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Chapter 316: Absolute Victory, Demonic Heart

Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Seven days pa.s.sed, and the battle stage held the largest battle seen in a long time.

Ju Kai Bei forcefully challenged Fang Yuan, the former was an experienced senior expert, his fame deeply entrenched in the city. The latter was a rising star in the last two years, s.h.i.+ning like the night sky, a young expert of the newer generation.

Other than the excitement of this battle, right before this, Bai Ning Bing and Yan Tu had a battle, it perfectly led up to this climax.

After seven days of circulation, the entire Shang clan city was hyping over this match.

Thus, at the battle stage today, it was packed with people.

The battle stage had also purposely promoted this battle, making it turn into a grand event. The person in charge of the battle stage Shang Chi Wen gained a huge boost to her business revenue and was extremely happy the last few days.

Before the battle started, people already started chatting among themselves.

“Will the more experienced expert Ju Kai Bei win, or will Fang Zheng overcome the odds?” Some people were discussing this, the fight between a veteran and rising star was a popular topic to explore.

“The two of them are strength path Gu Masters, this is the resurrection battle of the strength path!” Many strength path Gu Masters were proud, having strong antic.i.p.ation towards this battle. In their eyes, this had great meaning for them.

“No matter what, Fang Zheng has to fight with all his strength. Otherwise, his all-out effort Gu will be taken by Ju Kai Bei.”

“Fang Zheng is only rank three middle stage, although he is very adept at fighting, his cultivation is even lower than Bai Ning Bing, not to mention in contrast to Ju Kai Bei.” After tens of battles, Fang Yuan’s strength could not be concealed anymore, most people did not think he could win, because the difference in cultivation was too great.

“Fang Zheng is here!” Someone shouted.

Fang Yuan walked slowly, entering the battle stage with a peaceful look.

This was a super-size battle stage, black stone forest terrain.

Fang Zheng stood at the center of the stage, folding his arms and taking a look at his surroundings.

The black stone pillars, thick and tough, were placed all over the forest terrain.

Outside, people were crowding and completely surrounded the stage. This was the most people Fang Yuan had seen at one battle in his two years of battling.

Fang Yuan knew clearly, Shang Xin Ci and Wei Yang were among the crowd, even Bai Ning Bing was here, but disguised. He even heard Shang Xin Ci say that some Shang clan young masters were here.

This reminded him of his first battle.

Back then, there was barely any spectators, Fang Yuan was still a n.o.body.

But now, he was already famous, had become someone who gathered attention.

“This is the final battle.” Fang Yuan sighed in his heart.

Three kings inheritance was starting, considering the time taken to travel, there was no time left.

After winning this, he still had to a.s.sist Shang Xin Ci and make her a young master. It was crucial for his future plans.

The day Shang Xin Ci becomes a young master would be the day Fang Yuan leaves Shang clan city.

Regarding Ju Kai Bei and Yan Tu’s secret ident.i.ty, others did not know it but Fang Yuan knew clearly.

As long as one dominates the battle stage, they will become Shang clan external elder.

Fang Yuan had never thought of dominating the battle stage. The ident.i.ty of Shang clan external elder, it might be the dream of many people.

The sparrow makes a nest in the house, only an eagle can build their nest beside a cliff.

Not just the external clan elder of Shang clan, Fang Yuan does not have any interest even in the Shang clan leader position.

All these roles, although glorious, were chains of fame and wealth.


Among those that live in the mortal realm, who knows how many people these chains have binded.

Ju Kai Bei arrived on the stage too.

A tower-like body, a steel like expression. He had a large body frame and even denser muscles, it gave people a strong oppressing feeling.

In Fang Yuan’s previous life’s memories, at the great righteous demonic battle of Yi Tian mountain, Ju Kai Bei had a great performance too. He killed many established demonic Gu Masters, and was one of the capable generals of Shang Yan Fei.

In him, the aura of rank four flowed. Before the battle even began, he already exerted mental pressure on Fang Yuan.

In terms of cultivation, Fang Yuan was at a disadvantage. He was rank three peak stage, but used the breath concealment Gu, thus on the surface, he was rank three middle stage.

But even if he has lower cultivation, so what?


Fang Yuan squinted, his eyes glowing with brilliance. A few days ago, he had successfully refined that Gu, and his chances of winning rose to sixty percent. Even though his opponent was strong, Fang Yuan was confident of winning.

This was not overconfidence nor pride, and certainly not arrogance, but an att.i.tude.

Demonic heart!

Cannot lose, cannot fall, must win, must win at all cost!

Even with less than ten percent chance of winning, even without any chance of winning, he had to have an att.i.tude of absolute victory.

For a demonic Gu Master, once they fail, it leads to disaster. Thus, he has to succeed, winning every time, there is no ‘if’, there is no ‘what if’.

His five hundred years of experience allowed Fang Yuan to develop such a mindset.

Winner takes all, stepping on others’ corpses and climb higher, rising to the apex! Only I can let the world down, whatever justice and integrity, fame, fortune and beauty, hatred and kindness, they will not be an obstacle but merely tools to use.

