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Chapter 1247: Devour

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Vulcan was a very famous expert. He had no fixed residence and always drifted from place to place. No one knew his true face, but every time he appeared and took action, he would always decimate all his enemies with an earthshaking and irresistible momentum.

However, the name of this expert actually appeared again in this place.

Most of the Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts had heard of Vulcan’s name, and many core experts in this clan knew that he was the leader of Sacred Flame.

“The Sacred Flame?”

Over 2,000 powerhouses of the Celestial Wizard Clan finally understood the origin of the forces who fought them until the fourth island. It turned out that they were the Sacred Flame’s people, and the powerhouse who had killed many of their kin was the fearsome Vulcan.

A chilling light gleamed in Wizard Ancestor’s eyes. After observing for some time, he finally determined that the other party consisted of three forces, namely the Sacred Flame, Dark Shaman Clan, and an outrageously powerful force of cultivators from China.

This is a trap!

Having lived for centuries, how could Wizard Ancestor not realize that this was all a trap?

His black robe rustled as he stood tall and straight, streaked up into the air instantly and shouted, “All the clansmen of Celestial Wizard Clan! Heed my order and retreat to the seacoast near the liners!”


A blast of sword light suddenly slashed, as though coming from other planes, tore the s.p.a.ce barrier and instantly slashed Wizard Ancestor’s head. Despite the haste, Wizard Ancestor was still able to unleash his wizard weapon even though the enormous impact shook his body and sent him flying while spurting a mouthful of blood.

Yet, what scared him the most was the rainbow-like sword light that bolted at him from the direction he was flying since the 100 meters-long sword light straightly swept over him. With just a glance, he could tell that, even if he could survive, he would be gravely injured should he get struck by this sword strike.

“Into the Void!”

A frantic look on his face, Wizard Ancestor’s body shattered and transformed into a cloud of black mist instantly. The mist shrouded the air and didn’t disperse as it gathered again. However, the rainbow-like sword light pierced through the mist and slashed down the sea of flame hundreds of meters away while harvesting the lives of tens of Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts in its wake.


A beast-like roar came out of the black mist. The moment after, the black mist crazily condensed and the figure of Wizard Ancestor reappeared.

But at this moment, his clothes were reduced to ashes and a large number of bizarre runes faintly appeared on the wrinkled skin all over his body. The runes kept flickering and the faint sanguine light radiating from him looked like there was a volcano inside him and exposed magma-like scene on the runes’ lines


Wizard Ancestor’s body turned into a streak of light and instantly appeared right in front of Tang Guang. Dark rays burst out of his ten fingertips as his nails rapidly elongated. The scene seemed like Tang Guang’s body would soon be torn apart.


Right at this moment, however, violent energy suddenly hit Wizard Ancestor’s right shoulder, the impact blowing him out.

With lingering fear on his face, Tang Guang turned to Tang Xiu, who had just appeared in front of him. The chilling sensation that overwhelmed his body slowly disappeared. He had just seen the scythe of death before his eyes. He knew that he would have met his demise in the hands of Wizard Ancestor if it wasn’t for the timely intervention from his Grand Master Tang Xiu.

He and the Wizard Ancestor were similarly at the Spirit Formation Stage. However, the latter’s power suddenly soared by more than 10 times. What he felt at that time was like the feeling of an ant facing a grand mountain.

“Who are you?”

Wizard Ancestor let out a terrible, miserable cry while he flew upside down and tried to stabilize his body. However, his right arm had now disappeared, blood was flowing out of his mouth, and his aura plummeted by several folds.

“Hahaha!” Tang Xiu laughed uproariously and shouted aloud, “Who am I? I’m Tang Xiu of Tang Sect! It was me who slaughtered your clan’s experts before. It was me who posted huge bounty rewards to kill your kin. It will also be me who’s going to annihilate your clan. What s.h.i.+t is Celestial Wizard Clan, huh? Hehe… Those who sin must reap their own death, and today is the day your clan must face its destruction. Everyone, hear my orders! Go all out and kill them all! I’ve laid out an array to surround the island. No one can leave this island before the enemy has been wiped out! Kill to your hearts’ content! We’ve come to the point where we or they are going to perish here!”


All the experts of Celestial Wizard Clan were shaken. The less than 2,000 people who had retreated to the sh.o.r.e sped up their pace a bit. But when those at the forefront reached the edge of the coast, they were blocked by a layer of invisible energy s.h.i.+eld. No matter how fierce and desperate their attack to break it was, none of them was able to even scratch the energy s.h.i.+eld of the array.

Not far in the distance, the Dark Shaman clansmen also looked horrified, for they didn’t expect that Tang Xiu was so decisive as to carry out a final battle against the Celestial Wizard Clan on the fifth island.

“F*CKING d.a.m.n!”

Vulcan stabbed several experts of Celestial Wizard Clan as he gazed at the coastline in the distance. He could clearly sense the might of the energy s.h.i.+eld of the array that was being attacked. The array exuded an aura that triggered his dread, and he knew that this array was very powerful.

He finally understood why Tang Xiu didn’t let them leave after his people landed on the fifth island. It turned out that n.o.body could leave this island after they set foot here, else they would have ruined the array he had laid out here in secretly.

