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Zhu Long didn’t have even a sliver of good impression towards Tang Xiu the first time they met. One of the particular reasons was that this guy was forcibly stuffed into his team. He really couldn’t understand why because Tang Xiu was not even an ability user. He believed that Tang Xiu was just an ordinary person and would become a burden once they came across danger and fought with the enemy. Therefore, he had never treated Tang Xiu well on the way here.

But now… Tang Xiu showcased a very overwhelming action at this moment that made him shudder. How could this be called just a bit stronger or just a bit faster? He was simply a large wolf that stormed over a flock of sheep. He was just that terrifyingly powerful, no less.

Suddenly, Zhu Long felt his cheeks became hot. He felt like his face was just slapped by an invisible hand. He turned to look to the left and right driven by his guilty conscience, yet he secretly glanced and found that Firedevil and Electrolady were the same. Both were struck dumb and tongue-tied, making him feel a bit relieved. But right as he was about to retract his sight back, he keenly sensed that Aquababe was looking at him with a strange expression. For a moment in time, Zhu Long really wished that he could find a hole to burrow himself into, as he really didn’t have the face to look back.

To cover up his embarra.s.sment, Zhu Long spoke, yet his voice was rather shaky and strange, “Let’s go and move together. Regardless of how powerful Tang Xiu is, we’re a team after all.”

As his voice dropped, a gust of wind suddenly surged from his clothes and his figure instantly flashed toward the battle scene. Aquababe followed suit and displayed her water bending ability while condensing layers of water waves that suddenly swayed in the air and pushed her forward. Firedevil and Electrolady also recovered from their shock and released flame and lightning respectively, bursting out at their top speed with an irresistible momentum.

These four people were very powerful. They might be not the strongest people among those who were exploring the three-star vestige at this time, but they were still among the best. As they attacked, the already severely injured Moravidel was easily struck and killed, followed by them easily killing the other two in a short time.

As of now, there was not only a pleasantly surprised expression gleaming in Kuwako’s eyes but also some wors.h.i.+p when she looked at Tang Xiu. Cheng Xuemei, on the other hand, was completely dumbfounded; it never occurred to her that the high school student who previously needed her help in the past would actually have such a horrifying strength. She had received an order to infiltrate and lie dormant in j.a.pan after her special ability was awakened, but she was severely injured during her first mission. After the Chief of China’s Ability User Bureau, Duanmu Lin, took actions to treat and instruct her with great care, she eventually had the ability to manipulate the Earth element. Thus, she received a new secret mission that forced her to conceal her ident.i.ty and change her face until she eventually became the right hand of a high-ranking politician in j.a.pan.

She was not a stranger with Kuwako Yamamoto as the j.a.panese politician she had been a.s.sisting was at odds with the Yamamoto House due to their affiliation towards a different party. If it weren’t for the fact that they were team members, Kuwako wouldn’t have saved her life in the previous battle.

However, she also knew that if she came across anyone from China and they happened to be in danger in this vestige, she had the obligation to help them even at the risk of exposing her ident.i.ty. She knew that her country could obtain great benefits if they could get the treasures from the three-star vestige.

Tang Xiu didn’t glance at Kuwako and Cheng Xuemei at all, but looked at the British team captain, Jaycee, and said indifferently, “Give me that crystal ball.”

Jaycee’s expression was both serious and cautious, but he still stared back at Tang Xiu and replied coldly, “You’re very formidable; even I can’t see through what type of special abilities you could have. But did you think we would be afraid of you?”

“I know you won’t be afraid with only us here,” replied Tang Xiu apathetically. “But what if we join forces with these three? Do you think you still have a chance to survive?”

Kuwako Yamamoto stepped forward and glared at Jaycee with hostility. “Fine with me. Since we’re doomed to be enemies, then we might as well join hands with these Chinese friends. Even if we are to die here, we will drag you down with us.”

Jaycee’s face instantly turned extremely nasty. He looked at the crystal ball that they had been protecting in the middle before s.h.i.+fting his vision towards Tang Xiu and Kuwako Yamamoto. Eventually, he and his four comrades conversed in hushed voices before they distanced themselves more than 20 meters away from the crystal ball.

Tang Xiu just sneered in response and came to the front of a crystal ball. He found that it was fixed and slotted in a meter-high crystal column. He immediately reached out to take it and prepared to forcefully s.n.a.t.c.h it from the column. However, in the next moment, his expression changed because he had exerted more than 70% of his power but the crystal ball hadn’t even budged.

Jaycee, who stood more than 20 meters away, grinned and mocked, “Just as we have tried, there’s no way to take the crystal ball out of that crystal column. Even if you got a more impressive combat force, what could you do? We gave it to you, yet you can’t get it either. Hahaha…”

Tang Xiu just shot a cold stare at him in response. He then immediately released his spiritual sense into the crystal ball and found that there was a small sealing array inside—and he completely understood the abstruse layout of this sealing array. After solving it smoothly, his perception touched the fingernail-sized golden insect inside.

‘Let me out and I’ll serve you for the length of a ‘lightyear cycle’

A weak consciousness intertwined with Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense and instantly transmitted to his mind.

Tang Xiu quickly responded with his thought, ‘What species are you and what’s your ability? And why should I believe you?”

