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Read Reverend Insanity Chapter 1509 – Third Entry to Thieving Heaven’s dream realm

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Chapter 1509: Third Entry to Thieving Heaven’s dream realm

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fang Yuan sighed, he had finally reached hundred million man soul after several setbacks.

“Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley are indeed the sacred lands of soul cultivation, and adding in the world’s top soul cultivation techniques written in Spectral Soul true inheritance, my soul foundation has soared rapidly.”

“But… I am only at one hundred million man soul, I will need to continue to acc.u.mulate further, two hundred million, three hundred million, four hundred million… until nine hundred million.”

After nine hundred million was not one billion, but was a breakthrough to desolate soul. After attaining desolate soul, Fang Yuan’s soul would have the strength of a desolate level soul beast.

Although Fang Yuan’s current strength could easily play around with desolate beasts, being able to fight them with just his soul would be a qualitative transformation!

After all, a human’s soul was inherently weaker than other lifeforms. Being able to make up for this weakness afterwards and even surpa.s.s them, that showed the power of Spectral Soul’s true inheritance.

Fang Yuan did not return after getting one hundred million man soul, but continued to stay to capture soul beasts.

After knowing Old Ghost Bai Jun and Fang clan, Fang Yuan no longer intended to find an immemorial soul beast. He was not afraid of such an existence, but if it really came to a fight, not only would his soul beast army suffer huge losses, his main methods would also emerge.

Once his trump card killer moves like reverse flow protection seal and myriad dragon were exposed, it would mean Fang Yuan’s ident.i.ty would also be revealed.

There were many immemorial soul beasts in green ghost desert. But under the lead of spontaneous auspicious cloud, Fang Yuan did not encounter any of them.

“Of course it is not only because of spontaneous auspicious cloud, but also because my own luck is being maintained in a powerful state. So my recent endeavors have all been smooth sailing, somewhat like getting everything I want.” Fang Yuan was aware of the reason.

Fang Yuan continued to stay in green ghost desert, he did not even have to make a move and could just make his soul beast army fight.

If he encountered soul beasts, he would command his soul beast army to charge at them, he would take out the soul cores of the dead ones, while adding in the remaining captives to replenish any losses.

Besides, Fang Yuan did not have to spend anything to control the soul beasts other than mental energy and immortal essence. And it also had an extremely high return.

When Gu Immortals did things, they would consider investment and returns. Fang Yuan was deeply aware of this, and would always take advantage of it.

This method of hunting soul beasts could exert his abilities to the limit, he could optimize his gains.

Like this, dozens of days pa.s.sed, Fang Yuan’s soul foundation had increased to two hundred million! His soul was even more solid and lifelike, his four limbs became even tougher, much superior to the previous one hundred million man soul.

In this period, whether it be Fang clan, Old Ghost Bai Jun, or immemorial soul beasts, none appeared.

Fang Yuan went through this period peacefully.

Speaking of Old Ghost Bai Jun, Fang Yuan wanted to seize his rank eight Immortal Gu. But when he used his wisdom path methods to deduce, he found that it still was not the time for it, and there were even a lot of risks in trying to do so now. Furthermore, with Fang clan staying at the side, Fang Yuan did not make a move, even though he knew Old Ghost Bai Jun’s location.

“Two hundred million man soul should be enough to explore the third stage of Thieving Heaven’s dream realm, right?” Fang Yuan was impatient to return.

He stored the soul beast army in his sovereign immortal aperture, and concealed his tracks before quietly leaving green ghost desert.

After spending some time hurrying back, he arrived in front of Thieving Heaven’s dream realm once again.

Tang Fang Ming quickly came to welcome him.

His gaze towards Fang Yuan was filled with respect.

Over the period when Fang Yuan left, he had made great progress in exploring the dream realm because of Fang Yuan’s guidance, gaining huge harvests.

After greeting Tang Fang Ming, Fang Yuan followed the previous arrangements, he let out the Shadow Sect immortals to control the immortal formation, before entering Thieving Heaven’s dream realm.

The surroundings suddenly changed.

An oasis in the desert.

Fang Yuan was once again an observer.

“It is this place, it is this place!” Sha Xiao’s voice was trembling from excitement.

In the previous two stages: Thieving Heaven was banished by the clan, encountered Sha Xiao, refined rank two sneak attack Gu, became the champion of the small compet.i.tion, and came to the clan’s important area, which was the pool in the center of the oasis to choose Gu worms as the reward for winning the compet.i.tion.

Sha Xiao naturally had arranged investigative methods on young Thieving Heaven’s body, right now, he sensed an inexplicable aura from near the pool and knew he had found the place.

However, Young Thieving Heaven’s heart sank, Sha Xiao getting his wish was not something he wanted to see.

“Quick, throw that sheepskin map into the pool!” Sha Xiao commanded Young Thieving Heaven with a clear impatience.

Young Thieving Heaven was extremely doubtful: “Didn’t you take my sheepskin map? How would I have it?”

Sha Xiao laughed darkly: “I have already made all the preparations, I have st.i.tched that sheepskin map in your clothes. My good grandson, you only need to take off that piece of clothing and throw it to the pool!”

