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Read Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 37: Destiny Will Allow Enemies to Meet

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Chapter 37: Destiny Will Allow Enemies to Meet

After leaving the freezer compartment, Tang Xiu slightly regretted his extravagant actions.

Tang Xiu had won a total of more than 290,000 yuan from the Health and Prosper Club. He drafted 10,000 yuan for his pocket money and put it into his school bag and left the remaining 280,000 yuan in his ATM card. He bought his cell phone using his ATM card. But for the necessities he brought to the hill, he paid for them in cash.

From the 290,000 yuan Tang Xiu had won in the Health and Prosper Club, aside from the 7,000 yuan he spent for his cell phone and the drafted 10,000 yuan, he had given the rest of the money to Banshou, Dingzi, and the others.

“Earth is not the Immortal World. I’m not the Immortal World’s great person who has infinite wealth anymore. So I have to carefully plan my spending from now on!” While stroking his shriveled schoolbag, Tang Xiu slightly missed the feeling from 2 nights ago when his bag still filled with stuff and money.

The day session cla.s.s had already ended when Tang Xiu arrived at school.

After he threw his schoolbag into his cla.s.sroom, Tang Xiu headed straight to Han Qingwu’s office.

“What?! You want a leave? And you want a leave for 20 days?! Hey, do you even understand what you are asking for?” At first, Han Qingwu wanted to criticize Tang Xiu’s actions that asked for a leave, while he directly left and explained it later. But she would never have thought that, when she had yet to speak about it, Tang Xiu had already s.n.a.t.c.hed the momentum in advance. After having heard what he was asking, Han Qingwu turned furious as her voice suddenly increased by dozens of decibels, almost reverberating throughout the entire office building.

“Teacher Han, I’m perfectly aware of what I am talking about. I just want to find a quiet and tranquil place to study and review while waiting for the College Entrance Test to arrive, rather than spending my time in a noisy and chaotic cla.s.sroom.” Tang Xiu calmly replied in a soft voice amidst facing Han Qingwu’s interrogation.

Han Qingwu was stunned and froze for a moment. She obviously didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would answer back.

“Tang Xiu, I know that your grades are good. But it’s exactly because of this that you must not be complacent and arrogant. You don’t want yourself to fail at the critical moment, right? Else, you will regret it for the rest of your life.” After the long silence, Han Qingwu advised sincerely, “Tang Xiu, you’re still young, and there still much you have yet to experience. You’re still unable to think thoroughly, but I have been through a lot and experienced many things, I certainly won’t push you to the pit.”

An inconceivable strange feeling gushed out in Tang Xiu’s heart when he heard Han Qingwu’s words. He was regarded as a genuine 100% old monster in the Immortal World. But he was said to be very young by Han Qingwu. Who was younger than whom really?

However, he could also feel that Han Qingwu’s advice was truly for his own good. Had it been Hu Qiusheng who spoke to him like this, he could have snapped and left.

“Tang Xiu, is it because of the cla.s.s’ lack of discipline? And it’s affecting your study or homework? Or was it caused by the bullying by your cla.s.smates, so you feel you had been wronged?” Han Qingwu seemed to be reminded of something as she asked him with an expression full of worries, since she saw Tang Xiu was only silent.

“Teacher Han, my decision is already decided and I only came today to inform you. Whether you agree or not after I talk to you, I will still leave! If you don’t allow me, I’ll talk to the If he doesn’t permit it, I will move to another school. Please understand my difficulties.” Tang Xiu quickly left after speaking, since he felt that continuing to speak with Han Qingwu, he would be unable to change her mind.

Han Qingwu was clearly shocked and shaken with Tang Xiu’s words. Never once did she ever think that Tang Xiu would suddenly talk to her with such a cold and icy expression. His manner was imposing and gave off a strange and unfamiliar feeling.

Han Qingwu was frozen and didn’t react even though Tang Xiu had left the office for a long time.

