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    It was another thunderous explosion, and with this explosion, another thirty thousand Jiuzhou cultivator was annihilated with helplessness and unwillingness, and the spirit flew away.


    Too much!

    Fire, burning wild in the chest, this is how everyone in Jiuzhou cultivator feels!

    However, at this moment, they are trapped in this black white barrier, and they can’t even fight back, even if they die.

    “Why are you overcautious, you just watch your Jiuzhou cultivator die? Qin Feng! “

    Outrageous, Black Turtle shouted, the voice echoed throughout the Celestial City, and those yellow eyes, at the moment … were placed in the center of Xian Ge.

    On the women behind Pigsy.

    “That being the case, don’t blame me.”

    On the back of the Black Turtle, thousands of Penglai cultivators in the barrier were drained of everything. There were three starlights at a time, all at the same time, three starlights … This was the power used to destroy the entire city wall of Qing gate!

    Jiuzhou cultivator, all subconsciously looked towards the direction of Xian Ge.

    Because they found that the goal of this old tortoise was Xian Ge!

    Those women!


    Dongfang Qing and Lu Changyi both had a thumped heart, and they both knew what these women were to Qin Feng!

    If something happened to them, Qin Feng would be crazy!

    And … for Lu Changyi, there are Yun Ling among those six women!

    He will never allow Yun Ling to have anything wrong!

    However, it is too late.

    Even if it is not too late, it is useless. Depending on the strength of the two of them, if they are ten times stronger and can’t stop the impact of this Black Turtle.

    “You son of a b.i.t.c.h!”

    The big black dog saw this old tortoise this time ready to target Qin Chuxue and others behind him, and suddenly his eyes were full of anger, and he could not wait to go up and completely wipe the old tortoise.

    “Blackie, just rest.”

    Pigsy, who was standing in the forefront, was depressed. This is what he thought but he did not want that happen. Just wondering if this old tortoise would hit these women, it came immediately.

    He muttered in his heart, shouted fiercely, his body turned from a small fragrant pig into a big wild boar, and the body was still growing, and it was a hundred feet tall.

    The six women and one black dog behind were blocked behind him.

    “Come and get Pigsy, you motherf.u.c.ker! Pigsy won’t tolerate women to be bullied, especially the ugly turtle. “

    Pigsy looked up and looked at old tortoise in disdain.

    Perhaps it was stimulated by Pigsy ‘s disdainful eyes and words. Black Turtle ‘s twin yellow turtle eyes showed a rage!

    “I will kill you!”

    Suddenly, two more stars appeared above his back!


    For the first time, five stars appeared at the same time, which was more than the four that had hit the big black dog before!

    Jiuzhou cultivators, when they saw these five stars, their faces changed greatly. Five … What a mighty power, once it fell, how could they survive!

    “d.a.m.n you!”

    Pigsy saw five stars, suddenly narrowed his eyes, though he has the golden body, let alone five, if he has fifty, five hundred, five thousand, fifty thousand, Pigsy would not have anything.

    After all, this is a positive gold body. Little Sanctify can’t hurt it.

    The point is!

    It d.a.m.n hurts!

    Previously, one bang down, Pigsy felt pain, but now five of them, it will be really painfil!

    After a while, according to Pigsy ‘s previous temperament, running at this time was the right way, but he turned his head to look at the six women and a seriously injured dog.

    A long sigh in his heart … Pigsy is really poor…

    “Monkey brother, monkey brother, Pigsy, it’s all for you. If you wake up one day, you can’t deny it…”

    “Arrogant piglet, die!”

    Black Turtle ‘s giggling sounded, and the five stars were s.h.i.+ning to the extreme, in order to cut through the whistling of the world, and fell towards the center of Tong Xian Ge, five white lights across the sky, extremely dazzling.

    Almost at the same time …

    There is a golden streamer, coming from Ji gate direction with the potential of lightning!


    Yun Shui world, such a barbaric small realm, even the realm defenders do not exist. Since there is no realm defenders, except for the name of such a realm, Supreme Palace has no record or understanding.

    This kind of small world has always been peace outside the world. For the kind of super big world, it is a world of difference. After all, unless it is amused, no cultivator will come to this interface.

    But at this moment …

    But there are 500 streamers, coming towards Yun Shui world at a very fast speed.

    ” Colonel Shan, Yun Shui world is here.”

    Shan Yu’s side, one of the five centurions led by him during this trip, said very respectfully.

    Five hundred Heavenly Soldier stayed for a while.

    Not far away in front of them, there was a light group glowing with white light. This is Yun Shui world.

    ” Colonel Shan, the aura is thin in this world. Maybe it will be not too different from other small worlds. We do n’t need such a five-hundred person. However, captain, you can take a break here. After all, there are still many interface searches. After the search, I have to hurry back to the camp in the Rong world.

    This one speaking is also one of the five centurions, whose name is He Hai, cultivated at Dongxu, a direct line of Shan Yu, and worked at Shan Yu from the moment he became Heavenly Soldier of the Seventh Heaven.

    This is completely different from the other four. The remaining four centurions were put under his command after the army a.s.sembled.

    Have a clear relations.h.i.+p with each other

    Therefore, Shan Yu listened to He Hai’s words very well, and he did not scold him as he did to other centurions as before.

    “Since you have this kind of heart, if I don’t appreciate it and don’t give you a bit of face, then you should go quickly. Remember, you must not search negligently because of the small circle. You must check carefully.

    As soon as Shan Yu said this, He Hai was immediately overjoyed. This flattery was shot in the right place, and he quickly saluted: “The captain is a.s.sured that his subordinates will search this Yun Shui world thoroughly, and there will be no falsehood.”

    After speaking, He Hai glanced at the other four centurions, held his head high, and took the hundred Heavenly Soldiers he was in, and went straight to Yun Shui world.

    The other four centurions all stared fiercely at the back of He Hai’s departure. For this guy who licked the captain’s a.s.s, they felt their teeth itchy.

    “The order is resting on the spot until the Centurion returns.”

    Shan Yu glanced coldly at the other four centurions and ordered.

    Although the four of them were upset, they did not dare to show the slightest in front of Shan Yu.

    He Hai went to Yun Shui world with a cheerful mood.


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