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Chapter 483 – Tyrant Horstler

At this moment, Chaotic Sky, Hua Feng, Nine Nethershadow Flash, Bai Chen, Mo Feng and the rest had all arrived at the tomb of the Barbarian King Horstler.

“Let’s go!” It’s time to take a look at this main cemetery! ” Lin Fan saw that everyone had arrived, and couldn’t help but reveal a smile, then said out loud. The one in front of him was the main cemetery, there was definitely an extremely powerful BOSS inside the main tomb, just like the Barbarian Sovereign King Horstler, who once ran away from the Beast G.o.d Sholat.i.tes and the Human Emperor Feather Emperor.

The Great Hall of the Barbarian King Horstler was very large. When Lin Fan and the rest entered the Great Hall, they were immediately stunned by what they saw. Within the palace, there were no monsters covering the ground. There was only an enormous figure sitting on top of the palace.

“Barbarian Tyrant Horstler (Undead): Level 89 Demonified BOSS, 1 million HP! Description: The undead monarch still possesses great power. Unfortunately, his strength has been reduced by a lot. He is no longer as terrifying as he was in the past! ”

“Haha, the Level 89 Demonified BOSS has fallen to Level 89!” Looking at the Barbarian Tyrant Horstler’s introduction, everyone could not help but reveal a smile. Level 89. A Boss that wasn’t higher than level 90 wasn’t too difficult for the party!

“Let’s kill this Boss first!” Lin Fan and the rest laughed out loud as they looked at the skeletal Undead Monarch in front of them.

“Roar!” Seeing that Lin Fan and the others had appeared, the Barbarian Clan’s critical strike, Horstler, released a series of furious roars.

“Lowly reptiles, you actually dare to disturb my, Horstler’s, hibernation!” Horstler let out a furious roar, and roared out.

“So what if I’m disturbing you?” Looking at Tyrant Horstler, Chaotic Sky’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty killing intent, he sneered and said.

“I want you dead!” Horstler roared out in fury, and suddenly stood up with his incomparably huge body. He was as tall and mighty as Heaven Breaker when he transformed into the t.i.tan’s War G.o.d.

“Spiritual Slave!” Seeing Tyrant Horstler’s incomparably huge body, Lin Fan immediately raised his hand and summoned the Undead Monarch Ha Ming Te.

“Roar!” The moment Ha Ming Te appeared, with a berserk roar, he rushed towards Tyrant Horstler.

“You’re courting death!” Tyrant Horstler let out a cold snort, and threw a strong punch towards Ha Ming Te, who was in front of him. Immediately, the fist collided with Ha Ming Te’s sharp claws, and instantly pushed him back a dozen meters.

“Roar!” At that moment, five Flying Griffin s with one Icy Dragon appeared, the six summoner immediately surrounded Tyrant Horstler.

“Scram!” Horstler released a furious roar, and forcibly punched out, his huge fist directly striking one of the Flying Griffin s, sending it flying backwards.

“We’re also going to move out!” Lin Fan looked at Tyrant Horstler and said. As long as he killed Horstler, he would be able to obtain the Holy Spirit Spring Water.

“Swoos.h.!.+” Just as Lin Fan said that, his body rushed out, like an arrow shot out from a bow, he instantly appeared in front of Tyrant Horstler. It was Mo Feng, and at that moment, the sword in Mo Feng’s hand carried a sharp Sword Qi, bringing along a berserk destructive force, it rushed towards Tyrant Horstler.

“Boom!” A powerful force forcefully smashed into Horstler’s body, causing him to be pushed back several steps, and even created a damage value that neared ten thousand points.

“Roar!” After being hit, Horstler’s eyes turned red, he immediately swung his hand, sending the surrounding Flying Griffin s flying like flies, then quickly chased after Mo Feng.

Right at that moment, Chaotic Sky’s figure suddenly appeared beside Tyrant Horstler. A dagger with a cold Qi immediately pierced Horstler’s body, one strike succeeded, in a moment, Chaotic Sky rushed towards the distance.

“Roar!” d.a.m.n reptile, you are courting death! ” Tyrant Horstler roared out, the berserk voice carried a berserk intent, the attack from Chaotic Sky had used a malicious curse, and at that moment, above Horstler’s head, all the damage values floated up, causing Horstler to be extremely furious.

“It’s not over yet!” Another explosive shout came up. By Horstler’s side, Heaven Breaker’s body directly appeared, turned into the t.i.tan’s War G.o.d, and rushed towards Horstler. A terrifying power that could shake the heavens was instantly formed, and directly smashed the axe onto Horstler’s body.

“Aooo!” Horstler let out a blood-curdling scream as he retreated backwards. His gaze turned to Heaven Breaker once again and fury filled his eyes.

“Roar!” When it came to Horstler, he was not his match. However, with the help of Heaven Breaker and the rest, it was not impossible for him to kill Horstler. At that moment, he let out a furious roar, as his sharp claws grabbed towards Horstler’s chest.