“Eldest Brother! You finally came! I have long been waiting for you for almost the whole day. Why did you want to play the disappearing act, eh? You’re causing everyone to worry about your safety!” When Tang Xiu was just entering the cla.s.sroom, he ran into Yuan Chuling, who just returned from the toilet.

Yuan Chuling tightly grabbed and clutched Tang Xiu’s arm with a warm and affectionate expression.

“Hey Fatty, don’t be this disgusting, will you? We both know that we’re die-hard buddies. But if anyone who doesn’t know about our friends.h.i.+p, they will call us GAY, you know?” Tang Xiu seamlessly broke away from Yuan Chuling’s palms as he smiled and teased him.

“Holy sh*t! Eldest Brother! How could you insult me like this? But heck, I will change my s.e.xual orientation for you if you reaaaaaally want me to!” At first, Yuan Chuling roared in a strange manner, followed by a grumbling laugh in a low tone.

“Get lost!” Tang Xiu yelled back in a good mood as he grabbed his school bag on the desk and walked out.

“Hey, the cla.s.s will soon start! Why are you going outside? Could it be that you taking leave again?” Yuan Chuling was dumbfounded when seeing Tang Xiu’s actions.

“I was disgusted by you. So I should leave and gain some distance from you to get better, shouldn’t I?” Tang Xiu waved his hand toward Yuan Chuling, but his feet stopped walking toward the cla.s.sroom’s door.

Yuan Chuling’s face slightly twitched when he heard that, while his eyes also exposed his confused and puzzled expression. He was quite clueless whether Tang Xiu was telling the truth or just joking with him.

In the next moment, Yuan Chuling smiled and laughed, because when Tang Xiu had just arrived at the cla.s.sroom’s door, he took out a basketball from his school bag and threw it at him, “Fatty, this is your birthday gift, I hope you like it.”

It’s true that the reason Tang Xiu came to school today was to take a leave of absence. But his true reason was that he suddenly remembered that today was Yuan Chuling’s birthday. Tang Xiu felt that he must say or express something to him since Yuan Chuling was his only friend at school. He couldn’t help but feel that he must give him something, and then bought something that Yuan Chuling very fond of —a basket ball.

On the other side, when Han Qingwu finally recovered from the blow she got from Tang Xiu’s words, she quickly went to the cla.s.sroom. She wanted to catch up to Tang Xiu but she was unable to overtake Tang Xiu’s pace. For a moment, her face suddenly turned unsightly while eyes turned misty and watery.

“Shameless son of a b**ch, you’re like the dog which bit Lu Dongbin[1]. You don’t have grat.i.tude for others’ goodwill. If you fail your College Entrance Test, you will really deserve that!” In an empty corner, Han Qingwu furiously stamped her feet as she cursed as she fumed with rage and clenched her teeth.

Han Qingwu didn’t realize that her att.i.tude right now was like an angry female student, not a teacher.

After leaving the school, Tang Xiu was worried about a difficult problem.

He was now able to cultivate the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. He also had improved his strength as well as having the materials for Body Refining Liquid. But where should he go to concoct the Body Refining Liquid and then take it?

Concocting the Body Refining Liquid would cause very big changes, and Tang Xiu didn’t want to be mistaken as a terrorist by other people and get arrested. While after taking the Body Refining Liquid, he had to close up quickly, and it would take at least a few days or 10 to 15 days. Under this state, he mustn’t be found by anyone.

Had it been in the Immortal World, Tang Xiu wouldn’t have a headache to solve this problem. But on Earth, it became a big problem.

“d.a.m.n. If I had my own land and manor in the suburb, this wouldn’t be a problem.” The place with Spiritual Vein in Walled Hill Village suddenly flashed in Tang Xiu’s mind. But he remembered that he encountered those few second generation rich youths there, so he couldn’t help but feel anxious and worried.

Tang Xiu got too immersed with this problem in his thoughts, to the extent that he didn’t even notice that an off-road car was speeding and running the red light.

