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Read Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 212: Car Training at the Driving School

Returning from the Immortal World is a web novel completed by Jing Ye Ji Si, 靜夜寄思.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 212: Car Training at the Driving School

Inside a VIP room of the Caesar Grand Hotel.

Chen Wei’s eyelids fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes on the soft and cozy bed. After she sat up with her sleepy eyes, Tang Xiu’s shadow entered her blurry vision as anger suddenly boiled up from her stomach up to her brain. Her tender body bounced up from the bed as she threw herself forward threateningly as though a hungry tiger toward Tang Xiu.

“Surnamed Tang b.a.s.t.a.r.d! This ancestress will fight with you…”

Tang Xiu’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted. He turned around and saw Chen Wei, who was storming over at him. His eyes slightly paused, because Chen Wei was wearing loose pajamas and the belt tied on her waist was already loosened. The pajamas split open in the middle, and due to Chen Wei’s movements, not only did he see those snow white big buns, he could also see its two little red cherries atop it.

This… Was this the legendary… exposed chest?

A short circuit happened inside Tang Xiu’s brain when Chen Wei flew in front of him. Just as the small pink-colored fist was about hit his nose, he reacted in an instant. Whilst feeling the heat from the lower part below his abdomen, he quickly moved lightning fast and instantly grabbed Chen Wei’s waist and avoided her small fist. Then, he forcibly grabbed her big chest from the left side and threw her back to the bed as though garbage.

“Don’t get up before you take care of your clothes first. I didn’t expect you wanted to show off those impressive rising blobs of yours, though. The weather heated up, and you gotta put down the fire and anger within you. Do take care not to burn your body, so you don’t die in vain. Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot to tell you. It actually felt pretty good.” A smile outlined itself on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth as he then turned around to the sofa and sat down.

Chen Wei, who was thrown back to bed, struggled to get up again. However, she suddenly stopped upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words. When she looked down at her chest, she suddenly screamed and quickly pulled on her pajamas to cover up her sensitive parts. Then, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at Tang Xiu, cursing, “You d.a.m.n little pervert! Y-y-you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what the f.u.c.k did you grab it for?”

Tang Xiu’s lower part was heated up. However, he never had the intention to give his first time to Chen Wei. So, he maintained his calmness and replied indifferently, “If I were a pervert, you would have long been eaten by me on the spot, I’d even dare say that you wouldn’t be able to crawl out of the bed now.”

Chen Wei raised her right arm as she pointed at Tang Xiu and angrily chided, “You… Y-you… Y-you’re shameless.”

“If I’m really shameless, I’m afraid you wouldn’t even be able to move your fingers, let alone open your mouth and curse me.”


Chen Wei looked at Tang Xiu with an expression of wanting to cry but wasn’t able to. Yesterday, she found that Tang Xiu was just like a good, well-behaved mommy boy. Although he was cunning and fierce at the most, it was only his glib talk, and not his martial arts ability. But who would have thought that in just a mere one night, she suddenly found that she was not his opponent?

Tang Xiu said with a dull expression, “If you don’t want to get cold, hurry to take a bath and wear your clothes. I’ve brought you breakfast. After you finish eating, obediently stay in the hotel, I have to go out to take care of something.”

“Why the h.e.l.l must I listen to you? I haven’t settled the score with you yet! Why did you suddenly knock me out last night? Didn’t you repaid my good intentions with an evil one?” Chen Wei said angrily.

“I’ve to point two mistakes. Firstly, you should remember that if you were not stupid enough to be fooled by me, you wouldn’t have taken the bet yesterday. Secondly, you have done more misdemeanors compared to me. I hope you will use your brain better in the future and not spit out more garbage from your mouth.” Tang Xiu said.

Chen Wei was so mad even her body was trembling. But as much as she wanted, she could do nothing. She could only glare angrily at Tang Xiu, bellowing with a trembling voice, “You don’t believe me I’ll call Han Qingwu immediately and tell her that you molested me, do you?”

Tang Xiu took his phone and picked Han Qingwu’s number. “You can call her now. If Han Qingwu believes you, I won’t say anything and leave immediately. In any case, she gotta do what she gotta do anyway. If she choses to believe me, I’m sure the friends.h.i.+p between the both of you will certainly be affected.”


Chen Wei was silent.

After staying silent for a few minutes, only then did the anger on her face slowly disappeared. When she looked up again, a slight smiling expression was revealed on her face, even an intense curiosity filled her eyes as she asked, “Tell me, how long do your “night skill” ability last?”

“Yesterday I was polite to you because I took Han Qingwu’s face into account. But since you’re really a marvel-annoying woman, being polite to you is useless; I can only treat you with my own style. How was it? Did you think my style is useless?” Tang Xiu said.

Chen Wei raised her thumb up and exclaimed, “It’s very good! To be frank, yesterday, I didn’t like you even for a little bit. But today you got my admiration, even though for a bit. You know what? I’m kinda interested in you now.”

Tang Xiu said, “Please be prudent, will you? A woman who’s curious about a man wouldn’t be far from falling in love with him. And I have no interest in you whatsoever.”

Chen Wei laughed heartily and said loudly, “You’re truly one to have people shower their affection onto, without you even being interested in them. But heck, even if I were to fall in love with you, this great aunt—I, am not afraid. At the worst, I’ll only give myself up to seduce you into my arms. I don’t believe you can maintain your composure and stay calm just like the willow tree under the blow of the waves.”

“That won’t happen, trust me. I never, and won’t ever be like this Brother Willow, to begin with. If I had to describe myself in words, not even a chance I’ll be disturbed with a woman in my lap? But if I were to aim you, at the most, I will only have s.e.x with and dump you afterward.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said.


