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Read Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 625 – The Last Dinner

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Chapter 625: The Last Dinner

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Bai Yaoyao’s words caused Xirong Ziye’s heart to tremble. He turned away, not daring to look at her in the eye. He even had the urge to flee, but somehow, he remained rooted to the spot, unwilling to leave.

He didn’t understand himself. Despite the torture and heartache of knowing that he had to abandon Bai Yaoyao and let her go, he still chose Xiamu Qingyan since it would benefit him the most.

He couldn’t bear to leave Bai Yaoyao, but he knew deep inside that if she was discovered, she would be his greatest mistake—a stain on his name.

The president of the country was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child and even had a mistress in the White House—this statement alone would shake his political career. He didn’t even dare to imagine what sort of uproar it would cause.

Furthermore, there were many senior politicians who were currently dissatisfied with him. They would make use of that news to denounce him. Not only that, the Xiamu family was his greatest backer right now. If they stopped supporting him and went after him, the consequences would be unthinkable.

That was why he had always acted according to his rational thinking, not allowing his heart to waver for a bit.

Looking at Xirong Ziye, Bai Yaoyao felt utterly disappointed. She would no longer hold on to any hope. She saw firsthand how emotionless and selfish this man was.

“Since you’re about to chase me away, let’s have a last meal together! Take a seat! Someone else will be making these for you in the future.” As Bai Yaoyao spoke, she scooped some rice and put them in a large bowl for Xirong Ziye.

Xirong Ziye looked at the table that was filled with dishes he loved, including the bowl of rice that she had just placed in front of him.

Without saying anything further, Bai Yaoyao sat down and started to eat. Only her heart knew how painful and numbing this experience would be. Even without taking into account the feelings she had for him from the beginning, being together for so long had already become such a habit for her.

And a habit was such a scary thing.

Xirong Ziye looked at Bai Yaoyao as she ate quietly. Waves of emotions tossed and turned in his heart. Bai Yaoyao used to be lively and cheerful. When did she change into this quiet woman in front of him?

Even though he had already eaten, he sat down and picked up his chopsticks.

Bai Yaoyao placed food into his bowl as usual. She was always the one giving and caring for him, never expecting anything in return.

Looking at his bowl that was filled to the brim with food, he started eating. However, no matter how delicious the food was, he found it hard to swallow. He had no idea what he was eating.

No one talked during their meal. Finally, Bai Yaoyao rose to wash the dishes, but Xirong Ziye stopped her. “I’ll do it!”

Bai Yaoyao placed the dishes down, and Xirong Ziye took over. He stacked them up before taking them to the kitchen.

Bai Yaoyao wiped the table clean. Hearing the sound of him was.h.i.+ng the dishes in the kitchen, a drop of tear fell on the table. She looked at the ceiling and sniffed, trying to hold her tears back.

She had already told herself not to cry. She shouldn’t cry. She despised her current self, who was so much weaker than she was before.

When Xirong Ziye came out and saw Bai Yaoyao sitting there, he looked at the clock. After a long while of silence and hesitation, he said slowly, “Yaoyao, I hope you find your happiness.”

Bai Yaoyao did not face him as she replied, “I’ll be free from now on. You don’t have to say anything else. Anyway, I’ve already packed my things. I’m just waiting for you to say it.”

After speaking, Bai Yaoyao took her luggage beside the table.


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