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Read Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 712: How About Becoming My Brother-In-Law?

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Chapter 712: How About Becoming My Brother-In-Law?

Tang Xiu had seen numerous twin sisters before, but this was his first time seeing a nearly identical one. He felt the situation was kind of interesting, so he gave a gesture and said, “Ask!”

“Do you like my sister, Mr. Tang? Would you like to become my brother-in-law?” Asked Zhang Xinyue. It was a very direct and straightforward question.

Cough, cough…

No matter how smart Tang Xiu was, never did he ever expect that Zhang Xinyue would suddenly ask such a question. But after seeing how intense her stare was, he said with a smile after coughing twice, “I think you misunderstood something here. I’m just an ordinary friend to your sister. Besides, I already have a girlfriend, so I can’t become your brother-in-law.”

“Is your girlfriend more beautiful than my sister?” Zhang Xinyue knitted her brows. “More outstanding than her?”

“The excellence of a woman is never about how great she looks, and there’s no way to compare one to another, especially when they have to face emotional problems,” said Tang Xiu. “I naturally feel that the woman I like is a very outstanding woman, but there’s no way I can marry a woman I don’t like even though she is very outstanding.”

“What you said is a fallacy, hmph.” Zhang Xinyue hummed coldly. “How can an excellent woman possibly be disliked by men?”

Tang Xiu thought for a while and slowly said, “I’m afraid that the world will plunge into chaos if a man goes after every outstanding woman he sees and takes a liking to. Let’s take an a.n.a.logy here. Your big sister is very outstanding, either her looks, stature, temperament, her status as a famous superstar. The most notable thing about her is her good disposition, and she can have status and position if she wishes to. In the eyes of countless men, she is indeed a very outstanding woman.

“And you as her sister. You have a similarly outstanding outer beauty. More so that you can set up such a large beauty parlor in Shanghai, which should earn you quite a fortune. In the eyes of countless women, you have a high status as well. The capital you have makes you a very outstanding woman in men’s eyes, too.

“Just because of your excellence…. do you think it’s preposterous and ridiculous if I were to fall in love with both of you sisters at the same time?”

Zhang Xinyue was taken aback by Tang Xiu’s reasoning. She thought that the issue was simple and pure. On the days she spent with her sister, she could feel that her sister really liked Tang Xiu, as she mentioned him all day long. She could tell that the feelings her sister had for him were very deep.

Hence, she used this opportunity today, wanting to know how Tang Xiu felt about her sister. Yet, she did not expect that it would lead to such an unexpected result. Was this like an unrequited love, where the falling flowers were yearning for love but the heartless brook rippled on?

She suddenly felt downhearted for her sister. At the same time, she could not hate Tang Xiu for this either, and she even admired him instead. After all, with all the capital her sister had, hundreds of men in Shanghai would line up wanting to marry her. But this man in front of her had enough sensibility and reason, as well as being honest.

Zhang Xinyue slowly got up. Under Tang Xiu’s gaze, she bowed and said, “Since you can’t be with her, may I trouble you to keep some distance from her later, Mr. Tang? If possible, I hope that this will be the last time you meet her.”

“I don’t get what you mean,” said Tang Xiu, frowning.

“Since my sister is not here, let us have a frank and straightforward conversation,” said Zhang Xinyue with a serious expression. “My sister has a good impression of you, and I can tell that her feelings toward you are quite deep as well. You already have a girlfriend, thus it’s impossible for you to marry my sister in the future. Then the best option is to let time kill her feelings. You’re an astute and smart man, Mr. Tang. I’m sure you can understand this. And I… I don’t want my sister to be hurt.”

Tang Xiu fell silent for a while before he finally nodded and slowly said, “I understand. But I can’t guarantee that I will never meet her again. The problem with it is that this is not something I can do alone. You can rest a.s.sured, however. I will try to keep a distance from her from today forth.”

The favorable impression Zhang Xinyue had toward Tang Xiu increased a lot after hearing his reply because she found that he was not someone fickle in love, neither did he have an intense self-satisfied feeling upon learning that such an outstanding woman had fallen in love with him. He showed the demeanor of a modest and cautious gentleman.

It’s no wonder that sis really likes him. This man is really excellent.

Zhang Xinyue muttered to herself inwardly. She suddenly recalled the summary of what Tang Xiu said “Excellence” and “Feelings” was, and suddenly could not help but laugh at herself. It seemed that he was correct. If she still only had eyes for excellence, she did recognize that this man was excellent. Did it mean that she liked him too?

“Please wait here for a while, Mr. Tang. I’m going to whether my sister is already done.”

After Zhang Xinyue departed, the smile on Tang Xiu’s handsome face gradually disappeared, replaced with a forced, wry smile. It never crossed his mind that he would be struck with such a good luck after returning to Earth, to make even a superstar like Zhang Xinya fall in love with him.

He just could not think through it all. What was good about him in the first place?

Other than his not-bad looks, and maybe being a little more handsome than a few others, he did have quite a bit more money than the rest, that was for sure. But then again, there was also a lot more rich people out there. As for his strength, he was a cultivator and also had a very formidable power. But then again, he was not the only cultivator in the world. In terms of personality, he was one that never liked to be ostentatious, even deliberately playing low-profile all the time. It was highly unlikely that he would attract women, no? As for medical skills…

Tang Xiu never gave it a thought, nor was he aware of himself. But he was scared out of his skin after recalling it. He had never had a high EQ, to begin with, but with his high intelligence and after a careful a.n.a.lysis, he then realized that he turned out to have many strong points, with each considered as the best in its respective field.

