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Chapter 269: Martial Arts Master

Beijing, Tang Family’s residence.

Full of expectation, Tang Guosheng welcomed the famous doctors that came one after another, yet disappointment covered his face as he sent them off later, including sage Chinese medical doctor, Chen Tianhe.

In the courtyard of Tang Family’s residence.

Chen Zhizhong and Long Zhengyu looked at the eager yet restless expression on the faces of Tang Family’s members. The sight made them sigh inwardly. After they arrived, they finally learned everything, that Tang Xiu had just recently discovered his ident.i.ty as a descendant of the Tangs.

At this time, Su Lingyun had already awakened and tightly walked arm in arm alongside Tang Yunde. A tense and restless expression could be seen on her face. Inside her heart, she was deeply regretting letting her son treat her husband. If not for her son treating her husband, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a grave danger, while her husband, even though he was in a coma back then, but at least he would still be alive.

“Continue spreading the news that whoever can cure my grandson, my Tang Family will give a reward of one billion Yuan.” Tang Guosheng pinched off the cigarette b.u.t.t as he shouted with a heavy tone.

All the Tang Family members who were inside the courtyard had solemn expressions. No one dared to go against Tang Guosheng’s words. Even they themselves thought that if they had to choose between one billion yuan and Tang Xiu’s life, they would also choose the latter.

At the lane’s entrance in front of the courtyard.

Gu Xiaoxue and Ouyang Lulu’s car was intercepted. Four soldiers in military uniforms and fully armed were looking at them with an extremely cold and indifferent expression.

“We’re Tang Xiu’s friends. Please open and make way for us quickly.” Ouyang Lulu stood in front of the four soldiers and cried out in anger.

“I’m sorry, Miss. No one can enter without the chief’s order!” One of the soldiers shook his head and replied coldly.

“Then why don’t you quickly rush inside and tell them that we’re Tang Xiu’s friends. We must see him!” said Ouyang Lulu.

Coldness flashed inside Gu Xiaoxue’s eyes. She didn’t want to lose time. Even if the people in front were from the army, she couldn’t care less. Her figure flashed and appeared in front of two soldiers. Her palm striked out as though a blade. The two soldiers could only see blackness in front of them, fainting in an instant.


The other two soldiers reacted very fast upon seeing Gu Xiaoxue move. They immediately opened the bolt. Just as they were about to pull the trigger, Gu Xiaoxue had already flashed in front of them and hit their foreheads lightning fast, causing them to faint.

“Enemy a.s.sault!”

In the alley, the complexions of the other two soldiers in uniform changed greatly. Flas.h.i.+ng toward Gu Xiaoxue and Ouyang Lulu, they loaded bullets into their guns and aimed the muzzles at the two women.

However, even though the distance between these two soldiers and the other two fainted ones were more than ten meters, darkness also befell unto them, instantly making them faint. Yet, their roars alarmed a lot of guards nearby. Within just a few breaths, more than ten security guards quickly rushed there.

“Get lost!”

In between the turn of her hands, a soft sword suddenly appeared in Gu Xiaoxue’s hand. Along with the movement of her footsteps, she moved unceasingly. Her soft sword moved in a trajectory and speed that surpa.s.sed the ability that naked eyes could capture. It moved as though a spirit snake, striking at the guards’ wrists. By the time their wrists were scratched, the guns in their hands were also seized by her as she threw them into the distance.

“Bang, bang…”

Dozens of shots were fired.

Inside the courtyard.

Tang Guosheng’s complexion changed greatly as everyone else in the courtyard was also shocked. Never did they expect that someone would dare to make a ruckus in the Tang Family’s residence, even making the guards outside fire their guns.

“Yunpeng, see what’s happening.”

Tang Guosheng looked grim and shouted sternly.

Tang Yunpeng complied and ran toward the outside. As he came to the front courtyard, he saw two guards in military uniform flying into the courtyard from the outside as their bodies smashed down heavily on the hard concrete floor.

“I’m Tang Yunpeng, who are you?”

Gu Xiaoxue snorted coldly. Her figure vanished instantly. As she appeared again, she was in front of Tang Yunpeng. Her onion-white slender fingers grabbed Tang Yunpeng’s throat and said in a cold voice, “No matter who you are, take me to see my Grand Master immediately. Otherwise, I’ll kill without mercy!”

Tang Yunpeng, who had his throat grabbed, was horrified and panicked. A chill struck his heart. The girl was twenty meters away from him, but she was able to move in a flash, appearing in front of him. It was like G.o.d’s ability in the myths- Teleport.

“Y-you… who is your Grand Master?”

Knitting her brows, Gu Xiaoxue replied in a cold voice, “Tang Xiu!”

Tang Yunpeng could feel the power in her hand reduce a lot and quickly said, “Tang Xiu is your Grand Master? I’ll immediately take you to see him!”

For a moment, Gu Xiaoxue was still. She then released Tang Yunpeng, waving toward Ouyang Lulu who was running toward the entrance, “Let’s go! They will never be able to hurt you.”


It was the first time Ouyang Lulu saw Gu Xiaoxue act. Her lightning fast speed and ruthless actions had greatly shocked her. She knew that Gu Xiaoxue was a martial artist, yet she had never thought that Gu Xiaoxue would be this fearsome.

This… was just like the martial arts masters in the TV series.

“Clomp, clomp, clomp…”

Rapid footsteps approached quickly as dozens of armed soldiers in camouflage uniforms rushed into the courtyard with dark muzzles aimed at Gu Xiaoxue and Ouyang Lulu.

