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Read Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 41

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch is a web novel completed by Devil May Cry, 妖邪有泪.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Locust Swarm
Translated by: 白酒鬼

After getting back into the game, Lin Fan contacted Liu Mengxiao and gave some of the  blue equipment and materials he obtained to her. After all, Liu Mengxiao would know best how to distribute them.

“Where’d you get all this?” Liu Mengxiao asked Lin Fan with surprise when she saw what he gave to her. There was plenty of level 25 blue equipment. And he had got it in just a day!

“Me and Chaotic Sky went hunting in a level thirty field,” Lin Fan said with a smile.

“Huh!?” Liu Mengxiao’s mouth gaped when she heard that. To Liu Mengxiao, what Lin Fan just said was impossible. After all, her party had trouble dealing with the monsters in the Nightmare Castle instance on expert difficulty, which were around level 18. She didn’t even think of standing up to monsters above level 20. This just showed how big the gap between Lin Fan and normal players was.

“No wonder you and Chaotic Sky levelled up so quickly. You guys were hunting level thirty monsters!” Even though Liu Mengxiao was surprised, she still believed Lin Fan. After all, she had known him for long enough to understand how much of a freak he was.

After talking to Lin Fan for awhile, Liu Mengxiao left. She knew that the difference in ability between her and Lin Fan was huge. Accompanying Lin Fan would just drag him down and waste his time.

“Where are you?” After seeing Liu Mengxiao walk away, Lin Fan called Chaotic Sky.

“Sorry but I don’t have time to waste with you today. I just got a solo five star quest that’s likely to become an instance. Get ready for the next instance to come out!” Chaotic Sky satisfactorily chuckled.

“A single-player five star instance quest?” Lin Fan asked with surprise.

“Yeap. It’s a quest that I have to finish on my own. I’ll have to enter a separate instance world with no contact to the outside. The only way out other than clearing it is death!” Chaotic Sky said.

“Then you better be careful!” Lin Fan warned. He knew full well how perversely difficult 5-star instance quest were.

“I’ve only got one shot at this quest. If I die there, then it’s a failure and I’ll lose four levels!” Chaotic Sky bitterly laughed. He continued, “But seeing what you got for your five star quest, even if I dropped ten levels, it’d be worth it!”

“Alright, alright, stop acting like you’re something just because you got a five star quest. It’s not like it’ll be as hard as Nightmare Castle! It’s rare to get a quest like that. With your gear, you should be able to handle it as long as you’re careful,” Lin Fan said.

“Alright, I’ll be going now. See you!”

“En!” After hanging up, Lin Fan sighed. Getting a quest like that is based on luck. But, completing it is fully dependent on skill. Five-star quests are just too d.a.m.n hard. At the moment, most players likely aren’t even able to handle them.

“Guess I’ll set off alone!” Lin Fan bought a bunch of potions then went to the Wild Plains. Even though Chaotic Sky wasn’t with him this time, he wasn’t able to kill the white horse again. However, he was more than enough to deal with normal wild horses. Even without the white horse, Lin Fan stilled turned a hefty penny. Moreover without an in-game purchase system in place, this was the best way to earn money.

After entering the Wild Plains, Lin Fan saw that it was full of horses once more. A night of rest had allowed them to resp.a.w.n.

Lin Fan went to an empty area and carefully cast Thunderbolt to lure over a single horse. Without Chaotic Sky around to cover his back, Lin Fan had to be more careful. After all, this was a level 30 field. Just a single horse required a fair bit of effort. If it was the entire herd? He’d have to run. So, he called them over one by one.

Unfortunately, by doing so, Lin Fan’s efficiency dropped by a lot. It took him 3 whole hours just to level up. If Chaotic Sky had come along like they planned, Lin Fan was certain that he would only need 1 hour.

After hunting wild horses for a while more, Lin Fan grew sick of it. After all, wild horses were a speed-based monster, so there were many times when Lin Fan failed to dodge. This caused the hunting efficiency to drop even further, since Lin Fan had to prioritize his life.

Lin Fan took a look in his inventory. He had used a lot of potions, but still had plenty left. This was because Lin Fan’s inventory s.p.a.ce was larger than others, and he had filled the whole thing with potions. So, in the end, he had only used one-third of his supply.

Then, Lin Fan looked at the last two bottles of Divine Fountain Water he had left. All long, he hadn’t been willing to use them. After all, apart from Paros dropping them the first time Lin Fan beat him, he never dropped anymore. Even back during that fight with Romundt, Lin Fan hadn’t been willing to use them. In fact, if it wasn’t for the level 30 zone being so dangerous, he wouldn’t even have brought them.

“With these things, I should be able to escape. Time to take a look inside!” Lin Fan pondered for a second, then started walking towards to the inner areas of the Wild Plains.

Inside, Lin Fan was extremely careful as all the monsters there could insta-kill him. Even the Ring of Conversion would only hold for another two hits. If he ran into something that struck fast, he’d be screwed. He could still deal with a level drop, the equipment he was wearing? He was wearing a full set. Losing even a single piece would be crippling!

As he walked deeper in, Lin Fan noticed that the environment was slowly changing. The originally plentiful tall were now no more. And the ground beneath his feet turned blacker and blacker with each step he took. As for the surroundings, they were unnervingly quiet.

“Not good!” Lin Fan suddenly lifted his head. The sight he saw caused him to pale. Above him, was a swarm of insects that looked similar to locusts. There were so many that they blotted out the sun.

“I’m screwed,” Lin Fan bitter smiled as he watched the swarm of locusts.

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