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Rise From The Doom is a web novel completed by Tai Ji Yin Yang Yu.
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His fists were like steamed buns that had been fermented. They were swollen and big, and his skin was almost festering. Two of his ribs were broken and his internal organs were injured. Without even moving, he felt a heart-wrenching pain.

Today was really dangerous, almost dying. The enemy’s strength was both above his, and to be able to escape was still the enemy’s carelessness. He also had to rely on the guidance of the Golden Stone Talisman, otherwise, whether he could escape today was still unknown.

His injuries were almost healed. Although there was still a faint pain, as long as he continued to exercise vigorously, there would be no major problems. The red and swollen parts of his fists had also subsided. Thinking of this, he still felt some lingering fear. He had never seen a person with such a tough body like that of stone. His copper skin and iron bones could be considered to be very tough, but compared to these two enemies, they were still a far cry from them.

“In the future, I can no longer fight in close quarters against enemies.” Liu Wei An made up his mind. If they met an enemy, he would shoot at them from afar. If they could beat them, they would fight. If they couldn’t, they would run. It was too dangerous to fight in close combat. He twisted his head just in time to catch a pair of bright eyes.

“You think you’re asleep?”

The interior of the blanket was dimly lit, but the pair of eyes were big and bright, as if they could shine. With a bit of deer’s fear and uneasiness. Huang Yueyue did not learn any martial arts. Although her eyes were open, she could not see anything. It was only when Liu Wei An uttered those words that she jumped back a little.

“You … you woke up.”

“How long has it been?” Liu Wei An didn’t seem to notice her shyness.

“I, I don’t know.”

“Time to go.” Liu Wei An lifted the quilt and realized that there was blood on his chest. That d.a.m.ned guy made him vomit so much blood.

“Will the enemy return?” Huang Yue Yue was shocked. Fear flashed past her eyes and she forgot her shyness as she quickly got up.

“No, I’m afraid that if the master of this family comes back and gets caught, it would be bad.” Liu Wei An joked as he scanned the room to see if he could find a piece of clothing to change into.

“You’re the adulterer.” Huang Yuyue’s face instantly turned red, like a ripe apple.

“Let’s go.” Liu Wei An sighed. He was disappointed. This was clearly a child’s room. There were quite a few toys in the room, but there were basically no clothes. He couldn’t even wear the last few.

Outside, the man in shades and his accomplices had already left. The street lamps had not been fixed up yet, but there were already pa.s.sers-by. Everything was back to normal. Ten minutes later, they arrived at the clinic, and before they could even enter, Liu Wei An’s expression changed. He rushed through the door like a whirlwind, and a strong smell of blood rushed into his nose, there was a corpse on the ground, it belonged to Doctor Zhang, there was a big hole in his stomach, Liu Wei An wasn’t a criminal expert, but it could be easily seen that this was a fist wound, and it had pulled his intestines out along with his internal organs. From the painful expression on his face, it could be seen that Doctor Zhang had struggled a bit before he died.

There was also a stone on the bed in the inner room. It was a mouse that had just finished an operation. Its head had been smashed, and white brain matter and red blood were mixed together, flowing on the white bed.

There were only two of them, and the others were gone.


Huang Yue Yue let out a panicked cry as she covered her eyes, not daring to look. Her little face was pale from fright, and blood was everywhere on the ground. She stood there motionlessly, not daring to move.

“Don’t come in.” Liu Wei An shouted at Huang Yue with an ashen face. His gaze fell onto the wall, where a piece of paper was stabbed with a scalpel. He tore off the note. There was a line of words scribbled on it in a watermark pen.

“If you want them to live, bring Huang Yue Yue and the medicine to exchange. After twelve, I won’t be coming here anymore. ” Below it was the address.

Liu Wei An took out his phone and looked at the time. It was already eleven-thirty.

“Are you going to hand me over?” Huang Yue Yue had already walked over. Although she tried to hide the fear on her face, her voice was still trembling.

Liu Wei An didn’t say anything.

“This matter started because of me. If I could befriend you, I wouldn’t complain.” Huang Yue Yue hesitated for a few seconds before gritting her teeth.

“These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.” If he had known earlier that the guy could find his soulmate through the use of clues, he would also have been able to find and beat the lion. Unfortunately, he was too careless, and didn’t inform the lion right away when he encountered the attack.

However, the power of the man in shades was enough to utterly defeat him. This was the consequence of underestimating the enemy.

“Let’s go!”

Huang Yue Yue’s body trembled as she followed behind, her mouth tightly shut.