Tang Yunpeng took a deep breath and shouted in a heavy tone, “DON’T SHOOT!”

An officer ran toward Tang Yunpeng and saluted, “Chief, we did poorly in protecting you. They broke into the courtyard. Please punish us!”

Tang Yunpeng had seen how fearsome Gu Xiaoxue was. Despite there being dozens of soldiers armed with guns pointing at her, yet he still didn’t have the slightest sense of feeling secure. After staying silent for a moment, he growled, “Go out and continue standing guard. As for you two, please follow me!”

Quickly, Gu Xiaoxue and Ouyang Lulu followed Tang Yunpeng to the backyard.

“Ouyang Lulu? How are you here?”

Seeing her, Long Zhengyu was astonished and greeted her.

With a bit of worry on her face, Ouyang Lulu quickly asked, “Zhengyu, how is Tang Xiu? I heard he’s injured. How is he now? Where is he?”

Looking at her anxious expression, Long Zhengyu turned and looked at Tang Guosheng, saying bitterly, “He’s still in a coma and have yet to come out from danger.”

Seeing the two girls coming inside, Tang Guosheng’s brows wrinkled as he growled at Tang Yunpeng, “What happened outside just now?”

A slightly wry and forced smile appeared on Tang Yunpeng’s face. He glanced at the cold and detached Gu Xiaoxue and said, “It’s because of the both of them. They rushed inside forcefully, wounding a dozen guards.”


Right at this moment Tang Guosheng thought that his ears were having problems. Everyone else in the courtyard also looked at each other in dismay, disbelieve on their faces.

These two belles so outrageously broke inside and also injured a dozen guards?

What joke was this?

How could it be possible that such delicate and weak-looking girls were able to injure dozens of guards? One must know that those guards were armed with guns, and the series of gunshots just now had absolutely scared them!

Gu Xiaoxue’s cold and detached vision swept over at everyone, saying with a cold voice, “Tell me, where is my Grand Master?”

Grand Master?

The complexion of a dozen Tang Family members changed as the astonished and shocked expression on their faces turned thicker.

Chen Zhizhong’s expression changed and quickly replied, “Who are you? I’m Chen Zhizhong, Tang Xiu’s disciple.”

Gu Xiaoxue’s brows p.r.i.c.ked. A slightly respectful expression emerged on her face as she cupped her fist and said, “Xiaoxue sees Martial Uncle.”

“Your Master is?” puzzle, Chen Zhizhong, asked.

Shaking her head, Gu Xiaoxue said, “If Grand Master has yet to tell you, it’s not in my rights to say it. Where’s Grand Master now? I need to see his condition.”

Chen Zhizhong turned to Tang Guosheng.

Although Tang Guosheng didn’t understand why Chen Zhizhong acknowledged Tang Xiu as a Master as well as was clueless as to how Gu Xiaoxue became his grandson’s grand disciple, yet he still replied in a deep tone, “Tang Xiu is in the side hall. I’ll take you to see him. Everyone else, you are to wait outside.”

Ouyang Lulu quickly said, “I’m going too.”

Glancing at her deeply, Tang Guosheng then nodded.

A moment after, Tang Guosheng along with Gu Xiaoxue and Ouyang Lulu arrived at the side hall. As the two woman saw Tang Xiu lying in a coma on the bed, Ouyang Lulu quickly rushed to the bed and shouted, “Tang Xiu, wake up!”

“Don’t shout, it’s useless!”

Tang Guosheng shook his head and spoke whilst suppressing the sorrow inside his heart.

Grabbing Tang Xiu’s wrist, Gu Xiaoxue checked his pulse. Half a minute later, her complexion turned unsightly, “Exhausting his mental force and excessive consumption of his spiritual force. His vitality and qi are also leaking out.”

“Miss, you learnt medical skills?” eyes turning bright, Tang Guosheng asked quickly.

Gu Xiaoxue was silent for a moment and then said, “All of you go out and do not let anyone disturb me. Do remember that n.o.body is allowed to come inside before I go out.”

“Understood! We’ll immediately leave,” said Tang Guosheng quickly on hearing it.

Ouyang Lulu hurriedly asked, “Sister Xue, can you heal Tang Xiu?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” replied Gu Xiaoxue serenely.

A pleasantly surprised expression immediately appeared on Ouyang Lulu’s face as she then followed Tang Guosheng out.

Outside the room.

Tang Guosheng shouted in a heavy tone, “Listen up everyone. Without my order, no one is allowed inside. Only that young lady is allowed there. She’s going to treat my grandson.”

“Can she treat him?” Su Lingyun suddenly sat up and asked nervously.

“I don’t know, but she said that it won’t be a problem for her,” shaking his head, Tang Guosheng replied.

Clenching her fist tightly, Su Lingyun’s tears fell again. She was praying inwardly for the blessing of G.o.d. If her son could awake and recover, even if she had to die, she was willing to accept it.

Suddenly, her eyes landed on Ouyang Lulu. She then probed, “Miss, what’s the relations.h.i.+p between you and my son?”


In an instant, Ouyang Lulu knew who Su Lingyun was. Her face blushed as she hurriedly bowed, “h.e.l.lo Auntie! I-I am… Tang Xiu’s friend. We have a good relations.h.i.+p.”

Nodding and giving her a grateful look, Su Lingyun said, “Thank you for being able to come over. My son is really blessed to have a friend like you.”

She didn’t notice that everyone else in the courtyard looked somewhat strange upon seeing Ouyang Lulu’s appearance. Just now, they clearly saw Ouyang Lulu acting like a daughter-in-law.


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