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Xie s.h.i.+liu was secretly pleased as she watched him struggle. She purposely pretended to panic and freak out, screaming for someone to come and save him. By the time he was saved, he had already swallowed a lot of water.

Xie s.h.i.+liu even lied on his body purposely and cried in a heartbroken manner, pressing so hard on him that he almost could not breathe.

Another example was when Xie s.h.i.+liu brought An Yexuan to hike through a forest. An Yexuan was already in a bad shape and narrowly escaped death from that walk. He ended up lying in bed for a few days as he had been scared out of his wits.

Things like that kept recurring. Simply put, whenever Xie s.h.i.+liu had enough of An Yexuan’s behavior, she would think of ways to disturb him.

She would not let An Yexuan die, but pranking him until he had half of his life left would at least allow her to vent anger on Young Madam’s behalf, so it was still a pleasure.

When lying on the bed, An Yexuan had already lost a lot of weight. He held Xie s.h.i.+liu’s hand and said, “Fei’er, I’m sorry. I made you worry with me every time.”

Xie s.h.i.+liu acted sorrowful and shook her head. “Yexuan, it’s okay. I’m fine as long as you’re well and alive. You don’t know how scared I was that something would happen to you.” She was afraid that if his life was really in danger, she would not be able to continue tormenting him.

An Yexuan panted for a moment before he said, “Do you think I’m very useless?”

“No, you love me and cherish me. Who else can do that like you?” On the surface, Xie s.h.i.+liu acted like she was really moved, but she actually felt like puking on the inside.

Seeing that “Chu Fei’er” still trusted him very much, An Yexuan was a.s.sured. “Let’s get married when I recover, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll listen to you.”

When An Yexuan was recuperating from his wounds, the real Chu Fei’er, which was also Qiao Muwan, called over.

However, ‘Chu Fei’er’ was the one who picked up. “h.e.l.lo, who are you?”

Xie s.h.i.+liu knew this number. It was from Country F’s Qiao Muwan, the real Chu Fei’er.

Qiao Muwan had been constantly agitated by Miao Zifu every day to the point that she was going crazy. Miao Zifu kept telling her that An Yexuan found Chu Fei’er, and she felt aggrieved when she saw the news and photos. She finally managed to nurse her health back into a better condition and seized the chance when Miao Zifu was not around to make this call in secret.

However, the moment she heard a female voice on the line, Qiao Muwan almost exploded from anger. Her hands trembled as she stared at the number she dialed on her phone in disbelief. It was correct. It was An Yexuan’s number.

“h.e.l.lo, who are you? Please speak.”

Hearing the woman’s voice made Qiao Muwan grit her teeth in anger. “I’m looking for An Yexuan.”

“I’m sorry, he’s not feeling well at the moment. You can speak to me about any matters. It’s the same as talking to him.” Xie s.h.i.+liu was in a good mood now. She felt very pleased deep down when she pictured the expression of the other party on the line. Her mission was to agitate both An Yexuan as well as the real Chu Fei’er.

Qiao Muwan clenched her teeth before she replied, “My private matters between him and me are not for you to interfere with.”

Xie s.h.i.+liu chuckled lightly. “Who are you? You’re so crazy. My Yexuan said before that he would leave everything for me to handle. Also, he said that aside from me, he has no other women! Are you sure you have private matters to discuss with him? Why don’t you come and find him personally to settle your private matters? Why must you make a call? Could it be that you’re really ugly and can’t show your face to others? Aiya, hahaha…”

After a pause, Xie s.h.i.+liu stopped laughing and continued, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!”

Qiao Muwan was so enraged that her chest heaved up and down. Her face had already contorted as she gritted her teeth hard. She almost smashed her phone on the ground in a fit of anger.

She also almost lashed out at the other person on the line. “Let An Yexuan answer the phone. You don’t have the right to talk to me.”

“I am Chu Fei’er, his beloved. I am the person closest to him. I have all the rights in the world, including beating up a vixen!”


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