This was where Fang Yuan differed from Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing had a heart to pursue victory, but Fang Yuan had a heart of absolute victory!

Nothing can stop me, not even demise will subdue my demonic heart.

Ju Kai Bei walked towards Fang Yuan, standing still and maintaining silent.

He did not like to talk.

Similarly, Fang Yuan hated trash talking.

The two look at each other, ignoring the outside noises, one with a firm iron gaze, while the other had dark abyss-like pupils.


As the bell rang, the battle began.

All-out effort Gu!

In an instant, light burst from Fang Yuan’s eyes, and he injected his primeval essence, causing a horse phantom to appear behind him.

The horse raised its head as it charged.

With the strength of a horse in him, Fang Yuan activated the vertical crash Gu.


He charged towards Ju Kai Bei, his speed as fast as a galloping horse!

But when he got to Ju Kai Bei, the horse phantom vanished, and turned into a boar phantom.

The boar had scarlet red eyes, as its tusks stabbed forwards, giving off a fierce aura.

Horse strength made charging faster, while boar strength made the impact of hitting stronger, Fang Yuan was already able to swap his beast phantoms at will now.

Seeing Fang Yuan coming at him, Ju Kai Bei opened his mouth emotionlessly.

His mouth was full of clean white teeth, at this moment, two fangs grew quickly, coming out of his mouth as two elephant tusks appeared.

The tusks bent inwards, its sharp and curved tip stabbing into Ju Kai Bei’s chest.

But there was no blood at his wound, instead, a pure white armor formed at the area of contact.

Like a milky layer of ice, the armor quickly formed on his upper body.

Fang Yuan came over imposingly.

“Good timing.” Ju Kai Bei did not dodge but instead took a step forward, bending his waist a little and taking Fang Yuan’s charge head-on.


A loud cras.h.i.+ng sound, and the two’s shoulders collided.

Fang Yuan took five steps back, while Ju Kai Bei was sent flying.

This caused many to scream out in shock.

“How can this be? Ju Kai Bei is not Fang Zheng’s match?”

“The all-out effort Gu is really too powerful.”

“Weird, why does Fang Zheng have rank three peak stage cultivation?!”

Once Fang Yuan attacked, the breath concealment Gu’s effect was overwritten, and his rank three peak stage aura was exposed, as many people noticed quickly.

Ju Kai Bei showed a little surprise in his eyes, but it quickly vanished.

He got up from the ground, not having taken much damage. Only his shoulder armor was cracked and broken.

But quickly, these cracks vanished.

The armor continued to extend, after a while, his arm and waist was covered.

This was the ivory armor Gu’s effect that Ju Kai Bei had been using.

Ivory armor Gu, a rank four Gu with strong defense. But the weakness was, it needed some time to grow, and had no malleability. After the battle ends, the Gu Master has to break it themself.

Fang Yuan moved his shoulder, feeling a little ache.

Earlier, he did not use the golden s.h.i.+eld Gu, just the combination of bronze skin, iron bones and steel tendons, made his defense extraordinary.

Strength affects both oneself and foe, there were great requirements in terms of defense for a strength Gu Master.

The attack earlier was just a small test.

“This Ju Kai Bei has great physical strength, since my rebirth, he is the strongest opponent I’ve faced. He is an enemy with great physical strength and defense.” Fang Yuan’s gaze was dark and eerie as he pounced again.

Bam bam bam.

The two exchanged blows, landing their punches every time, as Ju Kai Bei was at a disadvantage.

Fang Yuan naturally did not give him any opportunity to continue growing, as the ivory armor broke many times from Fang Yuan’s iron fist, unable to reach its complete form.

But Ju Kai Bei’s strength was getting stronger, he was suppressed initially, but started being tied with Fang Yuan.

That was not surprising, Fang Yuan knew from Ju Kai Bei’s information that he had a rank four habitual strength Gu.

The all-out effort Gu was extinct long ago, thus to replace it, current strength path Gu Masters created the habitual strength Gu.

The lower rank of the habitual strength Gu is the rank three store strength Gu.

The store strength Gu can store energy, and release it slowly attack after attack. But it needed time to do so, and during that period, the Gu Master cannot move at all, thus it is not commonly used.

But at rank four, after the store strength Gu refines into the habitual strength Gu, this weakness is eliminated.

The habitual strength Gu after activation, would cause Ju Kai Bei’s strength to acc.u.mulate over time. At the same time, he is allowed to move freely.


Fang Yuan’s fists landed on Ju Kai Bei’s chest, while Ju Kai Bei’s palm chopped on Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

Both of them took six steps back, this time it was a draw.

But Fang Yuan’s fist was numb. In contrast, Ju Kai Bei’s chest was covered by the ivory armor, and there was only some cracks on it.

As time pa.s.sed, Ju Kai Bei continued to move about, and the ivory armor became thicker, causing Ju Kai Bei’s skin to become monstrously thick.

Ju Kai Bei’s strength was starting to show.

Not only does he have rank four yellow gold primeval essence, he also had rank four Gu worms.

Just the ivory armor could compete with Fang Yuan’s steel tendons, iron bones, and bronze skin combination.

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