‘I’m a member of the Star Devourer Insect race. I came across a very powerful Immortal who sealed me inside this crystal ball. That immortal bullied me since my infancy and some time ago I just activated my bloodline inheritance. I haven’t yet mastered any great power. But as long as you can unseal me, I have a way to gain a very powerful ability in a short time and I can serve you for one ‘lightyear cycle’ as it is the rule of my race to thank our benefactor.’

‘But I’m not lacking hired goons, mind you.’ Tang Xiu directly transmitted his response with a thought.

The golden Star Devourer Insect became anxious and restless. It had been sealed for eons—so long that it lost the track of how long it had been. Now it had a one-in-a-million-chance to come across a human who could break the seal and give it freedom. If it didn’t seize this opportunity, he would still be tormented and driven to insanity inside.

‘Then what do you need? I will try to fulfill your request as best as I can, no matter what you request of me.’

‘Tell me, where are you from? Also, which civilization in the universe left behind this three-star vestige? And how did they come to Earth?’

‘I’m from a unique Posidor stellar system, the Blackcloud star region. It’s the incubation base of our Star Devouring Insect race and is also my hometown. The Blackcloud Galaxy has numerous races, many of which are of races of advanced civilizations. The one who brought me here was the fleet of the Starnet Empire after they had been defeated by other advanced civilizations and became an interstellar wandering race. After fleeing and coming to this planet, the few remaining remnants of the Starnet Empire rushed to establish this base. They thought they would get a new homeworld but they were unable to adapt with the planet’s environment which turned out to be unsuitable for them before they finally got trapped here.’

Tang Xiu suddenly understood, but then realized some other issues and quickly asked, ‘How long have you been on Earth, exactly?’

‘One stellar wave unit.’

‘One stellar wave unit? What’s that?’

‘It’s a…’

The Star Devourer Insect turned more anxious. It didn’t know the units for time measurement on this planet. He wanted to explain but it didn’t know how to explain it either. It anxiously calculated the countless time cycles that he had been sealed up and finally came up with an idea, ‘It’s close to one measurement of a calamity cycle.’

One calamity cycle, a Treta Yuga? Around 1.3 million years?

Tang Xiu calculated it to the unit measurement of calamity cycle. Back when he lived in the Immortal World, some races used the calamity cycle as a time measurement unit. However, he really didn’t expect that the Starnet Empire’s interstellar battles.h.i.+p actually had come to Earth more than a million years ago. There shouldn’t have been the existence of humankind during that period of time on Earth, right?

‘I can save you and let you come out, but you have to sign a contract with me first. Also, I need to know how long is the ‘lightyear cycle’ unit you mentioned to me. That’s right, our human time unit is…’

Through Tang Xiu’s explanation, the Star Devouring Insect finally figured out the time measurement unit on Earth. What it said was a ‘lightyear cycle’ was actually 2,000 years on Earth.

With a master and servant contract quickly signed between Tang Xiu and the Star Devourer Insect, Tang Xiu easily cracked the seal which in his opinion was quite rough. With a crack on the crystal ball, the Star Devourer Insect finally blasted out from the crystal ball. It cheerfully flew in the air for a while before it landed on Tang Xiu’s finger.

‘You will follow me in the future!’ said Tang Xiu calmly to it.

More than 30 meters away, Jaycee stared at the Star Devourer Insect on Tang Xiu’s finger with a dumbstruck and tongue-tied expression. He didn’t even have the slightest joy upon seeing the crystal ball explode. Instead, it was dreadful and a sense of disaster that he felt when he saw that Star Devourer Insect because he realized that the existence inside the crystal ball was exactly this Star Devourer Insect. Yet, this ent.i.ty had been obtained by Tang Xiu.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Just after Tang Xiu had just taken the Star Devourer Insect into his body and let it parasitize in a finger on his left hand, three figures rushed in from another pa.s.sage.

“Russian team?”

Everyone’s faces in the s.p.a.cious hall moved and their eyes instantly fixated on them.

The three Russians saw the dead bodies on the floor and instantly their complexion greatly changed. They were conscious to keep a distance with Tang Xiu’s and the British team. A man with a full beard, who was the leader, then spoke indifferently, “If my guess is correct, these dead people are from Brazil, German, and Italian teams, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, all of them died here,” sneered Jaycee.

“Did you kill them?” asked the full-bearded man.

Jaycee glanced at Tang Xiu and sneered, “Do you think we have the ability to kill all of them? They were killing each other and finally perished together.”

Kuwako Yamamoto also looked at Tang Xiu and added, “That’s right. They indeed perished together.”

The full-bearded man didn’t believe Jaycee and Kuwako from the very start, yet he didn’t want to inquire further at this moment either. What he needed to do urgently was to preserve his own team, considering that they faced three forces inside.

Tang Xiu didn’t want to waste more time here and slowly said, “Since there’s no need to have any more open feuds between us, I think we should all look separately. There are many good things in this vestige and no one can consume all of them alone. There are 12 gates in this room, our four parties can pick one each.”

“No problem with me,” said Jaycee straightforwardly.

Kuwako naturally wouldn’t go against Tang Xiu, so she nodded and agreed.

As for the three Russians, for them to not get attacked by the China, British, and j.a.pan teams was already a blessing so they naturally didn’t object.


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