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Read Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 61-The Horrible Skeleton Knight

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch is a web novel completed by Devil May Cry, 妖邪有泪.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Return of the Net Gaming Monarch Chapter 61-The Horrible Skeleton Knight

After dinner, Lin Fan comforted Liu Mengxiao to sleep early. After that, Lin Fan

returned to his room and put on his helmet again and entered the game. Lin Fan was very clear on the current situation.


straight into the next room, Lin Fan began to bombard the Skeleton Warriors and Knights, releasing all of his anger into the

skeleton’s body. Against Lin Fan’s madness, the skeletons couldn’t resist, and they all retreated repeatedly.

Lin Fan cleaned

up the room in one room, and soon, he went offline. He looked at his results before cleaning up about half of the third floor.

The distance between them was completely clean, and he was still a lot worse off.

After logging off, Lin Fan fell into a deep

sleep. He had been through too many things that day, even Lin Fan felt extremely tired.

The next day, Lin Fan had just woken up,

and after breakfast, he immediately entered the game and swept through the rooms.

As more and more rooms opened up, Lin Fan slowly

discovered that there was a faint black aura surrounding the skeletons. Lin Fan hadn’t paid much attention to them, but as the

rooms opened, the black aura on the skeletons grew heavier and heavier, and Lin Fan began to notice.

Firstly, these skeletons that

surrounded the dead aura were much more difficult to deal with than the skeletons in the front. Whether it was their defense or

their offensive power, they were much stronger than the previous skeletons.

Now, the Skeleton Knights had evolved to the level of

a Level 30 Elite, and Lin Fan also discovered that as long as he killed a skeleton, the black fog on its body would float on top

of a skeleton.

When they arrived at the last room, the dozen or so Skeleton Fighters had already evolved to Level 25 Elite level

monsters. With the addition of two LV30 Elite Knights, even Lin Fan was sweating cold sweat.

“Luckily, there’s only this one

room. If we continue fighting, I’m afraid I’ll go mad!” Looking at the huge lineup that appeared in the last room, Lin Fan

couldn’t help but bitterly smile. Including two Skeleton Knights, a total of fifteen elite monsters! They were both much


This time, Lin Fan learned to be obedient. He knew that the black fog surrounding these skeletons would be transferred to

the other skeletons to increase the strength of those skeletons. Therefore, Lin Fan’s priority was to change from the Skeleton

Warriors to two Level 32 Skeleton Knights. After all, these two were long-range a.s.sailants. They had the ability to lock in

magic. Compared to those close combat Skeleton Fighters, the greatest danger to Lin Fan was to eliminate these Skeleton Knights.

Only Lin Fan was able to feel safe.

Looking at the two Skeleton Knights in front of him, Lin Fan’s eyes revealed a serious

expression. The dark fog covered the white bones around them, as if they were covered in a dark armor, and the bone horse under

his crotch became a dark horse. This caused Lin Fan’s heart to feel a burst of depression.

Lin Fan attacked the two Skeleton

Knights, and even the Demon G.o.d’s Fountain’s Devil Blessing Effect was used up. Lin Fan also used it to withstand the


Under Lin Fan’s crazy attack, the two Skeleton Knights finally collapsed under the pressure. This collapse didn’t

matter. The black fog surrounding the skeletons instantly curled up and charged straight at the Skeleton Fighters that surrounded

Lin Fan.

The black fog that was like a cloud instantly enveloped the body of the Skeleton Fighter. With the addition of the dense

fog, the skeletons and skeleton warriors roared at the sky. It also caused Lin Fan to be slightly stunned.

Because when the black

cloud dispersed, the thirteen Skeleton Fighters in front of him had all turned into Elite monsters of the Thirtieth Stage. The

black horse beneath them was no different from the two Skeleton Knights in front of them. However, the only comfort to Lin Fan

was that this group of Knights were still equipped with sabers, because their weapons were even more ma.s.sive than before.

In front

of the rumble, thirteen skeleton knights charged towards Lin Fan. The sound of the horse’s hooves on the ground was like a drum,

and the thunderous thunderous roars shook Lin Fan’s heart.

The iron feet splattered, and thirteen skeleton-knights charged

towards Lin Fan in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. With a huge impact, they slashed at Lin Fan with his saber.

“Ring of Fire!” Lin Fan didn

‘t dare to be careless when faced with the attacks of so many Knights. He immediately used the Fire Ring Technique and avoided

the knight’s machete. Then, the earth split and the ground spurted out, piercing the horse’s soft belly.

After that, Lin Fan

immediately dodged and unleashed a sea of fury at the thirteen Skeleton Knights. The huge wave of fire swept through the thirteen

knights, causing them to stumble.

Afterwards, Lin Fan avoided the attacks of the knights and attacked the group of Knights. Very

quickly, he killed three skeleton knights.

After the death of the three Skeleton Knights, the remaining Skeleton Knights absorbed

the dense fog surrounding the three skeletons. They became more and more frightening, and their attack power was even higher than

before. This caused the pressure on Lin Fan to suddenly increase. After all, although three Skeleton Knights were destroyed, the

remaining Skeleton Knights brought even more terrifying attacks and strength.

As more and more Skeleton Knights fell, the

remaining Skeleton Knights became extremely horrifying. The black horses under their legs were already a head taller than Lin

Fan, and their bodies were as solid as a giant.

“Three last!” At this moment, Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with seriousness. Even

though these Skeleton Knights were still at level 30, they still showed that they were still elites. However, Lin Fan believed

that this group’s true attack power was much higher than the attacks of the BOSS.

Although there were only three of them left,

Lin Fan would rather face the thirteen Skeleton Knights than the three skeletons that had been rendered black by the black fog.

This was because the three Skeleton Knights were simply too horrifying.


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