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Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is a web novel created by Nagatsuki Tappei.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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[Daphne: I don’t really think anything~? What if this and this~, then maybe that and that~, my tummy won’t be filled even if I think about it~. Haa, but if it’s a split about whether I’ll eat meat tonight or fish tonight~, then maybe it won’t be so silly to think about~]

[Echidona: In your case, Daphne, there’s nothing to complain about in terms of comprehension…… looks like it’s just a matter of capturing your attention. That’s also to be expected, I guess]

Out of all the Witches, Daphne’s temperament could be considered mild.
The problem was that her very existence was a calamity to other living things, and, regardless of temperament, this vicious const.i.tution made her hopelessly unsuited for coexistence with others.

[Sekhnmet: So in the end. Haa. Even if we speculate about Parallel Worlds, huu. It’s completely useless, haa. Isn’t it… huu]

The one inserting this unprogressive comment into the conversation was the Witch of Sloth, still entirely slumped over the table. Blanketed in her own long hair, she looked at the onlooking Echidona, and then at the onsmelling Daphne.

[Sekhmet: Even if you accept this school of thought and the existence of these branching worlds, haa. There’s no way to really know or experience it for yourself, huu. So then, they’ll only be bubbles of unreachable possibilities, haa. Ones that’ll pop and vanish the moment you touch them, huu]

[Echidona: Indeed, from a realistic perspective, it is as you say. Even if we are aware of the existence of Parallel Worlds, they could not be observed. Parallel, is truly an apt description. Two lines, never to meet―― Parallel Worlds would mean different worlds extending in parallel]

[Minerva: ――”But, that’s not the case for the Second Trial”, right?]

As Echidona summarized Sekhmet’s argument, her conclusion was finished off by Minerva’s th.o.r.n.y interruption. Minerva’s lovely face was dyed red with fury,

[Minerva: If Echidona’s going out of her way to talk about it, it must be heading somewhere mean. Right? Caught you out, didn’t I. Must feel like I jabbed you where it hurts, doesn’t it. If you don’t want to be found out, then don’t do something that you’d want to hide]

[Echidona: I didn’t even say it, and you’re already mad at me. I’d feel troubled too, you know…… But well, it’s true that I can’t deny it. After all, that’s how the Second Trial was supposed to work]

Watching Minerva punch a dent into the table, Echidona lightly reached out, as a book with black binding appeared in her hand.
This was Echidona’s book of forbidden knowledge which held the world’s Past, Present, and Future―― the “Memories of the World”.
If the Incarnation of the Thirst for Knowledge, Echidona, ever felt like it, she could access any information, knowledge, or history within this world. But, out of personal preference, she seemed to feel an aversion to using the power of this forbidden tome.

[Echidona: The Second Trial reads into the challenger’s heart, and finds every crossroad he had pa.s.sed―― one could also call it “Regret”. The Memories of the World recreates the different choices he might have made, as “Presents that were not to be”. In its very nature, compared to the First Trial of facing one’s past, and the Third Trial of overcoming one’s future, the Second Trial is somewhat easier to pa.s.s]

[Minerva: Easier to pa.s.s, what do you mean?]

[Echidona: It’s a question of whether one could see the world as Daphne does. As Sekhmet said, so-called Parallel Worlds would ultimately remain separated, untouchable lines never to meet. Regardless of regret, or longing, they could never be reached]

[Minerva: And here your Trial is shoving those lines right in people’s faces!]

Seeing Minerva turn up her the ends of eyes in annoyance, Echidona lightly shrugged.
She brushed her hand through her own white hair, and said, as if to calm the now standing Minerva,

[Echidona: To the common person, the Second Trial is indeed easier to pa.s.s. Compared to having to overcome a past that actually happened, the Second Trial merely touches on “Possibilities of what could be”. It is each person’s freedom to accept or deny it…… and all one has to do is to accept the present, actual world]

[Minerva: The actual, world……]

[Echidona: And we are back to the question of perspective. Sekhmet, Daphne, or even you could easily find the solution. ――If you could do that, then you would pa.s.s the Trial]

Listening to Echidona’s explanation, Minerva gave a begrudgingly nod.
Indeed, if it was as Echidona said, then the Trial isn’t as harsh as she thought.
For all the Witches present――or even just for anyone with a clear sense of self ident.i.ty, it should be easy to pa.s.s that Trial.