“This is… you’re f*cking pus.h.i.+ng me to fight the enemies to the death!”

Vulcan roared inwardly with a helpless feeling. He kept killing faster and took the lives of tens of Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts in just a few minutes.

Tang Xiu didn’t give Wizard Ancestor another chance and sent flurrying strikes at the speed of lightning, constantly injuring the latter and making him gravely injured. In just half a minute, Wizard Ancestor was badly beaten by Tang Xiu.


Another Spirit Formation Stage who was a Supreme Elder of the Celestial Wizard Clan moved right at the moment Tang Xiu was about to strike the final fatal blow to Wizard Ancestor. The man tried to mount a sneak attack on Tang Xiu and had been hiding his power from the start while wandering around Tang Xiu and Wizard Ancestor to look for opportunities to strike.

And now, he felt that the opportunity had come.

Contempt flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. The gap in their strength rendered any sneak attack useless, more so that he kept observing the situation in the surroundings. He had long noticed that this Supreme Elder of Celestial Wizard Clan had been hiding his power all the time.


Tang Xiu instantly unleashed his divine sword. The moment his mighty punch hit Wizard Ancestor’s chest, the divine sword tilted its trajectory into the opposite direction and powerfully slashed that Supreme Elder and Wizard Ancestor in one strike.

It only took a flash moment and the two strongest wizards were coldly slain by Tang Xiu. Right after the strike, Tang Xiu’s mind suddenly moved and he let out a violent roar, instantly stunning and paralyzing the enemies around. Shortly after, fireworks-like dazzling flames set ablaze all of sudden and countless brilliant lights exploded in the darkness and illuminated the dark environment.

“Star Essence divine ability—Devour!”

In a moment that felt like an eternity, Tang Xiu thoroughly grasped the “Devour” supernatural power. He had been thinking all this while why a star essence divine ability didn’t appear even though his strength had advanced by leaps and bound. He kept waiting until this fight and was losing hope to have it triggered before this battle.

But at the moment, ecstasy filled his heart. What made him unable to believe was that the star essence divine ability he just obtained was unexpectedly a “Devour” one.

Devour; as in an ability to devour all energy, blood, and life force.

In that instant moment, Tang Xiu seemed to have transformed into the embodiment of the peerless devil. The blood of those experts who died in battle that scattered everywhere, the world energy, and the ma.s.sive life force, were directly sucked and devoured the moment he unleashed the Devour divine power and then absorbed all of them into his body.

Turbulent energy raged as it converged in the meridians in his body. The already wide meridians were widened several times in just a few breaths; even a few cracks began to appear in Tang Xiu’s tough meridians. However, whenever a new crack appeared, the previous cracks were filled and repaired by his Primal Chaos energy.

The cracks kept appearing and constantly being restored one after another.

As a result, the width of Tang Xiu’s meridians kept increasing and its tenacity was crazily improving. Even if someone were to cut off his meridians with a saber at this moment, it wouldn’t be able to sever them. It was so tough that even those at the Foundation Establishment Stage wouldn’t be able to achieve it.

At the same time, the celestial bodies in the universe inside his body were constantly expanding. In just tens of breaths, hundreds of celestial bodies bloated up to tens of kilometers in diameter.


All of a sudden, Tang Xiu’s body shook because he felt that these celestial bodies suddenly came to life. That’s right, they came to life with life force! It was like these celestial bodies grew sentient with intelligence and wisdom.


Tang Xiu kept conjuring and casting magic spells and divine ability and began his slaughter of the Celestial Wizard Clan’s experts. At the same time, his cultivation constantly increased and rapidly progressed. Each time an expert either from the Celestial Wizard Clan, Sacred Flame, or Dark Shaman Clan met their death, their life force and the blood flowing in their bodies streamed into the air and was forcefully sucked into Tang Xiu’s body.

As its name implied, the Devour divine ability was a domineering and insane ability.

When all the experts of Celestial Wizard Clan had been completely slaughtered, only less than 2,000 members of Sacred Flame survived, whereas the Dark Shaman Clan lost over 100 people. At this time, Tang Xiu floated in mid-air. His body suddenly shook and a surge of energy blast out inside his chest and the world energy in the entire island was instantly absorbed by him. Even the countless stars in the boundless universe kept shaking.

The flux of energy from the stars, cl.u.s.ters of galaxies and celestial bodies was as though a terrifying power radiating from the sun that covered the entire sky and directly bombarded Tang Xiu. As the countless kinds of energy came to a kilometer range around Tang Xiu, all of them were crazily devoured by Tang Xiu’s body.

At the moment, thousands of celestial bodies in the universe inside his Dantian began to grow. Along with the flux of violent energy injected into it, those various energies directly merged into each of these celestial bodies. Tang Xiu lost his sense of time as he was completely immersed in devouring energy and cultivation. No one and nothing could approach him within a kilometer radius. Even Vulcan, who had cultivation level at the Spirit Formation Stage, was blown away by the surging power when he attempted to get close.

Crack… BOOM…

A lightning bolt blitzed and cut through the vault of heaven and brought earthshaking thunders. Dark clouds began to cover the sky while sparks of lightning kept flas.h.i.+ng through the thick black clouds, as though they were ready to strike down at any time.


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