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Return of the Former Hero is a web novel completed by Nishi.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Sorry for the long update. I and my editors are busy with RL stuff.

But worry not, in a little free time that I have, I’m still able to translate the chapters and still able to deliver subs for Seiren with a little free time that I have.

To make up, I’ll try to post a new chapter of either Takami no Kago or Motoyuusha in few days, depends on which t.i.tle is ready.
Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

ED: Sorry about the wait guys. Conan Exiles came out, and I’ve been mesmerized by b.r.e.a.s.t.s~ Just like Haruto~ Anyway, here’s the chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 87: Former Hero – Goes Around to Blacksmith Shops

[Excuse me!] (Haruto)

Last night, I slept in the fluffy bed for the first time in several weeks. I’m satisfied after enjoying all kind of various size of b.r.e.a.s.t.s – from small to big. The trivial depression has already been blown away like the wind, and I feel refreshed and high in morale, while moving around to the weapon workshops.

I am walking with only three people. Sharon, Rithinia, and Mina.
With Rithinia as the guide, it’s just us three this morning.

After taking a short break for lunch, we are visiting our fifth blacksmith shop.

After there was an announcement for the engineers to gather, the seven best blacksmiths have been put together for purveyance.

I have heard that, from handmade weapons and armors to small intricate accessories, many things are exported to neighboring countries.

Anyway, as for my weapon request. Even though the blacksmiths are quite good, there is still no one smith that has been able to meet my needs.

Well, since I’m just stopping by and checking in on the shop, I’m not really seeing the full extent of the skills of the blacksmith.

Well, for now, we are just looking around. Chiefly because, it would be best if we make our request to the best blacksmith among them.

[. . . Eh, there’s no reaction.] (Haruto)

I did say it quite loudly, and yet, there’s no one coming out from the depths of the shop.

[Perhaps, the owner is away from the shop?] (Rithinia)

Rithinia is peeping into the building from behind my back.

[Away from home? Un. . . Excuse me! Is there anyone inside?] (Haruto)

Once more, I call out towards the interior of the building.

Then, there is a *dota dota* sound from within.

[Yes, yes. Welcome. What business do you have?]

From within, a girl appears.

Uwa. So odd.

The girl’s appearance is messy, with disorderly black hair being kept down by a ponytail in the back.

However, the length of her hair exceeds her hips, and is flowing down to her thighs.

Eh, is it likely to reach the ground if her hair is let loose?

And also, her outfit is amazing.

She’s only wearing a shirt. . . And the big things, the valley of her plump breast can be seen.

Uwa, such awesome views.

A little bit more, and I can see her panties.

Also, that expression of hers. So wonderful.


Hm? I wonder why?

My right arm, which is gripped by Sharon, is feeling an intense pain.

There is no way this is because of me, right?

[Etto, umm. . . The weapon, I’m looking for is a short-sized sword. I heard that the blacksmith in this shop is really excellent, so I decided to come here.] (Haruto)

[What, that kind of story, eh? I went out all in a panic, and lost myself.]

Oi oi.

Although you don’t know the reason, why do you continue being rude to customers.

The pervert girl, who is wearing an obscene shirt, dropped her shoulders after hearing my intent.

[Currently, we don’t create weapons anymore. Well, you can go check the weapon in the corner, though. Fuaaa~] (Pervert girl)

This clerk/shop a.s.sistant gave us a half-hearted explanation. Also, don’t go yawning, please. It’s improper. At the very least, you should cover your yawn. {ED: These lines made me yawn. . .}

Wait a sec, is this girl the blacksmith?

[Haa. . . Well, I’ll check them out.] (Haruto)

After speaking to the lewd girl, I went to go check the weapon which was lying in the corner of the shop.

Moreover, what kind of shop is this?

Even though I have been told that this is a weapon shop, there are no weapons being displayed here.

There were some accessories that I don’t understand well scattered about, as well as a doll.

This, reminds me of something.

Ah. A clock, eh?

The figure of this world’s number is being displayed on this clock.

There’s no real point to check it, though.

I pick up the weapon, which is being displayed in a careless fashion, and pull it from its sheath.

And then, I confirm the grip on the blade.

Hee, this is not bad.

When I grip it with my hand, it feels similar to a steel sword.

However, I felt a strange power coming from the blade.

When I poured in a small amount of magic to experiment with it, I can sense the magic from within the sword.


What do you expect.

But, how does it become like this?

From what I understand, the difference in the purity of the material creates an insurmountable gap in the amount of magic that can be loaded. However, for this sword, it is not as pure as others, yet still conducts magic just as easily, and I am unable to understand why.

Thanks to some mysterious technique, this weapon is in no way inferior to a weapon of a better rank.

[Haruto. How is it? Does it seem good?] (Sharon)

Because of my rare expression while checking the sword, Sharon asks about it.

[Yeah, although there is no problem with it, there is no need to check magic efficiency anymore. Even though I don’t really understand why, there is a clear margin of difference between this one and the weapons previously.] (Haruto)

[Hee~ Is that so. Awesome! Can I check it too?] (Sharon)

[Sure, here you go.] (Haruto)

I pa.s.sed the steel sword to Sharon.

Sharon takes a long, hard look at the sword, groaning while she inspects it.

[Even after I load it with magic power like you did, I still don’t understand anything.] (Sharon)

Sharon doesn’t seem to understand the quality of the weapon yet.