[Daphne: If so~, then why~, is Subarun having such a hard time with it~? Subarun doesn’t look like a child with no sense of ident.i.ty~]

[Echidona: ――In his case… hm]

Recalling Subaru in her memories, for some reason, Daphne started making a chewing motion with her mouth. Overlooking this behavior, Echidona closed her eyes to ponder on her words,

[Echidona: The Second Trial is an observation of Parallel Worlds. In a sense, it is an act of witnessing the implications of one’s regrets. Like I said, it is easy to accept or deny it. ――In fact, one would only have to rationalize it by noting that reality never progressed this way]

“But”, Echidona continued,

[Echidona: Only in his case, this wouldn’t apply. It was even a surprise to me that the Second Trial hit him this hard. ――Truly, unexpected]

[Daphne: Sniff~ sniff~…… I could smell you grinning with joy, Dona-Dona~]

[Minerva: She gets happy whenever she sees something she couldn’t predict, I bet. Nasty pervert…… just hopeless]

[Echidona: Birds of a feather. Since you are all my friends, you aren’t exempt from that, either]

Daphne chuckled while Minerva puffed with rage, and, if one listened carefully, one could hear snoring coming from Sekhmet’s general direction. Taking each of these Witches’ reactions into her eyes, Echidona rocked in her chair, when,

[??????: Dona~, Typhon’s hungry too~]

Running up from the meadow with little steps was a little girl. As if to leap onto the table on the hill, she called out to Echidona.
With green hair and auburn skin, and her white teeth beaming in her smile, it was the Witch of Pride, Typhon.
Seeing the girl who had avoided getting involved in the tricky conversation and had instead pa.s.sed her time playing in the meadow, Echidona smiled back,

[Echidona: Sorry for boring you. Now for Typhon’s tea…… should I make it extra sweet? And do you want your regular treats?]

[Typhon: Anything’s good~. Running around a lot took up all my strength, I want drink and eat and rest now~]

Saying this with incredible energy, Typhon pulled out an empty chair next to Sekhmet and hopped onto it. Then, with one hand playing with Sekhmet’s long hair, she used the other to stuff her face with treats Echidona had made appear with a snap of her fingers, spraying crumbs all over the table.
This scene might just bring out a smile onto the face of someone who was ignorant of Typhon’s nature.

[Echidona: You must be tired too, from looking after Typhon?]

[???????: Th…… that’s not, true……though? T-Typhon’s a good girl, and, her powers…… also, wouldn’t, work… on, me, you know? S-so, it’s fine. I’m, doing just fine]

Looking up at Echidona from her side, the one who arrived at the tea party one step behind Typhon gave this stuttering reply with a weak smile rising on her face.
With her pink hair reaching down to her waists, the girl gave off a shockingly ephemeral vibe. Though there was nothing outstanding about her features, for some reason, she just naturally attracted one’s gaze.
More than anything, like a small animal, the impressions of her expressions and bearing tugged powerfully on one’s heartstrings.

[Echidona: Take a seat, Camilla. ――I’ve called you here for a reason]

[Camilla: I-is, something……st, starting? It, wo……won’t be scary?]

[Echidona: It won’t scare you or hurt you. ――I just, need your help to get the pieces moving]

Sitting down next to her, Camilla―― the Witch of l.u.s.t, timidly looked back at Echidona. Echidona gave her a smile, and lithely flung out her arms,

[Echidona: ――With your love, I wish to rescue a poor lost lamb]

Echidona said in the trembling voice of a Witch, and offered her her outstretched arms――

-=Arc 4 Interlude I End=-

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