“Having a rebirth and crossing over is indeed a great killing tool in life!”

While sitting on the sofa with leg tilted, Tang Xiu released a stream of True Essence and wrapped the cigarette ash and threw it outside the window. The ashtray was not provided in a world full of women, and smoking here was similarly inconvenient.

Not long after, Zhang Xinyue, who had just left, returned to the office along with Zhang Xinya. When Tang Xiu saw the duo’s identical looks, he could not help but secretly admire the mystical creator. With the similarities of these sisters, it was no wonder that someone would probably recognize them mistakenly no matter how familiar they were.

“Tang Xiu.”

Zhang Xinya looked unusually happy after seeing Tang Xiu. She walked over with a brisk pace, put her bag on the sofa nearby and then sat next to Tang Xiu, saying, “You called me yesterday and said that there’s something you need to discuss with me, what is it? Also, how did you know that I was in Shanghai? I rarely go out since coming here, and neither have I attended any commercial events.”

“I didn’t know that you were in Shanghai, in fact.” Tang Xiu smiled. “It was Qin Shaoyang who told me. Also, the reason I came to find you is kind of working as a lobbyist for him.”

Qin Shaoyang?

“The owner of Kande Club in Beijing and the sole heir of the Qin Family?” Asked Zhang Xinya, surprised.

“Yeah, him.” Tang Xiu nodded.

“So, what kind of lobbying are you doing?” Asked Zhang Xinya with a confused expression.

“Well, Qin Shaoyang and I, along with Chu Yi, have set up a type of literature and cultural entertainment company. I invested 1 billion yuan in it and own 30% of the company’s shares, while Chu Yi invested 500 million and accounts for 15% shares, whereas 10% of the shares will be reserved for the company executives in the future. Qin Shaoyang himself owns 45% of the remaining shares on the account of the 1.5 billion yuan he invested in the company.” explained Tang Xiu with a smile. “Of course, Chu Yi and I will not intervene in the affairs of the company management; Qin Shaoyang will take care of it. Anyways, he learned that your contract with your agency has expired, so he asked me to invite you to join our company. Other than offering you 1% of the company’s shares, there’s also a much better treatment for you compared to your previous contract.”

“I agree,” said Zhang Xinya without hesitation after hearing it.

“No, you can’t.” Zhang Xinyue immediately interrupted.

Tang Xiu glanced at her and understood what she had in mind. Instead, it was Zhang Xinya who frowned and turned her head toward her, asking with a confused expression, “Why do you not agree, Sis? I never planned to set up my own studio, and I got nothing to do now. You also know that I’m short on money recently, and I’ll soon be asking for your support. What can I do if I don’t have a job? Besides, Tang Xiu has shares in this company, and I’m sure that he won’t let me suffer a loss.”

Zhang Xinyue secretly criticized inwardly, It is because Tang Xiu has shares in this company that I don’t want you to agree. The more you can avoid him in the future, the more chance you have to meet others and the better it will be.

However, she could not say what she thought and could only brace forward, “Sis, I think you have been too tired in the past few years, so it’s better for you to take a break for now. Besides, don’t you still have me? I can still support the both of us even if you want to take a break for eight or ten years.”

Her sister’s words made Zhang Xinya feel warm inside. However, even though she was touched, she did not want to live off her younger sister, so she firmly said, “Xinyue, you don’t have to persuade me. I’ve decided to join this entertainment company.”

Zhang Xinyue knew her sister’s personality. She may look tender and gentle on the outside, but once she decided on something, only a few people could change her decision. However, after she gave it a thought, she changed her mind since Tang Xiu would not be involved in the affairs of this entertainment company. In such a situation where her sister was kept busy, the chances of them meeting would be very few.

Therefore, she could only force a smile and say, “I’ll respect your decision since you already made up your mind, Sis. But don’t work too much, okay? Besides, money isn’t everything.”

“Don’t worry, I know,” said Zhang Xinya with a smile.

After obtaining Zhang Xinya’s reply, Tang Xiu did not want to stay there for long, so he got up to leave and said with a smile, “Anyways, I still have other things to tend to, so I’ll take my leave. Xinya, I’ll text you Qin Shaoyang’s cell number, you can contact him later!”

“Leaving so soon? Let’s have some time together,” said Zhang Xinya hastily.

Tang Xiu casually glanced at Zhang Xinyue and immediately replied with a smile, “I have many pressing things, so I must go. But I’ll contact you again after I’m done dealing with some matters.”

Although Zhang Xinya was a bit unwilling and felt reluctant to part with Tang Xiu, she was also afraid that she would delay and disturb him in dealing with his business, so she could only nod in disappointment.

Ring, ring, ring…

At this moment, Tang Xiu’s mobile phone rang. When he took it out and saw that it was a call from Mo Awu, he immediately put it through and asked, “What’s the matter, Awu?”

“Boss, there’s an accident…”

In an instant, the smile on Tang Xiu’s face disappeared, replaced with a grim and solemn expression.


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