“Scram!” Horstler roared angrily, and the same punch ruthlessly struck toward Ha Ming. The two figures collided against each other. Afterwards, he retreated once again, but the Undead Monarch Ha Ming’s damage value increased by 60,000 points, while Horstler only dealt 30,000 points of damage, the difference between the two was extremely clear.

“Roar!” Horstler let out a furious roar, and once again charged towards the Undead Monarch. However, he was blocked by the Icy Dragon in the sky, who was a level eighty-one Demonified summoner, and its strength was not to be underestimated. A streak of ice flame directly smashed onto Horstler’s body, causing Horstler to take a few steps back.

“You d.a.m.ned lizard, you’re courting death!” Horstler let out a furious roar, looked at the huge dragon above him, then fiercely rushed towards the sky, straight to the Icy Dragon’s head. His huge fist, directly struck towards the Icy Dragon’s head, and instantly, the Icy Dragon was pushed back.

“d.a.m.n, you dare to hit my Icy Dragon!” The Nine Nethershadow Flash let out a furious roar, and immediately commanded the Flying Griffin to pounce towards Horstler. The five Flying Griffin immediately rushed towards the violently attacking Horstler, and firmly bit him, causing Horstler’s attack to fall into a state of fury.

“Scram!” Horstler’s claws ripped apart one of the Flying Griffin’s body, following that, a berserk roar resonated out, and a fist shot out towards another Flying Griffin, directly blowing it away, almost taking the life of the Flying Griffin.

“Dammit, I’ll let you havaste of this!” Nine Nethershadow Flash’s gaze turned cold, and he immediately took out a piece of skull. It was one of the skull pieces that Lin Fan and the others had taken out.

Following a flash of light, a level 78 demonified summoner rushed out once again. The Blood-Thirsty Griffin’s power wasn’t as weak as a normal Griffin’s, and with a violent roar, it charged towards Horstler. The claws grabbed straight for Horstler’s head. After finis.h.i.+ng off the other Flying Griffin, Horstler immediately felt a cold current rus.h.i.+ng over. Xiao Chen could not help but let out a furious roar as he punched towards the sky, sending the Vampiric Lion flying back.

“Sun Extinguis.h.i.+ng Fire!” At this moment, Lin Fan’s Sun Extinguis.h.i.+ng Fire was finally formed, the strong flames instantly descended and directly smashed into Horstler’s body, causing Horstler to fly backwards.

Horstler, who had suffered an attack from the Sun Extinguis.h.i.+ng Fire, finally let out a series of roars. At this moment, under this continuous attack, Horstler’s health had already dropped to six hundred thousand.

“Reptiles, you’re courting death!” As the previous King of the barbarians, he had never been in such a sorry state before. If not for the fact that his strength had declined so drastically after transforming into an undead, he would not have been attacked by these players.

At this moment, Horstler released waves after waves of angry roars, his huge body immediately rushed towards Lin Fan. Just now, Lin Fan’s Sun Extinguis.h.i.+ng Fire had destroyed over 200,000 of his damage, so of course he remembered Lin Fan.

“Ten Thousand Flying Dragons!” Seeing Horstler rus.h.i.+ng over, Lin Fan was not anxious at all, he raised his hand and Ten Thousand Flying Dragons erupted, causing Horstler to retreat one step. After that, seeing Horstler rus.h.i.+ng over, Lin Fan immediately used spatial flash to avoid Horstler.

“Hah!” At this moment, Heaven Breaker had also caught up with Horstler. Once again, he turned into the t.i.tan’s War G.o.d, and his gigantic axe directly smashed towards Horstler’s head.

“Roar!” The current Horstler let out a mournful roar. After being continuously attacked, Horstler was already enraged, especially the two Demonified Blood-Thirsty Griffins, the Undead Monarch Hammer and the Icy Dragon. These four Demonified summoner caused Horstler to suffer. Adding on the group attack, Horstler’s HP was continuously dropping.

“Stop him! I’ll try again! ” Lin Fan looked at Horstler and shouted. Then, he raised his hand and began to condense the Apocalypse of Thunder-Rage.

“Roar!” Feeling the tyrannical might of the thunder and lightning in the world, Horstler finally realized that something was wrong and he started to howl angrily, wanting to break free from the crowd’s obstructions, and interrupt Lin Fan’s magic. However, it was clear that he was hoping for it, because the crowd did not give Horstler the chance to escape, but instead forcefully stopped Horstler, preventing him from rus.h.i.+ng over.

“Get out of the way!” Suddenly, Lin Fan’s voice came out. At that moment, Lin Fan had already condensed a huge ball of lightning in his hand, bringing along a terrifying berserk Qi, the ball of lightning directly flew at Horstler, who was extremely furious.

“Roar!” Sensing the terrifying lightning element, Horstler finally let ouanicked roar.

“Boom!” The Thunder Lightning Ball forcibly smashed into Horstler’s body, releasing a loud sound.


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