Chen Wei was incensed. But her anger turned into a smile, which was even faster than turning a book’s pages. She then snorted coldly and said, “Hmph. You just said that I’m a marvel-annoying woman, no? Even if I were not a chaste woman, don’t ever dream of having s.e.x first and dump this beauty either. This great aunt—I, will be like a superglue when I love someone. Wanting to break up with me, then I’ll skin a layer of that person at the least.”

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes. He suddenly felt that if he were to continue staying here, he would definitely go straight into a wrong direction, so he got up and lightly said, “I still have something to do, so I’ll go first. Do remember that you’re not to leave the room even a step. Otherwise, if you fall into an accident, I won’t take any responsibility whatsoever.”

Chen Wei jumped again from the bed and quickly blocked the way in front of Tang Xiu as she quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

Tang Xiu said, “That’s my private affair, I believe.”

“Your private affair is to keep me accompany! If your reason doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll follow you everywhere you go.” Chen Wei said with a resented expression.

Tang Xiu was helpless and replied reluctantly, “I must go to the driving school. I had an agreement to see the yesterday. But I forgot it because of you. So it would be very rude if I don’t go today.”

Chen Wei rolled her eyes and opened the way as she said, “What a wimpy kid. You just thought to have your driver’s license now? Bah! Forget it. Even if you’re spitting out such rubbish, I’m too lazy to delve into it. Fine! I’m telling you. If you don’t come for me until noon, I’ll go and eat outside by myself.”

Be back at noon?

Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I’ll try to get back in time.”

After leaving the Caesar Grand Hotel, Tang Xiu looked at the time. It was still early in the morning; he still had time to go his family’s restaurant and explain to his mother about Yinyin. After he asked her to take a rest for a couple of days, only then did he took a taxi and went to the driving school.

The driving school’s name was Zhao Dequan. Although he was already past middle-age, he was still spirited and had a good health. Coupled with his extraordinary manliness, he gave off the vibe of a successful figure.

“Mr. Tang, Long Xueyao told me about your situation. Chief Long also specifically called me, so you need not worry. I have properly arranged all the following issues regarding this matter. But since I have yet to know whether you can drive or not, as well as your knowledge with cars, I was thinking to ask you to come here. Anyways, I’ve arranged the best instructor and also the special treatment for you, so you can familiarize yourself with the car properly.” Zhao Dequan spoke with an I-have-handled-everything manner along with a particularly amiable expression.

Tang Xiu replied with curiosity, “Chief Long? Who are you talking about, Long Zhengyu or Long Hanwen?”

“It’s Long Hanwen.” Zhao Dequan said.

“Ah, I didn’t expect that he also heard that I want to take the driver’s license test. Zhang, I haven’t had the chance to drive a car before, so I don’t know much about driving. It seems that I’ll have to trouble you. Anyway, wait for me to obtain a driver’s license and I’ll treat you to a meal to express my grat.i.tude.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“Hahaha, you’re flattering me. Thank you.” Zhao Dequan said with a light laugh.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu then followed Zhang Dequan to see the special instructor who would give him the training. The instructor’s surname was Li, so Tang Xiu directly called him Instructor Li.

Instructor Li was standing in front of the car as he said with a smile, “Alright, let’s start with familiarizing yourself with the car, and then I’ll teach you the essential points of driving. The first thing to do this morning is practice. If we still have time in the afternoon, we’ll go outside and ride a few laps.”

“Alright!” Tang Xiu nodded.

Ten minutes later.

Tang Xiu had familiarized himself with the car parts. As he looked at Instructor Li in the co-pilot seat, he asked, “I’ve memorized all of them. Shall we try driving on the venue?”

Instructor Li said with a smile, “No hurries. You must remember all sort of rules I teach you as well as memorize the points in driving skills clearly.”

Tang Xiu instantly realized that this Instructor Li didn’t believe that he had memorized everything he just taught him. After hesitating for a moment, Tang Xiu then said, “I do have memorized everything, truly. Let’s give it a try then. If there’s a mistake, then correct me.”

Instructor Li knew that Tang Xiu’s ident.i.ty was unusual. So he agreed upon hearing his request. However, he was still unsure and said, “When you’re driving, do pay attention when you’re s.h.i.+fting gears as well as using the clutch and brake cautiously and reasonably. You must not step on the throttle pedal too deeply.”

“Got it!” Tang Xiu nodded.

Tang Xiu put on his seat belt, putting down the hand brake and following the order of the process taught by Instructor Li. He slowly started the car and began driving the car slowly on the open training grid. Ten minutes later, he had smoothly executed all the essential points as well as sensed the path in driving skill control. Furthermore, he had done it in very standard orders, even the Instructor Li who sat on the co-pilot seat found it impeccable.

“Awesome! You’re truly amazing! You’ve just practiced for a few times. You know, a lot of our students practice for many days and are still unable to do this. If I didn’t know that you haven’t driven a car before, I would have thought you’re an experienced driver.” Instructor Li said with a sigh.

“It’s very easy. I happen to be able to learn things faster, though.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“Well, good for you. However, you must not pursue speed only, but also things that affect your state of mind. One have to have a stable and steady state of mind. You must neither be impatient nor can you let your state of mind be affected by your emotions. There’s a common saying that said: ‘the more capable one is, the more likely he would be negligent and make mistakes’, which is also the principle that applies in driving. Experienced drivers rely on their rich experience whereas reckless and arrogant people want to overtake another vehicle, speeding and so on; for which, they eventually make mistakes, resulting in their own death.”


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