[You, although you are young, you seem to not quite understand the weapon.] (Lewd girl)

The pervert girl seems to be listening in on our conversation.

[Eh, well, I have tried a lot of various weapons up till now.] (Haruto)


Actually, I am not only capable of using swords. I can use spears and bows too, you know?

Heroes must be very skilled and excelling in multiple fields, you know?

[So, this sword, how did you make it like this? It’s only common steel, but the magic efficiency is quite high.] (Haruto)

I asked while leaning my elbow on the counter, facing the lewd girl directly.

I went all the way like that, not because I wanted to see the valley of her breast peeking out from her clothes.

There is no such reason, for sure.

[That’s a trade secret. I can’t teach you at this moment.] (Valley of the b.r.e.a.s.t.s)

The lewd girl answered my question, and is also leaning her elbow against the counter.

Leaning forward like that, the s.p.a.ce of her shirt is opened wider.


A little more.

A little more, and I can see the peak.

[You can buy it, if you like it?] (Mochi Cakes)

Although I’m not sure if she noticed my glance, the lewd girl straightens her posture, and parts away from the counter.

Oi, the h.e.l.l.

Aren’t you going to show them till the end?

Such discourtesy, coming from this lewd girl.

[Nah, even if it’s a very good steel sword. From the same crafting method. . . Let’s see, is it possible to create one from orichalc.u.m?] (Haruto)


It goes without saying, the highest cla.s.s of material.

The final weapon, which I used during my time as a Hero, was also made using orichalc.u.m.

It’s quite awesome.

Even though it can’t be compared with the G.o.d of Destruction’s Sword of Ragnarok, it’s the strongest sword, having an overwhelming magic efficiency, and surpa.s.sing all other materials.

[Orichalc.u.m, you said? Ha! Impossible, impossible. Such a thing doesn’t exist.] (Coy b.r.e.a.s.t.s)

Answering my question the lewd girl. . . Stopped for a moment. As she is a weaponsmith, she answered back while laughing.

Well, that’s to be expected.

I only said it for the time being, but the opponent’s side seems surprised.

[Oh, I’m just kidding about the orichalc.u.m, but I want a sword with the same amount of performance.] (Haruto)

[Fuun? You, although you can judge the quality of the weapon, don’t seem to have that much skill . . . ?] (Pillows)

[Though he looks like this, he is a surprisingly capable person, you know?] (Rithinia)

[To be accompanied by three girls, you might be a filthy rich person.] (Fun Bags)



This girl.

So impolite.

It’s not acceptable.

To say only three girls, when in actuality it’s six girls.

However, this is not the best time to say that.

As I thought, she is a perverted girl.

Nonetheless, being able to craft a weapon is wonderful.

Even though there are two other weapon shops left to tour, I don’t think they will be reaching the level of this one.

[W-well, putting things aside, I would like a weapon. For the time being, can I request to have a weapon crafted from here? Do you think you will be able to forge something like this?] (Haruto)

I put the mithril sword that’s hanging from my waist on the counter.

[Is this a mithril sword? To bring such a thing here, do you not want to request this from a senior blacksmith? Ah, well, it’s probably due to some special circ.u.mstances, there’s no other real reason to request it of me.] (Rude b.r.e.a.s.t.s)

It’s true.

That’s my reason fromt the beginning.

[I wonder how I should work on it? . . . Oh, it was produced well. Ah? But, to be damaged like this? To damage a mithril sword like this, are you really able to master it?] (Cleavage)


While checking the Mithril sword on the counter, the lewd girl commented as such.

The people of this world, do they not have any hospitality towards their guests?

At least try to learn, and come close to a j.a.panese person’s level of hospitality.

[I fought against a special being. That thing was very – ] (Haruto)

[Fuun. I don’t care though. Then, how? Should I repair it? It will take around a week though.] (Interrupting Suppleness)

T-H-I-S S-T-U-P-I-D G-I-R-L. . . .

Her cleavage is showing itself for a moment, such conceit.

It shakes whenever her body moves, those b.r.e.a.s.t.s!

Not that.

[Ah, no, actually I was just looking around the shops for now, so I haven’t decided on what to do with it yet.] (Haruto)

[What? You’re only window shopping. And here I was, already thinking about this, seriously.] (Conceited Mochi)

The lewd girl frankly returns the sword.

I guess it can’t be helped.

For the time being, let’s check out the other two weapon shops.

There might be a more capable weaponsmith than this girl.

And, I also don’t have any money yet.

[This shop is the best I’ve seen so far. Perhaps, I’ll come again.] (Haruto)

[Yeah, yeah. Feel free to check around, and look at all the other weapon shops.] (Mountains of Venus)

I received the sword back, and left the counter.

The discussion has ended, and the three others that were looking around the shop have returned, looking to me.

[Ah, yeah. I am Haruto Amagi. Lewd. . . No, what is your name, Oneesan?] (Haruto)

[N? Name? Don’t you see the writing on the signboard?] (Blacksmith Girl)


It’s too bad, but I can’t read it.

[Oh well. My name is Kagura. Gil Kagura. Well, nice to meet you.] (Kagura)

The weaponsmith girl, introduced herself.

Kagura. . . .

It’s very j.a.panese-like.

Is this just a coincidence?

[Kagura-san. I’ll come again later, so please take care of me at that time.] (Haruto)

And then, we left that shop, and proceeded to the next one.

{ED: I may have been a little silly with Kagura’s name before her introduction. . . }}


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