e.l.l cases that were lined up in the snow made sizzling noises. New rounds were very quickly loaded in them, in preparation for the next firing round. The entire process went smoothly and the teamwork of the Artillery Squad was so good they seemed to move as one person. The extent of their training could be seen just from this detail.

Farrina noticed that the difference between the First Army and other armies laid not only in their firearms.

After about thirty seconds, she finally saw a column of snow rise in the mountain peak in the distance!

“The ground forces have begun firing!”

Sylvie saw it everything from on top of ‘Seagull.’

After flying through a long projectile trajectory, the three rounds of artillery fire all landed near the Fortress-like Monstrous Beasts, with the closest one being less than three hundred meters away. The sudden explosion threw the stationed demons around them into a disarray. Some Devilbeasts flapped their wings and flew into the sky.

After she informed the cannon commander of the trajectory adjustment information, Sylvie placed all of her attention onto the enemies’ movements.

“How did the demons react?” Tilly asked.

“There are no traces of the main target moving. Currently only a small number Devilbeasts have risen to the sky, it shouldn’t be too long before they discover the truck convoy.”

“Our luck’s not bad.” Andrea whistled.

Indeed, their luck was not bad. Sylvie nodded her head indiscernibly. According to the plan set by the General Staff, the counterattack unit had already prepared themselves to keep firing despite the scouting demons’ attempts to stop them if they were discovered before the approach of the Fortress-like Monstrous Beasts. The plan was based on the experiences acc.u.mulated during the battle with the demon vanguard army on the Fertile plains. If the enemy had been Ursrook, twenty to fifteen kilometres away would already be counted as a dangerous region.

Although they just experienced a major battle, the majority of the forces were all sent to Sedimentation Bay. But as an extremely important ‘moving obselisk’, there were still many monsters and guarding soldiers stationed near the Fortress. But their security perimeter wasn’t completely impermeable—no Devilbeast had flown over this region for an extended period of time.

Tilly got Sylvie to keep guiding the trucks forward precisely because the enemy hadn’t discovered the counterattack squad early on. Only until their distance was eight kilometres from the target did they change into the artillery firing position.

This could only prove that the enemy had slackened after seizing the four cities!

After a moment, the second round of artillery firing boomed.

After adjustment, the second round of firing was a lot more accurate—two of them pa.s.sed through the Fortress-like Monstrous Beasts’ skeleton and landed at its feet one after another, killing several Mad Demons in its explosion. The third shot directly shot into the Monstrous Beast’s enormous back, sending snow and b.l.o.o.d.y meat residue flying.

The Monstrous Beast made an ear splitting scream, at the same time it took two steps forward.

More Devilbeasts flew from all directions, and gathered into a group in the sky.

But after they determined where the attack came from, five minutes had already pa.s.sed—in past battles, it was not considered slow, but when facing the Longsong cannon eight kilometers away, five minutes was enough to fire ten rounds, and that was including the time taken to adjust the shots!

The battle this time was not like the Taquila battle, ending the battle with the super accurate “short leg attack”. But to the enemy, their end would be far more terrible. Under the bombardment, the skeleton body was damaged. The top was peppered with holes due to the artillery rounds. Through the layers of cracked bones, the vibrating heart and the flowing blue blood could be seen. Even if it tried its best to escape, compared to the speed of the artillery fire, its attempt was not very effective.

When another artillery round penetrated the body of the beast, it made a tragic roar. A streak of blue light flashed across its huge body before it exploded entirely! Organs and blood sprayed down like a waterfall, dyeing the snow on the mountain in an eerie color. The empty limbs seemed to lose their support and insipidly snapped apart, collapsing onto the demons who failed to escape in time, squas.h.i.+ng them into a pile of twisted, battered skin.

“Be careful, they’re coming!”

At the same time, Sylvie warned the convoy that the demons were closing in.


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