“Can you drive?” Liu Wei An looked at the pickup truck parked next to the clinic. No one had reported this stolen car yet, or else it wouldn’t have been found that quickly.

“Yes!” Huang Yuyue responded to him softly and took the initiative to get into the driver’s seat.

“We’ll come back together. If we don’t, I’ll stay with you.” The moment he sat down, Liu Wei An’s voice was very soft. However, there was a trace of determination on Huang Yuyue’s pale face, and a look of confidence appeared in her eyes.

“Sit down.” Huang Yuyue stomped on the accelerator and the pickup truck rumbled as it jumped out.

Tang Dynasty’s industrial park was built last century. It was basically a heavy mining industry, including refining, refining and gold-plating. It was once a famous provincial industrial park in Tianfeng Province. The industrial park covered hundreds of thousands of acres, and the company that was still opening was less than 10% of its peak. Many factories were abandoned, weeds were growing, and mottled walls depicted the scene of desolation.

At 11: 58, the pickup truck entered a deserted factory. The cracked road was covered with weeds, some of them were already yellow and some of them were still green. The open steel door was covered with rust and was covered with thick dust. The mottled words on the wall could still be read.

Precision Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. Liu Wei An didn’t have any recollection of this. As the truck woke up in the dead of night, lights suddenly lit up inside the factory. The car stopped at the plaza. Huang Yue and Liu Wei An got off the car and walked towards the brightly lit interior of the factory.

This should be the workshop, but all the machinery and equipment inside have been moved away. The s.p.a.cious factory was empty, and almost a third of the light bulbs were gone, while a person wearing stood in the middle, wearing black tattoos on his face. It was impossible to see his original face, it was the guy.

Pa, pa, pa!

“I don’t know if I should call you brave or stupid.” The man in shades clapped.

“I hope you can keep your word. I’ve already brought him here.” Liu Wei An’s face was pale, trying his best to look calm and collected.

“Where’s the potion?” The man in shades had a very relaxed expression and his words were also very casual. It was as if he was speaking with complete control.

Liu Wei An took out the medicine from his pocket and shook it for a while before asking, “Where are my people?”

“Push it out.” The man in shades said indifferently.

Through the gla.s.s on the second floor, they saw the tied up lion, spider, hairy monkey and Zhao Hanyi, with rags stuffed in their mouths. Other than Zhao Hanyi, the rest of them were covered in wounds, and their faces and bodies were covered in blood.

“Release them. The potions and the people are yours.” Liu Wei An replied coldly without even looking at the pale-faced Huang Yue.

“I’ve changed my mind.” The man in shades walked over.

“What do you mean?” Liu Wei An’s expression changed and he grabbed Huang Yue, pinching her neck with a cold look, “Don’t force me into a fight to the death.”

“Don’t be agitated, don’t be agitated.” The man in shades shook his finger, “These people are useless to me. Keeping them and letting them go has no effect on me, but I feel that you’re a talent, so I need to add one more condition to let them go. But the potion, Huang Yue and you belong to me.”

“I don’t like men.” Liu Wei An gritted his teeth.

The man in shades was stunned for a moment. “You’re mistaken. I don’t like it either. I’m just asking you to do something for us.”

“And if I refuse?”

“That’s because you don’t know how powerful our organization is. If you did, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have rejected us.” The man in shades stared at Liu Wei An. “Besides, do you still have the qualifications to refuse?”

“What do you mean?”

“That punch of mine, did it taste good?” The man in shades asked with a smile.

“Very good, I will return it to you.” Liu Wei An said coldly.

The man in shades laughed, “The drug in your hand is a virus, a newly developed virus. Its effect is ten times that of the plague. It’s impossible for you to use it as a bargaining chip. As for Huang Yuyue, regardless of whether she is alive or dead, to be honest, I do not care. We only need her blood, unless you can only make her blood disappear in three seconds, I would advise you to use another dangerous method. “

The moment he said that, both Liu Wei An and Huang Yue’s expressions changed drastically. Liu Wei An’s fingers trembled and he almost dropped the medicine on the ground.

It turned out to be a virus, with a power ten times stronger than that of the plague. This was something developed by a lunatic.

“Is that true?”

“What do you think?” The guy advised, “I think you’re a talent, that’s why I told you so much. Otherwise, do you think you could still be standing and talking to me? “Look around.”

Liu Wei An didn’t look back, but he knew that there were seven or eight strong men surrounding him. All of them were men with bulging muscles and expressionless faces. The aura was almost exactly the same. Gritting her teeth, she loosened her grip on Huang Yue’s neck and said to the man in shades, “If you want me to join your organization, you should at least tell me the name of your organization.”

“Saviour of the World!”

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