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Repugnant Gateway is a web novel completed by Zhi Bai, 知白.
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An Zaiyue didn’t go too far. Currently, they were still in the big courtyard of the Heavenly Awakening Sect. However, they were inside the Heaven Defying Seal, so unless there was a peerless expert, it would be difficult for them to detect their presence.

Outside of the sect, many experts had already begun to appear, but there was nothing they could do about it.

After the empress dowager gave the order to attack the military, no one paid any attention to the young man named An Zaizhan.

Although An Zaiyue’s reputation was already quite great, he was still far from the eyes of those in high positions.

This would affect the situation in the Great Yan Nation, and no one believed that the war for peace would be of any use.

After all, no matter how famous An Zaiyue was, he was just a small student of the Martial Arts Academy.

The opponents of those great figures who could turn a flip of their hand into a rain, the opponents they were staring at, were naturally those of great figures as well.

The only people who were highly regarded by the brocade palace were Chen Zaiyan, w.a.n.g KaiTai, and Fang Daozhong.

Because the general’s intimate friend was still at the frontline leading the troops, the empress dowager didn’t dare to be direct, even if she was domineering.

Everyone knew that the general’s personality was the most elusive. Of course, when a deputy general of the illusory world was killed, this general dared to bring 3,600 flames of iron to the southeast, and killed countless people from Nether Realm in one go.

Because of this, the G.o.d gathering in Quiet Nation suffered heavy losses. The G.o.d master called it the shame of a hundred years.

If the empress dowager dared to stand up straight, Fang Zhiyi would really dare to fight his way back from the southeast border with his iron flame.

Even with the empress dowager’s strength, she didn’t dare to face Fang’s confidante head on and get angry.

So far, Fang Zhiyi was the only one who had survived in the War Department.

w.a.n.g Kai-tai used his disappearance to buy time, but until now, most of the deputy-minister Ma Ziwei’s disappearance is still considered w.a.n.g Kai-tai’s doing.

An Zaixin was drinking tea and meditating.

He knew, of course, that every once in a while someone was coming in to spy on him, but he was unmoved.

This was because he knew that a person’s worth determined the opponent’s value to him. This was a good thing for An Zhe.

The brocade palace still did not view An Sheng as an opponent, so the person who came to spy on them was naturally not some peerless expert, so even if An Zaihai and the others were singing a great play in the Heaven-defying Seal, they would not be discovered.

Skinny Du was holding a cat while squinting at An Zhe. An Zeng was sitting on the reclining chair with his eyes closed, resting his mind.

Speaking of which, Gu Qianye, Qu Liuxi, Du skinny, and Xiao Qitao were all a bit nervous by this strange atmosphere.

On the contrary, the dispute that they had been fighting over still seemed to be as casual as before.

“”Our people are leaving the city. No one cares about them, so it won’t be difficult for us to get out of the city dressed up as a shop a.s.sistant.””

According to your instructions, no one has gone far. After leaving the city, we will find a place to hide for the time being. “”

Qu Liuxi’s voice was very soft, but every word was very clear.

Her voice did not belong to the delicate beauty, but it had a soft, soothing quality to it.

She and Gu Qianye had very different personalities, but their relationship was so good that it was hard to say.

Gu Qianye looked like he didn’t care about anything, but his meticulous thoughts made one’s heart ache.

Although Qu Liuxi looked weak and weak, she always displayed an extraordinary strength at crucial moments.

“”What are you going to do?””

she asked Anjou.

An Xuan opened his eyes. “”You are all still inside the ‘Heaven Defying Seal’. Unless there is a true expert here, no one will be able to detect your presence.””

“”We should cultivate and rest.””

“”What about you?””

Gu Qianye asked.

“”I was already in the station, so I couldn’t get out.””

Qu Liuxi asked, “”Why did you want to enter that trap? You didn’t belong to the Great Yan, so of course you didn’t belong to this ever-changing situation.””

There’s no need to get involved if you want to. “”

Gu Qianye glared at An Zhe. “”He’ll definitely say it, he’ll tell you guys in the future.””

After a moment of silence, An Zhan said, “”Originally, I didn’t want to tell you, but I didn’t want to. It’s also irresponsible.””

I’m here because I’m involved with a benefactor. “”

An Zaiyue knew that the matter of rebirth was hard for Qu Liuxi and the others to understand.

But we have to give them a reasonable explanation, or they’ll never let it go.

An Xuan looked at Du. “”Why do you think I suddenly changed when I was living in the Illusory World?””

Skinny Du: “”Didn’t you say that you were going to be bestowed with the Heavens?””

An Zhan shook his head. “”Of course not, that’s just a lie.””

“”The reason I didn’t tell you is because I have involved a person … The Chief of the Great Xi’s Bright Spell Division, Fang Dou.””

“”Oh my G.o.d!””

“”Even if you want to lie, there’s no need to get at him.””

An Xuan said, “”Do you remember that some days ago, a beautiful woman came looking for me?””

Actually, she didn’t come looking for me. She came looking for me.

Remember when Zhong Jiuge left us for four years?

“”He was asked by me to go to the Da Xi to meet that woman.””

An Zeng looked at the crowd and said, “”Actually, I’m not bestowed upon me by the Heavens, but by someone who opened the door to cultivation.””

I met the heavily injured Chief of the Great Xi Cultivation in the Cang Man Mountain, and he taught me everything.

I carry his hatred with me, so I must get into this game. “”

“”Fang Dou and Prince Chen Chong are best friends. Fang Dou considers him to be his brother.

