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Read Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1342

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Chapter 1342: False Alarm

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“That’s right. The truth will always come out. No matter how much Yuan Shuangrui tries to pretend or conceal the truth, she still committed those acts.”

“I used to think that she was demure. Who would have imagined that she could look so ugly?”

“That’s right. Even my dog looks better than her.”

“What a great show! My trip here isn’t wasted. This is so much more entertaining than the shows on TV.”

Yun Bixue sipped her tea while watching in excitement. The glint in her eyes was radiant, and it was obvious that she was having a great time.

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue and said, “Drink slowly. Don’t choke while watching.” As he spoke, he removed the cup of tea from Yun Bixue’s hands.

Yun Bixue pouted. If there weren’t anyone around her now, she would have hugged him immediately.

She thought that even if her husband were to simply laze around, he would still look like the most beautiful scenery she has ever seen. He was unlike her, and she couldn’t even sit still at all.

Yun Bixue thought that she used to be rather mature, but ever since she started hanging out with Tian Xiaojuan and the rest, her playful personality was starting to show up more.

Xie Limo raised his brows and pointed down at the first floor, asking Yun Bixue to continue watching.

Yun Bixue stuck out her tongue at Xie Limo. She loved how he was by her side, regardless of what happened.

His presence made her realize that she wasn’t alone in this world.

Looking at how Yun Bixue was behaving like a young lady, Xie Limo felt more relieved. Her emotions affected him greatly.

On the first floor

With Qin Huailing inciting her mercilessly, Yuan Shuangrui simply collapsed on the floor, as though her legs could no longer hold her up.

Yuan Shuangrui might be calculative and have planned ahead, but with Qin Huailing appearing in front of her all of a sudden, her mind had truly gone blank. She had no idea what to do at all.

She thought that Qin Huailing would never let her go.

Also, she could sense that Qin Huailing didn’t truly want her to return to his side.

It was because Qin Huailing’s eyes were filled with iciness as he looked at her. There was no warmth in them at all.

Hearing that he missed her only made her hair stand on its ends.

She wondered if Qin Huailing knew that she had done something to him back then.

However, she changed her mind and thought that it was impossible. She was only fifteen or sixteen years old, and Qin Huailing was a young man too. Such a long time had pa.s.sed, so there was no way he could have found out.

She recalled that she had removed and cleaned up all the evidence back then. That was why she thought that she had no reason to feel frightened or threatened at all.

“Shuangrui, Shuangrui…”

Just as Yuan Shuangrui was lying on the ground in shock, she suddenly heard Han Mubai’s voice. His voice seemingly pulled her out of the icy river that she was drowning in, and she no longer felt as though she was freezing.

Yuan Shuangrui hurriedly stood up and stumbled towards the direction of the voice.

At that moment, Yuan Shuangrui instinctively treated Han Mubai as her protector. She walked over, trying to lean into him and hug him.

However, Han Mubai merely held her arm gently and didn’t hug her. Looking at her face, he asked, “What happened to you? Why do you look so awful?”

Yuan Shuangrui didn’t dare to answer him nor mention the Qin family. When she turned around cautiously, Qin Huailing was nowhere to be found.

She even wondered if she had seen him earlier. Was that a false alarm?

Yuan Shuangrui felt that she was losing her mind.

“What exactly happened?”

Yuan Shuangrui hurriedly shook her head and answered, “It’s nothing. I just saw a cat and got frightened.”


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