Suddenly, a high-pitched and ear-piercing braking sound pierced his ears, abruptly awakening Tang Xiu from his thoughts.

In a split second, Tang Xiu panicked, as a black Land Rover nearly hit and ran him over. Had the driver not stepped on the brake, he could have been hit and thrown away.

“F**ck! You motherf**ker! Do you want to die? Are you blind or something? Sh*t, if you’re dead, you really deserved it!”

“You wanted to fake the hit and get compensation, didn’t you punk? You really deserved to get run over by a car if you wanted to fake the hit and ask for compensation! But your Big Daddy doesn’t believe that you got hit, and won’t give you any money!”

“Sh*t! I’m really unlucky! If I were too late to respond, I could have seen blood today, and certainly will lose the gamble! Luckily I just saw the Yellow Calendar before I went out and am always on alert all the time!”

When Tang Xi heard the emergency brakes’ sound, it was as if a loud blast exploded in his mind. The painful memories from when he got a car accident suddenly appeared in his mind. He was unable to bear the pain, causing his face to violently twitch and twist as beads of sweat poured out from his forehead, to the extent that he didn’t even hear the cursing from the Land Rover’s driver’s.

“Punk, don’t play dumb! I’ve installed a driving video camera here. I will take you to the best hospital to check your body! There’s no way in h.e.l.l you will have the chance to blackmail me!” When the Land Rover’s driver saw the symptoms on Tang Xiu’s face, he was frightened at once. He obviously didn’t dare to speak so bossy like before, and seemed to have lost his fierceness and turned weak.

This time was the time when commuting traffic was at its peak. The moment this “traffic accident” occurred, the Land Rover instantly got surrounded and overwhelmed by the crowds, causing traffic to be congested.

When the surrounding crowds saw that Tang Xiu’s body was sweating, along with his twitching expression, they subconsciously thought that he was seriously hit. At this time, the crowd instantly became angry when they heard the cursing words said by the Land Rover’s driver that was domineering and bossy.

“F**k him… the riches are really f**king great.”

“Humph! This is a second generation nouveau-riche for you! Everyone! Take their pictures and upload it to the internet. So everyone can search their ident.i.ty!”

“WTF! He is surely less than 20-years-old, but he’s driving a million yuan car! G.o.d knows from where he got this car from, maybe his parents are corrupted and take bribes!”


The Land Rover’s driver was scared and flabbergasted when he heard the crowd’s shouts.

The Land Rover’s driver had long been used to bullying and oppressing others with his power and influence, going so far as cursing Tang Xiu with an arrogant and condescending manner. The results were that he completely forgot that there were a lot of people in the surroundings, while the crowds were also basically the same with Tang Xiu, the marginalized and lower-cla.s.s people. These people were generally sympathetic of others who were also weak and marginalized in society.

Had the Land Rover’s driver been sincere and gave money, he could have left directly. But he cursed and swore in such a domineering and arrogant manner, which caused the public to cry more in outrage.

“Zhang Yongjin, you said you can change that hot temper of yours. He has yet to demand compensation. Even if he wants money, you can just give him and the problem is solved. If you delay the matter with Walled Hill Village, no matter how much money you have, it will not be enough!” When the Land Rover’s driver was trapped in an awkward and difficult moment, a clear and bright voice suddenly broke out behind him. The Land Rover’s driver felt as if he finally caught a straw in his lifeline and looked relaxed.

“It’s YOU?!!”

“It’s YOU!!!”

Tang Xiu finally awakened from that painful memory, and then he saw a youth with a flowered s.h.i.+rt behind the Land Rover’s driver. He couldn’t help but twitch his brows and frown as his mouth also shouted in surprise.

Almost at the same time, Tang Xiu recognized that youth behind the Land Rover’s driver, that youth also recognized Tang Xiu.



[1] A dog biting Lu Dongbin: paying grat.i.tude will ill actions…


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