However, for some unknown reason, Chen Yehui had decided to kill Fang Dou.

Therefore, Chen Zhong set up a trap. He pretended to come to Yan Guo to mediate the war between the sixteen kingdoms.

“”Then they set up an ambush together with Empress Dowager Su and sent people to return to the Da Xi, saying that they’d been ambushed in the Yan Kingdom.””

“”After Fang Xuan got the news, he didn’t have the time to bring any helpers. He rushed from the Da Xi alone to the Cang Man Mountain of the Yan Kingdom.””

As a result, in the Azure Barbarian Mountain, many experts of the Small Heaven Realm, including a hidden one, besieged him.

He killed half of them, but in the end, he was heavily injured by a sneak attack by a lesser celestial cultivator because he was outnumbered.

“”I met him in the mountains. He opened the door to cultivation for me and told me what he knew. He asked me to avenge him.””

An Zhan took a deep breath. “”But he died too fast. He didn’t have the time to tell me who his enemies are.””

He is me and I am him, so his hatred must be repaid by me.

“”The reason why I didn’t want to tell you guys before was because this is too dangerous. I don’t want you guys to get involved.””

“”You … you mean, your master is actually the head of the Great Xi Mantra Division?”” The skinny man swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and said, “”You … you mean to say, your master is actually the head of the Great Xi Mantra Division?””

“”You can say that, but you can also see me as the same person.””

But I’m not as good as him, much weaker than him.

“”If I had his cultivation and strength, I would have already rushed into the Embroidery Palace.””

Qu Liuxi subconsciously reached out to grab An Zaiyue’s hand, but Gu Qianye’s hand stopped mid-air and quietly withdrew back.

“”After all, it’s not your hatred. I know how you feel, but our strength is limited right now. It’s not the time for revenge.””

“”I know,”” said Anjou, “”but I didn’t leave the meal alone.

Now I know that not many people are involved in this.

Li Changlu was one of them, and I’ve already killed him.

“”There’s also Imperial Physician Zhuge Liuyun, I can’t get close to him at the moment.””

“”And the biggest enemy is of course Empress Dowager Su.””

An Zhan clenched his fists tightly. “”Therefore, from the very start, this matter was already decided even before I entered Fang Shoucheng.””

“”It’s not conflict with the empress dowager. It’s hatred.””

“”You always said that I was reckless. That’s why I tried to persuade you just now.””

As your brother, I must advise you that it is too dangerous.

But similarly, as your brother, once you make a decision.

Whatever that decision is, I will follow you. “”

Gu Qianye nodded. “”The same goes for us.””

Xiao Qidao waved his arms. “”Big brother An Zai-ge, I can help you fight.””

An Zhan couldn’t help but laugh as he rubbed Little Seven’s head. “”You can’t go out and fight. Fighting is something adults do, you’re still young.””

Xiao Qidao said with dissatisfaction, “”But even Brother Pang can’t beat me!””

“”Now, the older brothers and sisters are older than you, and they’re still young, so they need the older brothers and sisters to protect you.””

One day, when the older brothers and sisters are old and unable to move, they will need Little Seven to protect us, right?

“”Therefore, what you need to do now is cultivate properly and strive for the time when we need your protection. If no one can beat you, then no one will dare to bully us, right?””

Xiao Qidao tilted his head and thought for a moment. “”It seems to make sense … Alright, I’ll cultivate properly. When you guys get old, I’ll protect you guys!””

An Zizheng put down Xiao Qi and said, “”Go cultivate with Master Huo now, okay?””

Xiao Qidao nodded and then pulled Old Huo’s hand to the side.

An Zhan sat back down. “”Just like what Fatty said earlier, we’re not strong enough right now. We can’t fight the people I want to deal with head on.””

So we can’t all be exposed, or we’ll all be wiped out.

“”You guys stay here and be my reinforcements. If I meet with any trouble, you guys can still save me.””

Qu Liuxi asked, “”But how can we help you?””

An Zaiyue reached out his hand, “”Pills, give me as many as you can. No matter what type of pills they are, you can give me as much as you have right now.””

Qu Liuxi nodded. “”Alright, I’ll go get it.””

Gu Qianye reached out to pick the broken finger bone hanging on his neck and handed it to An Ying, “”This is for you, this is the most precious treasure of the Ancient Hunters, I’ll tell you how to use it.””

An Zeng shook his head, “”No, first … this is the most precious treasure of your Ancient Hunting Clan, it doesn’t belong to you.””

So you have no right to give it to me, not even temporarily.

Second, you’ll have more meaning to keep this than to give it to me.

“”If there’s an accident, you can protect Xiao Li, Fatty Huo and the others.””

Gu Qianye opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything else in the end.

“”What about me?””

An Xuan said, “”Let me give you the most important thing …””

He took out two items that looked like red knots. “”This is a magic item that Lord Huo made overnight. It has no other uses other than communicating.””

If anything happens to me, the rope will turn blue if I need your help.

Once I was in trouble, the rope would turn black.

Remember, if it turns blue, it means I’m asking you for help.

“”If you turn black, don’t worry about anything, don’t ask anything. Just leave, and leave Fang Shoucheng.””

“”Oh.”” Du was skinny and did not retort.

But he knew very well that he would not go, whether the rope turned blue or black.

Gu Qianye curiously took the two knots and looked at them. “”Did Lord Huo do this?””

“”I know all of you very well. It’s still a matter of mutual concern.””

An Zhan: “”…””

Skinny Dean: “”…””


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