Young Thieving Heaven’s heart sank further, as he thought inwardly: “This Sha Xiao is a scheming demon, he definitely has a huge plot in throwing that mysterious sheepskin map to the pool. How can I do a thing like helping him commit a crime? Although the clan banished me before, they have after all shown me kindness by raising me for many years. I cannot repay this kindness with ill-intent!”

“Quick, grandson, throw that clothing into the pool.” Sha Xiao shouted: “Don’t forget that my method is still marked in your body, if you don’t do it, I will make sure you die a painful death.”

Young Thieving Heaven’s pupils immediately shrunk at the threat of death.

He thought of his family and returning home, falling into deep hesitation.

If he did not follow Sha Xiao’s words now, he probably was going to truly die. His wish of returning home and reuniting with his family would just become wild wishes.

“Do I give up my moral conduct to return home? No, I can’t do this. Sha Xiao might be incomparably strong, but I still have hope, I will fight to the end and will never lower my head to evil! I won’t let down my, Ben Jie Sun’s, name!”

Young Thieving Heaven’s eyes s.h.i.+ned brightly.

“Grandpa, this timing might not be suitable. I have yet to choose the Gu, the clan’s Gu Masters are observing me from the side. If I rashly throw my clothes into the pool, it will be intercepted by the guards before it can even land in the pool. This pool is our clan’s most important water source after all.” Young Thieving Heaven inwardly said to Sha Xiao.

Sha Xiao was stunned for a moment, before slowly speaking: “I was impatient grandson, you are right. But you must find an opportunity when others are unaware and finish this task. If you cannot accomplish it, you can go die! If you can complete it, hehe, grandpa will give you unimaginable benefits!”

Sha Xiao threatened as well as enticed, young Thieving Heaven quickly agreed but was not even a little moved inwardly.

The clan’s Gu Masters led young Thieving Heaven to the underground cavern: “You are the winner of the compet.i.tion, go choose your Gu. Remember, you only have fifteen minutes.”

Young Thieving Heaven thanked them and walked into the cavern. There were countless square holes in the walls.

The square holes were of all sizes, most of them containing Gu worms.

These rank one Gu worms were of all kinds and shapes, dazzling young Thieving Heaven.

He inwardly exclaimed: “Although I heard there were countless Gu worms in the world, now that I am personally seeing the storage of the clan, I am truly sensing how magical this world is!”

“Eh? There is a door there?”

Young Thieving Heaven pushed open the small door and entered another underground cavern.

This small cavern’s size was only about one-third of the previous cavern. There were similar square holes carved in the walls, but the Gu worms in the holes were rank two.

Young Thieving Heaven sighed in his mind as he looked at the Gu worms: “Oh! I have no one to guide me, I simply don’t know what Gu worm is better and suits me. Also, that demon Sha Xiao is plotting a huge scheme, what should I do? Ask for help from the clan?”

Young Thieving Heaven shook his head repeatedly in worry.

Sha Xiao had investigative methods which could sense matters around young Thieving Heaven, the moment young Thieving Heaven revealed the secret, he would immediately be killed by Sha Xiao.

“Hmm?” Young Thieving Heaven’s expression suddenly changed into that of surprise.

Then, like the person had changed, he began to move around his arms and legs, adapting to the body.

“I am once again in control of young Thieving Heaven’s body, but I have some leisure time now unlike the previous urgent situations.” Fang Yuan was once again in charge of young Thieving Heaven’s actions.

“So I have to resolve young Thieving Heaven’s issue again?” Fang Yuan mumbled.

“How to deal with Sha Xiao? From my conjecture, this demon’s cultivation is at least rank four, rank five is also very likely.” Fang Yuan scanned his surroundings, looking at the large numbers of Gu worms: “It seems the breakthrough for this difficulty lies in the Gu worms here.”

Young Thieving Heaven did not recognize these Gu worms, but Fang Yuan had broad experience and vast knowledge. He knew almost all of these Gu worms, even if there were some which he did not recognize, he could roughly guess them through various checks.

“Also, even though Sha Xiao has investigative methods, they clearly stopped working when young Thieving Heaven entered the underground cavern.”

“Looks like Sha Xiao’s methods can’t breach the defense of this underground cavern.”

This underground cavern was heavily protected, this was the clan’s important area where Gu worms were stored. If it could be easily inspected, it would definitely attract enemies, and the clan would suffer disastrous losses.

“Sha Xiao does not know what I am doing now. So he wanted young Thieving Heaven to take the risk and finish his matter earlier.”

“Also, even in the outside world, his investigative methods are probably relying on young Thieving Heaven’s senses. As long as I can glean the mysteries of his method, I can deal with it.”

Fang Yuan a.n.a.lyzed in his mind.

This third stage had just begun, he was given a test but it was not actually too difficult.

Even if he failed, he could try it again.

At most, his soul would be injured.

Were it before when his soul foundation only was ten million man soul level, he might be worried this injury would be beyond the limit he could endure.

But now that he had two hundred million man soul, he was confident that no matter how much injury he suffered, his soul could not be directly destroyed.


“If I follow the dream realm’s route, it might be safe, but it would be just that.”

“Instead, how about…”

Fang Yuan had a flash of inspiration, he wanted to test his plan and see how much change this dream realm of Thieving Heaven could support!


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